Lois Hill

17 Feb 19
Stabroek News

(An edited version of the eulogy delivered at Ron Savory’s funeral in St Lucia by his niece Denise Savory Archer) Born to Clarine Dewar and Neil Savory, he was the youngest of the 4 boys they managed to have before Neil’s untimely death in 1934. Ronnie was only 3 months old. In the family they […]

16 Feb 19
News Archives Uk

From Berkshire Eagle Staff, Ken's Bowl Utility – Shawn Wood 256-737, Doughboy Rowett 259-716, Rob Schuerer 248-686, Shaun Griffin 245-664, Joey Dewey 225-663, John Trova 245-663, Dutch March 246-652, Dave Boyd 231-649, Paul Aldam 235-644, Seth Digrigoli 246-644, Caz 289-640, Sam Rachiele 248-639, Nick Williams 226 638, Ric Mendez 258-636, Frank Gagliardi 266-627, Mike Klimek […]

16 Feb 19
Building Everest

Landschlacht, Switzerland, Saturday 15 February 2019 I have been to Paris only twice in my life: by myself for three days in November 1996 and with my wife for five days during the Easter season in 2002. On the first visit I had liberty on my own to explore but not a lot of money. […]