Lily Bloom

16 Dec 18
Words of Encouragement

FA166 – Sunrise in Black and White Grace, Hope & Peace, Friend; In the world’s value system, the Apostle Paul had everything – education, fame, authority, respect; But years later, sitting in a prison cell, he wrote; Whatever things were gain to me, those things I have counted as loss for the sake of Christ. […]

16 Dec 18
Jill Clay, Christian Author and Speaker

December 16, 2018 Hymn of the Church My purpose in sharing these hymns of the church is to encourage, remind and yes, nudge you with the old truths in these words that still ring true today. I’d Rather Have Jesus Oscar C A Bernadotte, 1888 1. I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold; I’d […]

16 Dec 18
Pretty Manners

Lily season may have come and gone, but this garden is yet in bloom… I penned a post about my lily garden some time ago sharing a lesson that it taught me. Though that garden of which I spoke was in reference to my literal Lilium, the Lilium of toady’s post is of the figurative […]

16 Dec 18
Hollywood Latest News

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Actors Who Hated Kissing Each Other On Screen

Hollywood Celebrities 2017 Celebrity News 2016 find Walt Hollywood Studios Home Entertainment (incorporated as Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Inc. since 1997 and formerly known as Walt Hollywood Telecommunications & Non-Theatrical Company from 1980 to 1987 and eve

16 Dec 18
Fresh Store Shop

MAGICALLY BLOSSOMS when steeped in hot water – Process takes about 3 minutes

16 Dec 18
Lyrical Rhythms

You make the birds sing on a cloudy day, You make the lilies bloom on the highway, The rain drops float with rainbow hues, When I think of you and dream!   I stretch my hands and feel your touch, You are here, there and everywhere, I hear the birds sing, butterflies buzz, And see […]

15 Dec 18
Poetess of the Dark

I will feed on your weakness thrive on your scorched earth metamorphic with your demise as your blood hydrates my desiccated marrow I will stand on the mound of dirt covering your grave like a throne of survival and an altar to all that you’ve destroyed for the sacrifices that did not succumb to your […]

15 Dec 18
YuriReviews and More

Just like every year, we’ll of course pick our favorites of what 2018 had in store for us. And just to make it a little more interactive for your guys as well, we’ll let you decide for your winners in these categories in next weeks post, so please look forward to that~ Now, without further […]

15 Dec 18
Ramblings of a Writer

I’m a gardener, writer, and loved taking photos of my garden, as the seasons when by on Piko Road in Taranaki NZ. It is now two years since we left the farm, I went back and had a look, it broke my heart it was terrible I can’t explain it here, it hurts after fifteen […]

15 Dec 18

I moved to my little house on 50 Rotenberry Lane over 16 years ago. I spent the first few years apologizing to the neighbors for our bad manners. My boys loved to play football in Mrs. Lela’s yard instead of ours. I would “holler” at them to come back in our yard. I would walk […]

15 Dec 18
5 Globetrotters

Just outside of Rotorua is a 5600 hectar forest consisting of mainly California Redwoods. Back in the early 1901, an experiment was conducted to see if the land could sustain different species of plants, since this parcel of land only consisted of a few native shrubs. Over 100 years later, this forest is thriving and now […]

15 Dec 18

Its formally known as a Narcissus, sometimes apparently in days gone by, as the Lent Lily, but to people the world over, it is the much-loved Daffodil, a symbol of spring awakening, of good works, rebirth, care and charity, an optimistic harbinger of better times ahead. Its such a universal and popular flower that we […]

15 Dec 18
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Fantastic Christmas Gifts Ideas to Surprise Your Lady Love Women play some important roles in everyone’s life. They surely deserve something special on their memorable occasions. But the gifts selection for women can never be an easy task for men. It is always a challenging time for men to find out the perfect gifts for […]

15 Dec 18

Note: Paper flowers are perfect for easy weddings , party, backdrops Ling’s moment Cream White Crepe Paper Flowers, Set of 9, Handcrafted Large Paper Flowers, Paper Flower Decorations for Wall Wedding Backdrop Nursery Bridal Shower Baby Shower. by Ling’s moment. $ $ 19 95 Prime. Enter your search keyword Advanced If you would like to […]

15 Dec 18
Shiga Rivers - Greg Peterson in Japan

On December 13, 2018, I rode my mountain bike down along the left bank of Yasugawa to Moriyama. Along the way quite a few Japanese black kites (トビ) were flying and roosting on the ground and in trees near the carcass of a large fish. Below the weir I rode over the embankment that divides […]

15 Dec 18
Exotic Manipur Blog

Here is my top 3 collection for this 2019 ! If you have an adventurous  soul and traveling to Manipur seeking for purifying yourself from hectic daily routine and boring life, I suggest this 3 places would surely find  inner peace  inside your soul. Many more can fall in the list for your travel which […]