14 Jun 19
Noble & Blue

Intro Coffee. Coffee is the life line for many of us who struggle to get our eyes open in the morning to get to the daily grind. And many of us are highly addicted to the sweet dark liquid far beyond that first innocent cup of the morning. We Finns are the expert coffee drinkers […]

12 Jun 19
Road Bike Rider

June 13, 2019 PDF version for Premium Members is here. What Is the Best Electrolyte Supplement? By Coach John Hughes Even in very hot conditions, most of the heat is generated by your body, which is only about 25% efficient. For every four calories you burn, only one calorie provides energy to move you forward—and […]

11 Jun 19

Litespeed’s parent has rebranded their affordable carbon gravel, all-road & mountain bikes as Ocoee after their debut earlier this spring – yet the bikes themselves haven’t changed. But that didn’t slow down brand sales manager Chris Brown when he rolled the new Ocoee Boundary to the half pint Dirty Kanza 100 miler a couple weekends […]

11 Jun 19
Road Bike Rider

Jim’s Tech Talk By Jim Langley Last fall, while camping, which always includes riding, of course – I needed to lubricate the rear brake cable on my Litespeed. When I went to yank my trusty Plano toolbox (photo) out of the RV storage compartment, the box’s plastic handle broke off. Upon further inspection, when I […]

10 Jun 19

15.6.2019 Das frühe Zubettgehen hat sich gelohnt, genau wie die Laufräder und andere Details, die ich optimierte. 3:18 Uhr ging ich auf die Strecke. … und 8:35 Stunden später waren die 300 km im Sack. Mehr darüber im Artikel zur Vätternrundan 2019, der irgendwann kommen wird. 14.6.2019 Einige werden den Blogeintrag zum 14.6. vermisst haben. […]

08 Jun 19

X Force Keygen 32 Bit Download Xf keygen 2010 32 bit & 64 bit download – Duration: 1:28. Phillip Moris 35,390 views. 1:28. Driver Easy PRO License Key 100 working [2019] X-force Key Generator: AutoCAD 2013 Full Crack (64 bit + 32 bit) Download For Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Windows Xp พร้อมวิธีติดตั้ง […]

06 Jun 19

Xforce Keygen 64Bits Autocad 2010 AutoCAD2016注册机64位是一款专业《AutoCAD 2016》所推出的序列号秘钥生成工具。通过这款AutoCAD2016注册机X64版,就能自动生成激活 Xforce keygen 64 bit download – Adobe Captivate (32-bit), Adobe Captivate (64-bit), LiteSpeed 64 bit, and many more programs irfanview 64 bit, autocad 2016 64bit, autocad 2014 64bit Autocad(共114个) AutoCAD是一款使用非常广泛的CAD软件,由Autodesk(欧特克)公司推出。软件具有良好的用户界面,通过交互 Autocad 2010 xforce keygen 64 bits. 19 Jun 2016. With AutoCAD 2010 Full Version included keygen x-force, your […]

04 Jun 19
Upgraded Reviews

Yay or nay? Discover what the internet is saying about NameHero. Upgraded Reviews scanned the web to find out what real users are saying about NameHero. See the highlights below and decide for yourself! Table of contents Pros Cons Summaries Top Discount ✅ Pros “NameHero has an average speed of 195.5ms, which is an excellent […]

04 Jun 19

WordPress is the web’s most popular content management system (CMS) that has emerged far more than just a blogging platform. It has a large repository of free themes and plugins that makes the foundation of number of websites on the web. If you have major traffic from US and Canada on your WordPress website, you […]

03 Jun 19

9.6.2019 Nichts ist anders mit 54, durfte ich heute früh feststellen. Der Körper ist so steif wie mit 53. 😉 So habe ich Luisa in der wärmenden Sonne was vorgeturnt. Gymnastik muss ich in Zukunft öfter machen! Danach ging es zum zweiten Sightseeing-Tag in Malmö. Luisa liebt das Tern Vektron E-Faltrad. Selbst bei fettem Gegenwind […]

27 May 19

So I did it! I made it to the hall of fame: I’ll cover a few things in this post: What it was like (from an experience, physical, mental, and nutritional point of view). What I learned. How I’m feeling the day after. In the run up to the big day I’d managed to […]

27 May 19

2.6.2019 Endlich Sommer! Perfekt! Um 12 Uhr saß ich auf dem Gravel-Rad um mit Jens eine Rennradrunde zu drehen. Nach 55 km waren wir zurück und begannen, Jens’ Rennrad zu verpacken, das ich für ihn nach Schweden zur Vätternrundan transportieren werde. Nachdem das Rad verpackt war, ging es für Jens auf meinem Faltrennrad nachhause. Gut, […]