London Police Street Crime

22 Jan 19
Where London's history happened - in the pub

Cosy, lively, welcoming, yes – but a coffee house it’s not.

21 Jan 19
National Post

There has been no official confirmation of the cause of death, but it is understood he fell from a condominium building near Toronto’s downtown

21 Jan 19
Liverpool Ships and Sailors

I’m not sure what emotions we felt as a ship’s crew – fear or apprehension, perhaps.
For as the ship sailed into the heat and humidity of Freetown harbour, the rows of military Land Rovers parked on the quay – some painted with a distinctive Red Cross – were plain to see.

21 Jan 19

By Christa Giesecke In spite of Central America’s rich history, culture and traditions, international news from the region frequently tells of violence. Organized crime in the Central American countries of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala is frequently linked to maras, organized gangs with transnational origins. With a total of 431 reported homicides in September 2017 […]

21 Jan 19
The Box Tickers

The Island of 8am happy hours, legal drink driving, Cutters and Mount Gay Rum. We arrived on this boozy island on Jan 1st, already laden with UK spawned megalithic hangovers, still lingering after an exceptional NYE in London. The kind of hangover that you feel may well last the entire holiday, if not for the rest of your life, forcing you to accept feeling like a bucket of pigs swill for all eternity.

21 Jan 19
For Naught

It can’t be that bad. That’s what I thought, watching Police Detective John Luther drive the streets of London in a worn-down, economy-sized car. Idris Elba who plays the iconic TV character is a big guy and he doesn’t fit into small compartments. A Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sedan would offer a little more room. Also, don’t […]

21 Jan 19
TV Shows Cancelled

Acorn TV’s February 2019 Slate features its first straight-to-series commission with British crime drama LONDON KILLS Plus a new season of hit Cornwall drama DELICIOUS; acclaimed Dutch drama THE OLDENHEIM TWELVE; and more new episodes of smash hit mystery MURDOCH MYSTERIES, Season 12 January 2019 – Acorn TV announces its February 2019 U.S. slate featuring […]

21 Jan 19
News Archives Uk

ON The baby who was hit by a car while lying in his stroller died. Eight-month-old Luciano Newman was seriously injured in the collision in southern London on 13 January. His mother, Nicole Newman, 23, who pushed the stroller at the time of the accident, died at the crime scene on Croydon Road in Penge. […]

21 Jan 19
Chloe Hewitt FCP

I enjoy Nick Knights photography and when I realised he also directs film and music videos I was interested to find out more. I was browsing and found Nick Knight had collaborated with British artist Tino Kamal on a music video. The song Runaway is about gangs and crime in London, with personal links […]

21 Jan 19
Tassie Snowbirds

As Alice disappeared in the rear view mirror, we set course for our next big adventure.

Travel north with us to Darwin… or stayed tuned as we head south for the Oodnadatta Track.

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21 Jan 19

When you step out of your front door and walk away from your home, you often have no idea where you might end up or what you will find. So, one Saturday morning I went on a venture to London and when you go there, you invariably find something of interest. I was passing through […]

21 Jan 19
Hallfield Blog

Last week, as part of the Westminster Junior Citizenship programme, Year 6 paid a visit to The London Transport Museum in Covent Garden. There were lots of different speakers from TFL, the Police and St John’s Ambulance. Children teamed up with another school and were in different groups.  There were many activities and presentations about […]

21 Jan 19

Welcome to the weekend news update from “Hawaii Intelligence Digest”.  This Hawaii Island blog focuses on geopolitical news, terrorism, international affairs, world news, politics, cyber war, and cyber security.  Views expressed in this intelligence news summary are those of “Reuters:  World News”, its reporters and correspondents.  Topics cited in this post come from the current […]