Long Tall Sally

18 Dec 18
Finding Fullness of Joy

There are things I need to change. But there are also things about me that are not meant to change. So I will ask Him to help me change what needs changing and accept the rest of me just as I am.

17 Dec 18
Professor O'Connell's Music History Blog: Assignments, Readings, and Random Thoughts on Music and History Both Inside and Outside the Classroom

Tess Markham Spiritual Started around 1800, I chose the song “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” by Wallace Willis. Spirituals are the root of all African-American music. Ragtime Ragtime started in the 1880s. It was an ancestor of syncopated brass bands. To represent ragtime, I chose the song “The Entertainer” by Scott Joplin. Blues 1890s, blues was […]

17 Dec 18
Our World Legends.

The Kangaroo in Our World. Legends surround this Ancient Creature on an Olden Continent. Australia. That is. Is that Land Down Under with the many Wonders. So and so forth. Sally forth with i, Shiro as He jumps from Times and Places back to that First. First Times the Kanga did so Land. Here. Back then… In THAT Stormy Weather…

17 Dec 18
Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

We are in the last phase of the Christmas Promotions of books in the Cafe. So far I have tried to group books into genres (loose sometimes) and now I am sharing some of the books that are stand alone or are in a non-fiction category. Such as the first book, published in November, by […]

16 Dec 18
Trips Round the Sun

Day 255: November 22, 2018 We woke up and took a Grab car in to Hoi An from our Airbnb near the beach. We found a place to have breakfast then walked up the street to Yaly Couture. This tailor was suggested to us by our GAdventures guide. We went in and said we wanted […]

16 Dec 18

  Mom never outgrew her childhood love for paper dolls.  The first memory I have of them was when I was very small, sitting at the dining room table in our old drafty farmhouse on Hessville Road in the early 50’s.  I shivered as I looked out through the billowing plastic that covered the window […]

16 Dec 18
BirdLife Port Natal

Kruger Part 7 Tsendze Rustic Camp Report by Paul and Sally Bartho 28 November to 1 December 2018 We arrived at Tsendze after checking in at Mopani. A bit of a shlep especially if you are coming from the south as it is about eight kms north of the camp. The camp is well treed […]

15 Dec 18

[Notes on the “Rock ’n’ Roll 39-59” exhibition at FondationCartier. See “Seven Records,” Greil’s essay for the accompanying FondationCartier text.] 20 June 2007 Cartier Foundation Paris A few feet away, Little Richard was a verse into “Blueberry Hill.”  I turned around, and looked down at our table: Wanda Jackson, Mike Stoller, Jerry Leiber, and Tina […]

15 Dec 18
My Custard Pie

I’ve had an epiphany about chocolate – and it’s probably due to my expectations being so low. If I was banned from eating chocolate ever again I’d be a little sad, but not distraught, whereas if lemon was verboten I’d panic then go into continual mourning. Let’s just say, unlike the rest of the planet, […]

15 Dec 18
News Archives Uk

Swallows and Amazons (Philippa Lowthorpe, 2016)Arthur Ransome's 1930 children's classic about kids at play in the Lake District gets added to this lovable adaptation. The four high-spirited offspring of mum Kelly Macdonald mucking about on their boat but get caught in a plot involving Rafe Spall and Sinister Andrew Scott. Cripes! Saturday 15 December, 5pm, […]