Lloyd Loom

16 Jun 19
Outside The Know

Jill Ellis made seven changes to the USA lineup after a 13-0 win over Thailand, but a similar dominance ensued, with only Chilean goalkeeper Christiane Endler keeping the Americans from a second straight thrashing at the Women’s World Cup.

14 Jun 19

From a castle by the sea in Co Antrim to a room in a fortified island in Hampshire, these coastal hotels are anything but the norm Beautiful Bryher is the setting for Hell Bay, named after the shipwreck-filled waters it overlooks. This 25-room hotel nods to New England with its clapboard buildings, yet the Lloyd […]

12 Jun 19
Aggie's Tips

This is best done on a sunny day. Lloyd Loom pieces are made from twisted paper and wire and have to be treated with care. Vacuum with the nozzle attachment and use a dry, stiffish brush (an old scrubbing brush is good) to loosen the dust. Then wash down with a weak solution of washing-up […]