Linhof Technika

06 Feb 19

It’s an absolute pleasure to welcome you all to join me falling into the words and work of a rather rare beast. Street photographer and more than just a dab hand with wet plate collodion, Markus is someone you’re certain to want to learn more about. Lover to you, Markus…     Hi Markus, what’s this […]

30 Jan 19
Man in the Middle

34 Leica IIIF with 50mm f2 Summitar and EfkeKB14 (1992). Sharp and prone to flare but the viewfinders are not the easiest to focus. These collapsible lenses make these cameras so much more portable.   35 Hasselblad Xpan with 45mm and Kodak TMax100. This exceptional panoramic 35mm camera has been a steady companion over the […]

23 Aug 18
Photo Notes

      Recently a friend offered us some old cameras because she knew that we appreciated such things.  We have had several contacts in the last months from people we didn’t know who heard we might be interested in film equipment they wanted to have a home for.  It’s a sign of the times […]

20 Aug 18
Dr. Stein's Photographic Establishment

I was in a park overlooking a bay in Claremont – quite a picturesque location, in the tourist postcard sense – trying to make a tourist postcard. It was in my large format days and I had finally managed to secure a Linhof Master Technika as a field camera. Decades of propaganda and copies of […]

07 Aug 18

After my first exposure to working with large format sheet film in a DIY pinhole camera, I decided to explore this line of film photography a bit further. My local second-hand camera shop offered me a battered pre-WWII Linhof Technika II, which I duly restored back to a working life. But I quickly found out […]

21 Jul 18
The Golden Age of Film Photography - I


16 Jul 18

[B V.Good] Linhof Universal Finder Technika 5×7 Camera From JAPAN Y4395 – Buy – [B V.Good] Linhof Universal Finder Technika 5×7 Camera From JAPAN Y4395

09 Jul 18

Shalom Mushwana (b. 1994, Grahamstown, a small town in the Eastern Cape) Currently based in Johannesburg What kinds of things do you most enjoy photographing? I photograph a variety of subjects. I enjoy portraits, architecture and still life, like the random interesting setups you find out on the streets or within peoples homes/spaces. Describe your […]

07 Jul 18
The Long Road to the North

I found the  solution to my predicament about how I could  photograph in northern South Australia. I could do  a camel trek with  experienced cameliers. The camels would carry the swag, food and water,  we would do the walking and the cameleers would guide us through the remote, semi-arid landscape.  So we booked a 12 […]

27 Jun 18

Regular readers will remember reading about Yan’s current project, Mother River here on EMULSIVE a couple of weeks ago and I’m, please to be able to finally bring more of her words and work to you in today’s fresh EMULSIVE interview. Over to you, Yan!     Hi Yan, what’s this picture, then? YWP: This […]

16 Jun 18

[B V.Good] Linhof Universal Finder Technika 5×7 Camera From JAPAN Y4395 – Buy – [B V.Good] Linhof Universal Finder Technika 5×7 Camera From JAPAN Y4395

13 Jun 18

In 2010 I decided to embark on the hardest adventure of my life, to photograph the entire 6,211km of the Yangtze River in China. I set myself a challenge to photograph the river every 100 kilometres – 63 pre-determined “Y points” – from the river source at 5,400 meters above sea level on the Tibetan […]