26 Jun 19
Thomas Lojek

Hier ist die ultimative Antwort auf die Frage: “Er ruft mich nicht an! Was soll ich tun?“ Das musste einfach mal raus! Im Internet steht mittlerweile so viel Mist und es existieren so viele angebliche Ratgeber zu „Mann ruft nicht an“… … und das ist alles völlig überflüssig! Frauen nehmen das viel zu persönlich. Männer […]

04 Jun 19
News Directory

House around the police; three in custody in a fatal shooting Police from Meridian Road closed around a house to question people about Boise's shooting and death. According to × Police from Meridian Road closed around a house to question people about Boise's shooting and death. According to Sonny Lee Heidenreich was one of three […]

02 May 17

OFFICIAL SELECTION OF THE ASCONA FILM FESTIVAL 2012 Author, title start DAY 1 : We 22 february 2012 Suarez, Andres Cuartas Fountain 08.00pm Ben Horin, Lior Head On Krefer, Joao TBRPDTHDBP #1 Home Flückiger, Samuel Me + You Rando, Nahuel Vlisa vs. Microsfera 08.15pm Lyons, Robert How to Drive Hankins, Tom/Hoekstra, René/Van Kooten, Gijs Consurgo […]

09 Jan 19
McCall Film Society

Star News THURSDAY, DECEMBER 27, 2018 McCall Film Society starts eighth year of showing independent films BY TOM GROTE for The Star-News A visit to a library in Whistler, B.C., led Bill Thomas and Jacki Rubin to decide to bring independent films to McCall. Eight years later, the McCall Film Society continues to host the […]

07 Jan 19

article by Marah Philips What if you only had 48 hours to make a film with strangers? Around the world, amateur and professional filmmakers are doing just that. Here’s everything you need to know about the Kino movement. The motto of Kino is ever present when talking to Kinoïtes. “They’ve been infected!” laughs Lukas Scheper. […]

24 Oct 18
Lift Mode

Agmatine is amazing! But what is it, really!? This fascinating neurotransmitter has been used in research for pain-relief, cognitive enhancement, and anti-inflammation studies and is prized by many bodybuilders for its pre-workout abilities.[1] It was first discovered by a German scientist called Albrecht Kossel, in 1910 – but it took over 100 years for researchers […]

14 Oct 18
File 770

The 5th Annual Philip K. Dick European Science Fiction Film Festival, which celebrates the talent of independent filmmakers and honors Philip K. Dick’s worldwide legacy, convenes at venues in Germany in late October and France in early November. The festival will be held October 25-26 at L’Hybride and Inoui in Lille, France and November 1-2 […]