Le Vian

22 Apr 19
Andre Eger

Chocolate diamonds are brown diamonds that are not too dark and not too light in color. Brown diamonds weren’t popular in jewelry until the 2000s. Le Vian trademarked “chocolate diamonds” in 2000 and now the stones are popular in jewelry worn by celebrities like Rihanna and J.Lo. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories. Following is […]

16 Apr 19
Owensboro Living

It’s that time of year again – time to reveal the winners of our Best of Owensboro Living contest. 2019 marks the fifth annual Best of Owensboro Living, where you, our readers, have the opportunity to make your voices heard.  This year, over 2,000 of you cast your votes for your favorite Mexican food, nail […]

14 Apr 19
The remembrance of Apin

Oscar-Claude Monet (14 de noviembre de 1840, Paris – 5 de diciembre de 1926, Giverny) fue un pintor francés muy potente. Fue un artista que pintaba obras de arte y las mostraba en la exposición de “Paris Salon”. Monet era la primera persona que fundó el arte impresionista en el mundo, así que influenció a […]

13 Apr 19
Top Rated Casino

CASINO GODS DOWNLOAD Casino gods download. The idea is, there are some exceptions, the game universe is a fully mobile-compatible slot. The desktop version is a good choice for you and table games or casino in terms of quality the internet gaming is home to 5 different netent games. Please go place of these the […]

12 Apr 19
Saskatoon StarPhoenix

“Our goal is to become city champions.”

12 Apr 19

Le Vian 14K Strawberry Gold 7/8 CTW Chocolate & Vanilla Diamond Engagement Ring – Buy – Le Vian 14K Strawberry Gold 7/8 CTW Chocolate & Vanilla Diamond Engagement Ring

10 Apr 19
Playing in the World Game

This started out as a Facebook thing; I participated, and – having a lot of erudite and eclectic friends – I got a lot of commentary. Don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen books you’ve read that will always stick with you, for whatever reasons. This isn’t your top 15 canon or even […]

04 Apr 19

KASIH seorang bapa warga Jepun terhadap anak perempuannya sangat meruntun hati. Dia sanggup membelanjakan sebanyak RM57 juta bagi membeli berlian seberat 88 karat untuk dihadiahkan kepada anak perempuannya itu. Lelaki tersebut membeli berlian berkenaan ketika lelongan dan promosi jualan permata serta batu jed di Hong Kong, China, Selasa lalu. Dia turut menamakan berlian berkenaan sempena […]

03 Apr 19
Shop Bleu Fleur

There’s never a dull moment when it comes to Lady Gaga’s style. Whether she’s wowing the crowd in dramatic gowns on the red carpet, bringing her eclectic aesthetic to her street style looks, or channeling Old Hollywood glamour, the 33-year-old singer and A Star Is Born actress never fails to make a bold sartorial statement. While […]

03 Apr 19
Untitled #909

Pedro Vian has never been one to shy away from his emotions, his second album – the self-titled Pedro Vian, continues this exploration of the Amsterdam-based artist’s innermost thoughts and feelings. “I have to be sincere, transparent and pure” he affirms while talking about the LP, “During the recording process I have avoided artificiality. I […]

28 Mar 19
small earring sets | earring shopping | latest earring design

Jewellery design and earring tops design, much like other style things, changes with time. Actually, it regularly changes more as often as possible than others. Most of the most recent eighteen months saw moderate gems and blended varieties of stud hoops and blue gemstones picking up ubiquity. In any case, the worldwide drop in gold […]