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24 Apr 19
A Brit down under

I know a few people have been waiting for another blog post. I thank you for your patience and continued support lol. It’s been a while. This is my first blog post back at home. I’ve been meaning to write much sooner but I have been quite unwell since returning home so alas this post comes […]

24 Apr 19
FILE PHOTO: A man walks past the Bank of England in the City of London
FILE PHOTO: A man walks past the Bank of England in the City of London, Britain, February 7, 2019. REUTERS/Hannah McKay

April 24, 2019

LONDON (Reuters) – The Bank of England is likely to keep interest rates on hold until August 2020 because of a slower global economy and prolonged uncertainty about Brexit, a leading think tank said on Thursday.

The National Institute of Economic and Social Research pushed back by a year its previous forecast of a BoE rate hike which it made as recently as February.

NIESR economist Garry Young said a weaker global economy, and its knock-in impact on oil prices and other imports, was impacting monetary policy around the world, while in Britain uncertainty about Brexit has also kept the BoE on the sidelines.

“Now we expect the first increase in Bank Rate to be next August rather than this August,” he said.

The weakness in prices of imports would help offset inflation pressure from rising wages at home, Young said.

Britain is facing more uncertainty about its future relationship with the European Union after a deadline for Brexit was delayed from April 12 until the end of October this month.

Last week, a Reuters poll showed most economists now expect the BoE to raise borrowing costs early next year.

The British central bank has raised rates twice to 0.75 percent from an all-time low of 0.25 percent but Governor Mark Carney said the outlook for the economy is now shrouded in the “fog of Brexit.”

NIESR trimmed its expectation for British economic growth this year to 1.4 percent from its February forecast of 1.5 percent. It expected growth to pick up to 1.6 percent in 2020.

The forecast was based on the assumption of a “soft” Brexit which avoids disruption at the Irish border and maintains a high degree of access to EU markets.

The growth outlook would be slower if Britain ends up in a customs union with the EU, as favored by the opposition Labour Party, or if the country leaves the EU without a transition deal, NIESR said.

(Writing by William Schomberg)

Source: OANN

24 Apr 19
The Adventures First: Travels of an American Family

“You are trying to kidnap what I have rightfully stolen, and I think it quite ungentlemanly.” “Let me explain –“ William Goldman, The Princess Bride This post will be light on photos. Let me explain. It wasn’t a great day for photography. It was drizzly, cold, windy, and overcast. I mean, it wasn’t that cold, […]

24 Apr 19
Columbia to Colombia

The alarm went off at 5:30am and I made my way down to the street to wait for my bus. Soon I was southbound, leaving the narrow streets of Quito for lush green spaces above the clouds. After an hour or two, we arrived at the Chuquiragua Lodge for breakfast and an introduction to an […]

24 Apr 19

Alternate Blog

I know we all love it when Micky gets going with one of his voices, but shoutout to Davy for doing British regional accents in the name of comedy when they probably went over a lot of American heads. Some examples off the top of my head: Liverpool in “Monkees Race Again” on the line “Smells like […]

24 Apr 19
Rachel Charlton-Dailey

As far back as I can remember I wanted to be a gangster writer. I love writing, the feel of words and energy flowing out of you as you press keys and see your words flood out onto the screen. There’s never been a problem I can’t release through my words, even if nobody else […]

24 Apr 19
400 Favourite Books

James Henry Leigh Hunt (1784 – 1859) was born in London to American immigrants, who had fled the country due to their loyalty to the British crown. Leigh Hunt did not attend university, but spent his youth writing poems, visiting book stalls, and gradually writing theatre criticism and other pieces for newspapers. He moved quickly […]

24 Apr 19
The Blackpool Sentinel

My mother died almost one year ago and my family will mark that first anniversary as she’d have wanted ;- a quiet mass for the handful, a decent feed afterwards and then a long trade of general tittle-tattle during which we’ll remind ourselves of the quirks that set her apart and the exacting standards she […]

24 Apr 19
Grace J Reviewerlady

“My thanks to the author for inviting me to take part in this Cover Reveal; as a big fan, I’m so looking forward to reading this!”

24 Apr 19
News Archives Uk

A cloud of Saharan dust over southern Britain after burning Easter Monday left cars clogged and people barely breathing. The dense wave of dust raised by the African desert will bring British rain to 14ºC in London this weekend, BBC Weather Report announced. Health experts warned that Saharan dust could pose a risk to people […]

24 Apr 19
Ity Reads Books

It’s my first Top 5 post! I love reading, obviously, it’s just hard to read all the books that are out there. There is so many that it’s tough to keep up! Any bookblogger would tell you that you aren’t a true book blogger if you don’t have a mile long TBR list right? I […]

23 Apr 19

This is my first blog since promising to make more of an effort following my post after the Notre Dame fire last week. What better place to start than right back at the beginning? My first night duty on Friday 20th November 1987, just 48 hours after the Tragic Kings Cross fire, which had happened […]

23 Apr 19
Adventures of the 4 JLs

As I started typing my list of top 10 cities for 2018, I found that I had way too many favorites.  The solution?  Break it into top 10 cities and top 10 sights!  Whew!  Now I am able to include almost everything that I wanted in my original list! 1. Yehliu Geopark, Taiwan One of […]