Le Sportsac

15 Feb 19
The Modifica

Sharing some of my favorite travel gear for those taking trips – or just thinking about it!

15 Feb 19
nuo2x2 toys

Qees Adidas series Manufacturer: Toy2R Qee series, a famous urban design keychain slash figure produce by Toy2R company they have collaborated with some famous brands, such as Swatch, BenQ, Le Sportsac, Nokia, Benneton, MIcrosoft (Xbox) and of course Adidas since I’m a fan of that Germany based sneaker company, I really wanted to have some […]

30 Nov 18
Lindley On the Road

When are we “old”? Does that depend on how others perceive us, or on how we feel?

30 Sep 18
New England Finds and Fancies

I am a week behind in my blogging. Last weekend there were two good sales. The first was at a school where almost everything was $1. I hardly find that anymore. My most exciting finds from that sale were two vintage Dawn dolls from 1971 and they were still in the boxes. Unfortunately the black […]

14 Sep 18
Closets NYC

Cute design LE SPORTSAC Bag. Can be Crossbody or shoulder bag. Great for every day!

26 Jul 18
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25 Apr 18
Baby2Body Blog

In need of a spring refresh? Why not start with your diaper bag! We’ve teamed up again with New York Family to pick out 20 super-stylish diaper bags perfect for the spring and summer, just for you mama! From chic designer looks to seasonal florals, we’re sure you’ll find one you love. Sure, it may […]

10 Feb 18
Precious Things From The Shops

My typical Saturday consists of trawling as many charity shops as humanely possible. Today’s count was a comparatively paltry sixteen. Plus a bonus vist to a collectors’ market in an old people’s hall. The haul was a typical cornucopia of excellent bargains. First, I purchased a Chiemsee ski jacket from the marvellous Mary’s Living and […]

07 Feb 18

BLAST! I was going to do a Valentine’s edition with a bunch of red stuff, but then I looked and realized we still have 8 days, and next Tuesday’s only the 13th. So let’s scrounge up some non-red things instead. Perhaps in the whole ‘our CEO resigned because he did a mysteriously bad thing‘ thing, […]