08 Dec 18
East Kingdom Gazette

This morning, the fencers of the kingdom are vying for the honor of serving as the King’s Rapier Champion and the Queen’s Rapier Champion. The King’s Champion will be the winner of the tournament, and the Queen’s Champion will be the Queen’s choice based on skill, comportment, and honor throughout the tournament. Below are the […]

28 Nov 18


bluerobokitty: I made Christmas icons of our fave MFE squad! Featuring Rudolph Griffin, Frosty Rizavi, Santa Kinkade, and Elf Leifsdottir~ 500×500 less than 1 MB so you should be able to use them anywhere! Please credit and reblog if you use to spread MFE cheer!

19 Nov 18
Hera says I should be the star now

Contrary to myth, guitar music is most definitely not dead.  It’s not even feeling poorly. Many older Rock fans bemoan the decline of the so called ‘guitar hero’ and tell us that no one is producing good new Rock any more.  But rumours of the death of Rock are, as always, premature.  As Hera has […]

14 Nov 18
headspacedad's space

headspacedad: so – I lied?  Turns out, and we should have all seen this coming, its not just going to be a two parter.  One day I’ll learn.  But in the meantime, we can all enjoy this second chapter while I figure out what the hell I’m doing for chapter three.  You knew I wasn’t […]

25 Oct 18
East Kingdom Gazette

The Society College of Arms runs on monthly cycles and letters. Each month, the College processes name and armory submissions from all of the Kingdoms. Final decisions on submissions are made at the monthly meetings of the Pelican Queen of Arms (names) and the Wreath King of Arms (armory). Pelican and Wreath then write up […]