Lil Scoot

11 Dec 18
You, Baby and I

Every year, I do my Top 100 Toys list based on reviews, sales and first impressions. Honestly, this list helps me buy gifts for my kids too. The Top 100 Toys for 2018 are… (in no particular order) For Babies/Toddlers 1. Fisher-Price® Beatbo Train 2. Fisher-Price® BeatBo Learning Robot 3. Fisher-Price® Laugh ‘n’ Learn Microphone […]

10 Dec 18
The Gaming Musings of a Mad GM

Fiss: People! Real live internet people!Ken (GM): yeah!Im a meat popsicleFiss: Everything’s a Meat Popsicle if you’re brave enough.Ken (GM): You’re crossing the memes!Fiss: I’m a Memologist. puts on sunglasses It’s what I do.Joush M.: Good to see you all. Missed this game.Ken (GM): yeah, sorry if cancelling last week was short notice; camping got […]

06 Dec 18
Just L Poetry

I awake, feel behind me To find you’re not there You are closing the curtains To block out the sun’s glare “I have to pee” A morning ritual Pat your naked booty So simple and natural I smell your pillow A smile crosses my face Cloves and guava root You fill the whole place I […]

26 Nov 18
The Roasted Root

Hearty, flavorful sausage and cabbage stew made quickly and easily using your Instant Pot! Make this meal ahead of time and have it on hand for the whole week!

Instant Pot Cabbage and Sausage Stew (with a slow cooker method!) - paleo, Whole30, and healthy |

Hey, you! How was your Thanksgiving?

My family kept things traditional and mellow, with a turkey, a couple vegetable side dishes, mashed sweet potatoes, and that Paleo Pumpkin Cheesecake I showed you last week. *Simple* goes a long way in keeping things light and fun in my family!

While the couple months surrounding Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year can be disorienting for many of us, I’m doing what I can to stick to my regular eating and exercise regimen this year (last year was a doozy for me!!) even if that does sound like an epic snooze fest.

For me, that means not allowing myself to get carried away with sugary blissful treats (you know how I love my sugar…) and not allowing other people’s re-evaluation of their own habits seep through to mine. I’m still developing dessert recipes, just doing everything in my power to keep the consumption of them at a reasonable level.

And so!

Meals like this Instant Pot Sausage and Cabbage Soup continue to be my main squeeze. I love them so.

26 Nov 18
Lil Sk8 Rat

The day stinks with frustration and short fuses. I cross my arms. I’m leaving. I can’t stand this. I’m going.  My empty threats fill the room.  I’m packing my backpack, I pause. I pack. I pause.  He’s silent, I can’t move. I have nowhere to go.  He scoots to the edge of the bed Come […]

24 Nov 18
bare titted ancients

Lara Croft never went to any lil’ gymnast classes growing up, let’s start with that. At the genesis of any concept of her were about three sentences talking on how she hacked her way out of a Peruvian jungle, and the gross life and death of the ordeal is what made her the way she […]

22 Nov 18

CHAPTER FIVE Let me take you back to 6 months ago… Cold. God I hate the cold.

18 Nov 18
F is for Firehouse

A few gypsy women cross Plaza Mayor, and people who notice their approach rush out their way. Layered and bundled up like nomadic peasants from a previous century, the gypsies ask anyone they pass for money. Hey, hold on. Do you know that song Habanera from Carmen? You know that song, right? It goes like […]

17 Nov 18

[Verse 1: Quavo] We get allowed to swing Oh that’s a hot spot (Hot spot) Hit her on the elevator, why not (Why not) Make the whole block hot (Block hot) Make the whole block hot (Block hot) (Skrrt, skrrt) In the hot box (Skrrt, skrrt) Right next to the chopper (Skrrt, skrrt) And the […]

12 Nov 18
La Vida Raq

Brace yourself this is a long one… Too many years away from family for birthdays and holidays. This has been an amazing month. I’ve met up with some old school friends and they have been so sweet. Great for my ego even. So complementary… my head goes side to side just thinking about it lol. […]

07 Nov 18

IT’S NOVEMBER!! I can’t believe my little Basil boy is 6 months old as of yesterday – half a year that my baby man has been here with us! He’s the happiest baby I’ve ever met, and his personality is coming through more and more each day – he’s gonna be a goofy lil fella […]

03 Nov 18

    Redlining is a thing in the White Mountain National Forest in NH. Some hikers set out to hike all the trails within the forest and within the editions of the white mountain guide book . I finished my redlining endeavor in July 2018, here are some thoughts I had along the way on […]

28 Oct 18

MadeBySimblr Archive

Happy Halloween ¼ I spent a day or two deciding what everyone would be for halloween/downloading cc for it. These are also going to serve as some reveals for the Todd Squad ™ as @galakzee calls it. AND SPEAKING OF PAIGE, we have the honorary twin to the bug babies, Scoot and Bee. Because of […]

24 Oct 18

“and we agree that neither one of us are looking for a relationship, just a friend…”

14 Oct 18
Lady Rider Brisbane

So I put my bike in to be repaired – some nork at Ipswich backed into me while parked and cracked my front mudguard. This was a couple of months ago. I get back to my bike after briefly popping into a real estate office and there is Bogan 1 standing beside my bike. First […]