Lena Yarinkura

12 Jan 19
MaryAnn Adair's 'Is it art' Blog

Ku (2012) [Natural ochres with acrylic binder on milkwood] by Garry Namponan; and Ku (2012) [Natural ochres and charcoal with acrylic binder on milkwood] by Roderick Yunkaporta. Garry Namponan (born 1960+) is a Ku (camp dog) sculpture artist, home is at Aurukun, on the western coast of Cape York Peninsula. Namponan learned his art from […]

27 Jun 18
Art Salazar

first getting up and out in a more timely manner today…Maria comes at 7:00…Doris’ lovely caretaker…the woman who takes care of Doris once a week…getting her ready for her trip to Maine…Doris enticed us with a crab cake lunch at Minnie’s…in Spring Valley… a welcome, good restaurant in that area…always lively there and they only […]

01 Jun 18
Grouvy Today

Updated June 02, 2018 08:26:19 Two American philanthropists, a museum director and nine female artists have come together to showcase Australian Aboriginal art in Washington DC. The show has just opened at the Phillips Collection museum in the United States capital where artist Regina Pilawuk Wilson, from the remote Northern Territory, has also painted a […]