Lee Vining

18 Jul 19

There are a lot of lakes on I-395.  So many lakes that we have no idea which one the first pictures are from.  Likewise the falls.  Both of them were visible from the road so we stopped to take pictures.  We do know the one in the last 6 pictures. Mono Lake is a saline […]

16 Jul 19
Alex goes around the world in 80 days

We had lazy start to the day, waking up late, wandering up the road for breakfast and then chilling out for a couple more hours. We eventually headed out in the direction of Mammoth Mountain where we intended to get the gondola up and walk down, or walk from halfway down depending on what we […]

15 Jul 19
Natural History Wanderings

There were many more flowers in bloom than when we drove through Yosemite nine days ago. Heading up towards Tioga Pass from Lee Vining we saw Prickly Poppy/Argemone kunitz Frosted or Sulphur Buckwheat/Eriogonum umbellatum Blazing Star/Mentzelia laevicaulis Desert Evening Primrose/Oenothera caespitosa Mountain Pride / Penstemon newberryi Monkey-flower/Erythranthe guttata Naked Buckwheat/Eriognonum nudum Paintbrush/Castilleja sp. White Rein-orchid/Plantathera […]

14 Jul 19
The Hiking Heier

Last night we stayed at a RV park in Lee Vining that had some camping spaces available. A few of us grabbed showers and ran a load of laundry before catching the YART bus that would bring us down into Yosemite Valley. Yosemite is certainly gorgeous. At some point I’ll have to come back and […]

14 Jul 19
The Hiking Heier

The original plan of a two-pass day followed by an easy day into town all merged into one day. Our plans change frequently throughout the day as we were hiking with a couple other hikers (Plant Dork and Kyleigh) and we encountered less and less snow.The highlight of the day was walking through 1,000 Island […]

14 Jul 19
Work - Travel - Repeat

Yosemite is undoubtedly one of the most popular national parks in the US and it draws millions of visitors every year. Of course it had to be included in our roadtrip. Was it as nice as everyone says? I’ll let the pictures do the talking in this post! How to Get There Yosemite National Park […]

13 Jul 19
A Map of California

Mono Lake, eastern Sierras. Taken from U.S. 395, north of Lee Vining CA. I have tried to run away, only to learn that there is no escape. It took some life experience to learn that you will always be outrun by whatever is chasing you, even if the pursuer is none other than your own […]

13 Jul 19
Bourne Family Travels

July 9 We packed up and shipped out early on the morning.  We ate the farm fresh eggs the host left in the fridge for us and got on the road. Lots of movies, talking, and Michelle Obama.  Adam and I are getting serious about budgeting, getting healthier, and planning for next year.  We made […]

13 Jul 19
Las Vegas Review-Journal
#gallery-1719542-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1719542-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1719542-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1719542-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ El Capitan is a 3,000 foot high granite monolith that is extremely popular with climbers. Deborah Wall Las Vegas Review-Journal Tenaya Lake is a high Sierra lake located along Tioga Road in Yosemite National Park, Calif. Deborah Wall Las Vegas Review-Journal El Capitan is a 3,000 foot high granite monolith that is extremely popular with climbers. Deborah Wall Las Vegas Review-Journal Some of the most stunning and iconic sights in America can be found in California’s Yosemite National Park, home of ancient giant sequoias and more than 400 species, including the rare Sierra Nevada red fox. While most visitors spend days traveling to the park from around the world, Las Vegans can get there in less than a day’s drive. The quickest route to the hub of the park, Yosemite Valley, is also the most scenic. There visitors are treated to the sight of sparkling lakes, meadows, granite monoliths, which glow like fire at sunset, and scenic overlooks. This is via the east entrance, Tioga Road (SR 120), which leaves from the town of Lee Vining, California, and immediately climbs into the Sierra Nevada, reaching an elevation of 9,945 feet before descending to your destination. This sky-high road is open only in summer, which is one of the best times to head for Yosemite. The park encompasses nearly 1,200 square miles, and has elevations ranging from 2,000 to 13,000 feet. More than 750 miles of hiking trails, from easy to strenuous, await visitors. In Yosemite Valley, which has an elevation of about 4,000 feet, expect daily high temperatures in the 80s in August and daily lows of 56 degrees. September highs average 82 degrees, with lows of 51. First-time visitors usually start in Yosemite Valley where the main visitor center, post office, medical center, market, restaurants, campgrounds and a variety of lodging are located. It is also the place to see Half-Dome and El Capitan — famously photographed by Ansel Adams — and to compare how closely your photos mirror the master’s work. Alex Honnold and Hans Florine set the record in 2012 for being the fastest to climb El Capitan, tackling it in less than three hours. Visitors here also will find trailheads for hiking to Yosemite Falls, North America’s tallest waterfall, rising 2,425 feet from the valley floor, and to other classic destinations such as Bridalveil Falls, which, at 620 feet tall, is often the first waterfall park patrons see when entering Yosemite Valley. Expect to get wet in spring and early summer when the water is at its peak. [rjtemplate class=”rj-isidebar3-elem”] If you go ■ Not to be overlooked: When traveling to Yosemite in the summer, arrive before 8 a.m. or very late in the afternoon, as the entry stations have long wait times from late mornings through early afternoons. Parking in the valley is extremely limited. Once parked, the quickest way to get around is to walk or take the free shuttle bus. Biking is another alternative. Bike rentals are available, and you can ride 12 miles of mostly flat, paved trails. ■ What to pack: A refillable water bottle or hydration system. Comfortable hiking boots or sneakers with good tread. Dress in layers, wear a hat and use sunscreen. Binoculars come in handy to get a look at rock climbers scaling El Capitan. ■ Length of stay: Two to three nights minimum. Reservations are strongly recommended; visit yosemitepark.com for information on lodging and campgrounds in Yosemite and surrounding towns. nps.gov/yose ■ Directions: From Las Vegas take U.S. 95 north about 115 miles to Beatty. Turn left onto Nevada Route 374 and go west for about 27 miles. Then go west for 73 miles on California Route 190, which becomes California 136, just before passing through Keeler, Calif., and intersecting US-395, just south of Lone Pine. Follow US-395 north for 122 miles to Lee Vining (where some people stop for the night.) Go left onto Tioga Road (SR 120). Drive about 75 miles to Yosemite Village. [/rjtemplate]
12 Jul 19
Campachu's Excellent Adventure

A journey is best measured in friends, not miles. — Tim Cahill Miles driven: 7,555 Money spent on gas: $1,733.48 Average miles per gallon: 14.2 Highest price for diesel: $5.20/gallon, Lee Vining, CA Lowest price for diesel: $2.55/gallon, Signal Mountain, TN Number of campgrounds: 34 Most expensive camping: $53.26/night at Missoula KOA Number of new […]

12 Jul 19

Mono Lake is a saline soda lake in Mono County, California, formed at least 760,000 years ago as a terminal lake in an endorheic basin. The lack of an outlet causes high levels of salts to accumulate in the lake. These salts also make the lake water alkaline. This desert lake has an unusually productive […]

12 Jul 19
Arkansas Conference of the United Methodist Church

In late May 2019, the Arkansas River rose to historically high levels due to heavy rainfall and the release of swollen reservoirs upstream in neighboring Kansas and Oklahoma. In many parts of the state, decades-old river records were broken, including a 1945 record set in Van Buren, and a Morrilton record from 1927. The Arkansas […]

10 Jul 19
A Season on the Pacific Crest Trail

A lot has happened the past couple weeks which is why I haven’t been able to post as regularly as I’d like. But I’ve got just a little bit of downtime now so here’s the post for the past 10 days or so. Some days won’t have much of anything but the pictures should be […]

09 Jul 19
Composing Catholic

I remember being in Yosemite National Park some ten plus years ago. It was summer and it was hot. Really hot. I figured our recent late June revisit would be more of the same. It wasn’t. The Tioga Pass, a mountain highway named after a mine, is a roadway that passes through the Sierra Nevada […]

07 Jul 19
Tim Messick Photography: Blog

Last year after visiting Lee Vining in May, I published a post extolling the abundance of lilacs in the town overlooking Mono Lake. This year, visiting in mid-June, I found the lilacs nearly all past flowering, but a good number of bright yellow roses were in bloom. A few lilacs were still holding on, but […]

06 Jul 19
An Unexpected Journey

Good Times, Great Oldies in Yosemite! During my time off the PCT, I took some time off writing my daily recaps as well. But I thought it’d still be fun to do a brief run through of all the fun activities we got into! Ok, so maybe not so brief… Day 1: Early morning rise, […]

06 Jul 19

I just drove 395 from Los Angeles to Lee Vining. Those Sierras are pretty spectacular. There is no way I can represent them well, but I had fun trying. I went to Manzanar, the Japanese relocation camp from WWII. What a desolate place, but they made the best of what they had. I used a […]