Little Tikes

17 Apr 19
The Mulberry Bush

Six great things about living in Burnaby, BC

16 Apr 19

Splash Face van Little Tikes Fun Zone gebruikt water om touwtrekken naar een hoger niveau te tillen. Daag je vrienden uit om te zien wie er nat wordt! Eenvoudig te monteren. Stevig vast te zetten:met4 haringen. Afmetingen: 43 x 35,5 x 71 cm. Geschikt voor maximaal 2 kinderen vanaf 4 jaar.

16 Apr 19

If you’ve every lived in or visited Kuwait you would find the atmosphere is pretty bland compared to other countries. I haven’t and don’t plan on ever being here during the summer when temperatures can peak 120 degrees Fahrenheit! During my brief 6 months  (winter/spring) stay I’ve researched and visited at least 1 new place […]

15 Apr 19
Vanessa's blog

This week is gonna about the main part of finishing a documentary- editing. In workshop, I have been taught some editing software and editing techniques. I have try to use Adobe Premiere Pro to make a small video by using provided clips and pictures. After lessons, I continue the project with my team. I used […]