13 Mar 19
The Corner of Jackie

I’ve always wear a nighttime cream but I was never serious about my skincare routine. I guess the notion of turning 40 this year has me freaking out about “getting old”. I start seeing wrinkles here and there and I don’t like it! I have adopted this nighttime routine to help me fight the signs […]

05 Mar 19

This isn’t actually my medicine cabinet but it’s pretty close! #ITGtopshelfie by @ughnett on Instagram.   Last week, I wrote a blog post on self-care and it reignited one of my truest passions and favorite pastimes that I’d recently lost touch with: skincare. Admittedly, I don’t have great skin, I don’t keep up with a […]

28 Oct 18
K-Popo: The Ultimate Korean Products Review Police

Discover why Korean women have such perfect complexions, and where to buy the 10 Best Korean Beauty Balm Cream/BB Cream this year! Anyone who has visited Korea will tell you that the women have beautifully clear complexions.  Facial skin care is a serious matter for Asian women and Korean beauty balm creams are expected to […]

21 Oct 18
nat's ♭eauty notes ♫

Helllllllo~ It’s time for a review! So this is going to be a review for Liole’s Dollish Cera-V CC Cream. In case you don’t know yet, CC stands for ‘color correcting’. This is a little different from BB creams so if you read any future reviews, I’ll be holding them up to different standards. To […]

20 Oct 18
K-Beauty Reviews

A k-beauty review of Lioele Water Drop Sleeping Pack by Joni (@howdoibeauty)

15 Sep 18
Cherie Chubby Cheeks

I used to despise my oily skin. I would grimace when my used blotting paper looked like it came straight from KFC and and hastily apply yet another layer of powder. However, as I have grown older I realise there are many benefits to this skin type (yay for eternal youth!). Here is the combination […]

13 Sep 18
Site TitleAmazon

Такого количества жирных столбиков у меня не было, выглядит более молодым, здоровым. При выдавливании угрей и прыщей поверхность кожи над ними лопается и их содержимое, которые позволят закрепить результат. Нанесла ее на лицо спустя 25 минут пыталась снять , о Black Mask отзываются скорее отрицательно, чем положительно. Блэк маск с желатином и углем Эта маска […]