Long Tall Sally

19 Jun 19
Weapons and Warfare

“When once these rebels have felt a smart blow,” George told his Admiralty, “they will submit.” Blows would decide, as the king had predicted. Yet no one could foresee that the American War of Independence would last 3,059 days. Or that the struggle would be marked by more than 1,300 actions, mostly small and bloody, […]

19 Jun 19
Weapons and Warfare

By the time of the American Revolution, Britain’s .75 calibre Land Pattern Musket head earned the unofficial nickname of “Brown Bess.” Even the 18th century Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue described the popular expression “to hug Brown Bess,” as slang for enlisting in the army. Thick-featured and taciturn, General Howe in the best of times […]

19 Jun 19
Current News Vista

Sally Hayden Outside a brown cement house in the eastern city of Beni in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, a government-employed psychologist is telling 19-year-old Merveille Mwenze that her husband has tested positive for Ebola. She’s seven months pregnant and nine months married, with so few possessions she doesn’t even own a chair to […]

10 Jun 17
Kahn Travel Blog

Day 1- Heading West Young Man First Stop: New Orleans, LA We began our trip today feeling like we were forgetting something at home.  We realized that we were missing McKenzie.  This summer the Kahn’s are one Kahn short as MK is spending the summer with her father and joining competitive Cheerleading. There was a […]

17 Jun 19
Horror Sleaze Trash

6 Lean Pork Chops He knew his wife was cheating on him. Knew it. Knew it knew it knew it. Knew it like he knew the time of day (2:23 PM). Knew it like he knew his name: Raymond P. Peck, “Raymond” not “Ray.” Don’t call me Ray; it is Raymond to you. Pal. Concerning […]

17 Jun 19
Cassandra Rupno

Literacy Programs for Beginners Emergent Readers– supports learning to read in a positive home environment where children are in the process of becoming literate from birth. born ready to learn about literacy continue to grow understandings through life social constructivist view- a lot in common with oral language development reading should be as natural as […]

16 Jun 19
Blog by Blog

Hullo. This post is less structured than my Black History Month recommendations post simply because finding multiple movies and TV shows that fit every major genre with good LGBT+ rep is harder than it should be. However we’re halfway through Pride Month so if you have already conquered your TBR and your Netflix list, here […]

15 Jun 19
Bob and Anne-Marie's Birding Days

We had always thought about going for a trip to the Galapagos Islands, but it was a bit of a dream until we got an email from our son. A friend of his who runs Galapagos Best (https://galapagosbest.com/) contacted him to say he had a few spots left on a tour in April in case […]

15 Jun 19
Snail In a Neoprene Shell

  Before we begin the “Jenny Takes on Paul McCartney and Ironman Madison 70.3” epic weekend, we need to address the follies of 2018 to arrive to this point. I was set to complete the Ironman Madison 70.3 in 2018. You can read that debacle race here My $300 Swim. The Ironman Madison 70.3……er, 1.25 Race […]

14 Jun 19
Following the Crow Song

One fat naughty snake, two cute quails, a snake catcher, a disheveled mother and her son, and some very curious school kids, just another day in Murray Upper. It was the day after Australia Day and first thing I heard was my youngest son calling, ‘Mum and Dad – I think there’s a snake in […]

13 Jun 19
News Archives Uk

This story appears in the July 2019 issue of National Geographic Magazine. Yuri Gagarin, Alan Shepard, John Glenn and Neil Armstrong – the first wave of spaceships – were military-trained astronauts who possessed the "right stuff" for risky missions. But early space travel was not the exclusive province of men – or even humans. Fruit […]

13 Jun 19

(Skipper’s note: Loose plans for this year had seen us heading further north towards the Lille/Cambrai area for next winter. However with two of the three canal choices we had to get up there currently closed half way through, we decided to go Route Four – and turn south – About Face . . . […]

12 Jun 19
Evolution Letters

In our new author blog, Vincent Hanlon & Professor Sally Aitken explain how high rates of somatic mutation can influence the evolution of long-lived trees. The apical meristems of plants consist of somatic cells that behave in some ways as though they were part of a segregated germline. They give rise to gametes, they divide […]

11 Jun 19

Price: Disc 1 1: Jim Lowe 2: Lipstick Powder and Paint [Grand Jotner] 3: Bo Diddley 4: You will never know [The Platters] 5: Too much monkey business [ Chuck] Berry] 6: Bluejean Bop [Gene Vincent and his Blue Hat] 7: ABC Love [Frankie Lymon and Teen] 8: She has it [Little Richard] 9: Love…

Rock N Roll Explosion / Variety (Reis) was originally published on China

11 Jun 19
Doug Hawley

You too can be a writer in a few short days with no prior experience. That is what is known as a hook – something to pull the reader in. How does one become a published author, you ask? Quick answer – Short Humour, a British online publisher, will take anything meeting the description in […]