Liz Palacios

22 Feb 19

En el inicio del clasificatorio al Mundial de baloncesto China 2019, la selección de Brasil logró vencer 104-80 a su similar de Islas Vírgenes y de esta manera convertirse en el quinto equipo en acceder al torneo de la Federación Internacional de Baloncesto (FIBA). El encuentro realizado en el UVI Sport y Fitness en Saint […]

10 Feb 19

Now that 2018 is behind us, it’s time to set our reading intentions for 2019. Mine is: READ ALL THE BOOKS (and work to find an agent who likes my stories and wants to help me get mine published). Of course, reading ALL THE BOOKS might be a little difficult, so here are some I’m […]

09 Jan 19

Each of the six women featured in the 2019 Half Their Size issue got full hair makeovers from the colorists and stylists at Rita Hazan Salon in New York City

06 Jan 19

I already started drafting my Christmas post during the first days of December – that’s how much I love this time of year. It’s the delicious season of scarves and hats, of big coats and jumpers you can literally climb inside like a cape and of slipper socks tucked into your trousers. There’s something very […]

18 Dec 18

347 feature films are eligible for the 91st Academy Awards®, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced today. To be eligible for 91st Academy Awards consideration, feature films must open in a commercial motion picture theater in Los Angeles County by December 31, and begin a minimum run of seven consecutive days. Under […]

06 Dec 18

By Jeremy Selkow Holy Family University’s Library has named Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Quan as its latest Book Club selection. Former Librarian Dan Geary gave Tri-Lite the inside scoop about how books are chosen for the Book Club. “We usually pick the book two months before the meeting and some volunteers to lead the […]

05 Dec 18
American Literary Review

Issues Liquid State – Christy Lee Rogers Fall 2018 Poetry Joseph O. Legaspi, Donald Levering, John McCarthy, Maya Phillips, John Poch, David Salner, Marjorie Stelmach, Katherine Stingley, Richard Terrill, Brendan Walsh, Kathleen Winter Fiction Kristen Arnett, Wynne Hungerford, David Priest Nonfiction  Sheldon Costa, Melissa Matthewson Interview  Ruth Williams, author of Flatlands; ​interviewed by Brian Clifton […]

03 Dec 18
Temporary Travels

Part of the allure of living in Europe is the opportunity I have to travel on the weekends in order to see more of the world. Although often what I have in mind are the well-known names that are more of a journey away, I have discovered that there are worthwhile places to see closer […]

02 Dec 18
Emma's Book Blog

About a year ago, a conversation with a friend lead to the idea for my Book Blog.  As a teacher, and a bookworm, I often get asked to recommend good books for kids.  Equally, I have asked friends with older children for book recommendations as my kids have moved into a new reading age group, […]

18 Nov 18

Good Morning dear friends, family and followers of our journey, hope today finds you well wherever you are in the world. We have reluctantly left the beach behind as rain is forecast for the next couple of days so it’s safer and more comfortable to find a campsite and move inland. Storms can be pretty […]

15 Nov 18
Sharon Werner, Author

Thanksgiving is a day for Americans to gather together with family and friends for feasting and football. While many people consider the Pilgrims celebratory harvest feast in 1621 as the first Thanksgiving, the feast wasn’t repeated. In fact, to the pilgrims, a thanksgiving was a religious holiday spent in church thanking God for a specific […]