Lois Hill

14 Dec 18
Ngoc Luu

First Hill Seattle nổi tiếng với khu First Hill và Capitol Hill, với trường Seattle University. Ở Seattle University có cả một vườn hoa anh đào đặc sắc hồng phúng phính với những chùm hoa béo ú treo tòong ten giữa cơn gió xuân ấm ngọt vị mật ong. Ở First Hill có 2 bệnh […]

14 Dec 18
Tianna's Portfolio

My personal research paper is on the possible assisted reproduction techniques that could be used to restore the population. We are currently in the sixth mass extinction and population restoration could be vital to us. The Northern White Rhinos are currently the most endangered mammal in the world. Only two females remain to keep the […]

13 Dec 18
Here in Van Nuys

“The fire was roaring down the canyon. We had already stocked the car with our papers, our family photos.  Carla was so good, so organized, getting the kids into the car. And it was 3:30AM and we were ready to get the hell out in our 2018 Range Rover. The smoke was thick, of course. […]

13 Dec 18
Lois Elsden

We have joined a walking group, more of that later, but at the end of the walk everyone goes to a nearby pub/café/tearoom for lunch,which seems a most civilised idea, and a way to get to know the other walkers better. Today the walk was in the nearby town of Clevedon and walking by boats […]

13 Dec 18

Next up for college programs in Tennessee as Gov. Bill Haslam leaves office: Think smaller (Tennessean) After years of sweeping statewide initiatives that brought thousands of students to college, officials in Tennessee seem poised change their approach. Their new strategy is to think smaller. The next generation of programs generally seek to tie college efforts […]

13 Dec 18
sara l foust

Sheila shares what her husband’s Christmas was like in South Carolina. Plus, she’s giving away a paperback copy of her book, Tales of a Cosmic Possum

13 Dec 18
News Exc Celebrity

Article and photos from hienalouca.com

Viewers were left in floods watching an elderly woman dance for the first time in a decade during Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds.

Lavinia, 81, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 20 years ago and has to rely on mobility aids to move around, and admitted that she hadn’t been able to dance in ‘at least 10 years’.

But in heartwarming scenes during Wednesday night’s Christmas special of Channel 4’s social experiment, filmed at Lark Hill Village in Nottingham, Lavinia was able to dance using just the hands of one of the care home’s members of staff for support.

The pensioner said she felt ‘exhilarated’ by being able to dance again and vowed that she wouldn’t let her condition ‘beat’ he

13 Dec 18

  The Wonder Receptionist informed me I have no openings available for appointments until early February; please stop telling patients to ‘come back in a few weeks’ as there is no place to put them. This means I can’t ‘squeeze people in’ and the new ones scheduled later this month won’t have their first follow up […]

12 Dec 18

ProPublica This story was co-published with The Atlantic. Dec. 11, 2018 By Paul Kiel and Jesse Eisinger https://goo.gl/y3DcPV An eight-year campaign to slash the agency’s budget has left it understaffed, hamstrung and operating with archaic equipment. The result: billions less to fund the government. That’s good news for corporations and the wealthy. In the summer […]