Lela Rose

11 Dec 18
Color By K

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of previewing Lela Rose’s newest line launch – Pearl by Lela Rose. Her team hosted a beautifully style, intimate dinner in Charleston {actually the same location I hosted my COLOR by K re-brand party!}, along with a preview of the newest Pearl pieces. The line embodies everything […]

10 Dec 18

Lela Rose Teal Strapless Draped Corset Dress SZ 12 – Buy – Lela Rose Teal Strapless Draped Corset Dress SZ 12

05 Dec 18
Pretty Grievances

It’s been a tough year folksies. We need a pretty palate cleanser. Is like an homage to joy- or a lacy version of my favorite popsicle. Hey, Duchess MegSter! You love a trench style! This can be unbuttoned as you gestate! When I looked quickly- I thought of Pac-Man. I want to see someone fabulous […]

04 Dec 18
Roses In My Head

Music has always found me exactly when I need it most. I hear a song on the radio, accidentally click on the wrong Youtube video, or look up the soundtrack to a television show and in an instant, it feels like the universe collides. Almost like synesthesia, the sounds connect with me in an entirely […]

03 Dec 18
Lela Bay Blog

Fun Guest blog on Rose Fairbanks’ blog, and new excerpts from Meant to Be…Kissed. via Guest Post– Lela Bay: Meant to Be…Kissed release & giveaway!  

03 Dec 18
Stories from the Past

I’m pleased to have Lela Bay back with news about a collection of heartwarming romances! Read on for excerpts and news on how you can read for free! The Comedy of Marriage A big thank you to Rose Fairbanks for allowing me to guest blog. Romances are often enhanced by the love stories of minor […]

03 Dec 18

| red jumpsuit: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 | moto jacket | heels | Loving this Pearl by Lela Rose jumpsuit! We sell this line at work, so I get to play with these pretty pieces everyday. Pearl is only sold through direct sales and us, so that’s why this exact jumpsuit isn’t linked. I linked […]

03 Dec 18

$2495 Lela Rose Jacquard Floral Pink Blue Embroidered Fit Flare Dress IT 44 US 8 – Buy – $2495 Lela Rose Jacquard Floral Pink Blue Embroidered Fit Flare Dress IT 44 US 8

02 Dec 18

Pranav stood beside the door from the other side which made him helpless. He ran away before she could catch him. Aansha cried and begged to let her go, “Amma, let me go… he loves me, he is not like the ones from your stories. He cares about me, let me go Amma. Let us […]

01 Dec 18

Aansha couldn’t sleep the whole night. She didn’t know what was happening with her, but somehow, she knew she would meet him, and that excitement kept her awake. Seeing her happy, Lela knew what was going on in her mind. While Aansha was braiding Lela’s hair she tried to make her understand “People like us […]

30 Nov 18

He fell in love with her and she knew she didn’t deserve him. How can someone even fall in love with a sex slave he met at a brothel? Aansha was just 10 when the ‘man-with-black-hands’ kidnapped her promising a candy, but the price she paid to get the candy ruined her life. She was […]

28 Nov 18
Wausau Pilot & Review

Obituaries are a service of Brainard Funeral Home, with locations in Wausau and Weston. Mildred (Storm) Koenig Mildred (Storm) Koenig died just weeks before her 98th birthday. She was born at home to Walter and Selma Storm in Merrill on Dec. 5, 1920. After attending a rural, one-room schoolhouse, she attended Marathon Vocational School. She […]