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14 Dec 18
The Abolitionist

Shared organizing across prison walls comes with its own unique difficulties, especially with regard to maintaining networks of communication. Relationships between imprisoned and non-imprisoned people are stifled at once by logistical obstacles, as our mode of speaking is limited primarily to written rather than electronic mail, and by repressive political forces such as surveillance and […]

14 Dec 18
Talk About Pop Music

ISA releases the emotional pop ballad ‘After You’ together with a music video. by Christopher Smith 20 year old Swedish singer, songwriter and dancer ISA really demonstrates her vocal power in this beautiful, soul-baring song that captures the sentiment of longing for something that means the world to you, simply utilising a classic piano, strings and […]

14 Dec 18
Portaliz Virtual Reality

Enveloping Music Around Your World!

Another truly amazing aspect of VR web design is the inclusion of custom original music in the worlds you are creating. We can assist you in producing something which is memorable, something your clients can associate with, as well as, to help your merchandise outshine the competition.

Clever Design

One of our goals here at Portaliz is to help our clients achieve their goals, and one of our main methods to aid in the process is to help supply them with innovative ideas. Our goal is to produce a unique virtual world for each of our clients and that’s what we wish to do for you.

Wide Scale Adoption

The VR compatible sites that we develop are created to operate beautifully on your desktop computer, your mobile device, your tablet, or a head mounted VR device if you have one. All around the planet, people today, and onward into the future won’t be able to live without their computers and mobile phones. This creates a

14 Dec 18

    From my observation of the two children named: Mohammad Fareez Syaqeer (15 August 2013) Nor Azalea Binti Abdullah (2nd February 2012)   For the first children of my observation is named Mohammad Fareez Syaqeer, he is 5 years old, a Muslim and live in Kuching. Firstly, in terms of physical development in aspects […]

14 Dec 18
- T R A N S F O R M A T I O N -

When we have the potential and ability for something, it often, almost always even, is fed with a false substance, leading to a lack of satiation and an exacerbated attempt to keep filling the potential with a misguided elixir. The potential/ability referred to here is not only (but does include) the usual way we refer […]

14 Dec 18
Media, Infrastructure, and Education

During the lead up to the November 2018 midterm elections, my binge watching of 90s TV reruns on Hulu meant that I was subject to an intermittent barrage of political advertising (a graduate student budget doesn’t allow for the lavish luxury of ad-free Hulu). For much of October, the same three or four ads played […]

14 Dec 18
Terry's Writing Blog

Introduction There is a scene in Money Ball where all the scouts and coaches are in a room discussing their plans for the upcoming season. The scouts are arguing about which players to trade for or pick up in free agency because they are losing their best players. The Yankees and the Red Sox are […]

14 Dec 18

  “Humility emerges when life returns us to our proportionate place in the scheme of things;  when we are willing and able to witness ourselves without blame or judgement as we really are, warts and all.” –Roger Housden The theme for this week was Imperfection and my bead has a chip – is this where […]

14 Dec 18
Second Chance Chick

As I come upon my first anniversary, I have been reflecting back on our first year, and I have come to the conclusion that, marriage is the second hardest thing I have done in my life. Marriage is not dating, it is not living together, marriage is a whole different category of relationship. I thought […]

14 Dec 18
Explore Aussie

Insulation of electrical components is essential part of any electrical arrangement. The metal and PVC conduit fittings are the type of electrical fittings usually available in pipe like structures. These are used to install long wires in any ground or wet regions. The wire that passes through the ground are mainly fastened under the conduit […]

14 Dec 18
Laura’s Copywriting

Like many people, I spent a significant proportion of my early adult life executing my morning routine with all the aplomb of a drunk sloth. I resented getting out of bed in the morning, I was quite likely hungover, and I had no form of routine to look forward to. These days, there’s definitely still […]

14 Dec 18

Ever since the announcement of the ROG Phone, everyone has had questions whether Asus can infuse the ROG DNA inside a smartphone. The Razer Phone 2, Xiaomi’s Black Shark and the Nubia Red Magic Mars are the ROG Phone’s competitors, but on paper, the Asus smartphone trumps them with more powerful hardware including an overclocked […]

14 Dec 18
The Love of Rouse 487

Living or working in an environment filled with mold can have serious health consequences, such as asthma, allergies, respiratory tract infections, fungal infections and skin problems. If any of these conditions are present on an ongoing basis, this may indicate a problem in the structure and will require a mold inspection to be performed by […]