23 Jun 19
Sacramento Country Dance Society

Please join us for a hot time in the cool mountains at this special dance held jointly with the contra dance communities in the Foothills and Reno. Some people will be staying in the area and may be hiking on Sunday. Please contact Barbara Gebhart at bgebhart2000@yahoo.com or 916-761-3021 for information about camping. Talent: Kelsey […]

20 Jun 19
The Mercury News
In the midst of a fierce legislative battle over student immunization requirements, a Bay Area News Group investigation found a who’s-who of ‘‘vaccine choice’’ doctors signed the bulk of the 180 vaccine exemptions on file at eight local school districts, with five doctors accounting for more than half. The exemption practices of three doctors in the records have already come under investigation by California authorities, and many are on lists of “vaccine-flexible” pediatricians circulated online by anti-vaccine parents. Three exemptions were signed by a doctor in New Jersey, and a fourth by one in Florida. The findings come as vaccine proponents are pushing new legislation to stop doctors from writing bogus medical exemptions as California works to increase vaccination rates at schools in the face of a recent measles outbreak. “It only takes a small number of physicians to do a lot of damage,” said Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, who is also a medical doctor. “We need to make sure the medical board is looking into whether these doctors are posing a risk to public health.” But some of the doctors signing exemptions sharply dispute Pan’s allegation, saying such aggressive scrutiny is imperiling doctors’ ability to make the right choices for their patients and terrifying the vast majority of physicians from even considering vaccine exemptions. The California Assembly Health Committee is holding hearings Thursday on legislation that Pan is sponsoring, Senate Bill 276, which would give the state significant oversight over student medical exemptions. Every one would be entered into a database, allowing public health officials to flag signs of bad behavior. The bill would also require doctors who haven’t been seeing the child for a year to either be the primary care provider or notify that doctor of the exemption. “This is why we need SB 276,” Pan said when presented with the findings of the Bay Area News Group’s analysis. “We’ll have the information to not only protect public health, but the individual kids who need medical exemptions.” State Sen. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), center, discusses his proposed measure to have public health officials approve medical exemptions for vaccination instead of leaving the power to physicians, during a news conference, Tuesday, in Sacramento. (The Associated Press) In total, this news agency sent records requests to 31 Bay Area school districts with schools that reported three or more medical exemptions last year, asking for dates and doctor names on exemptions filed since 2015, when a bill from Pan banned exemptions based on a family’s personal beliefs. This news organization did not request any identifying student information. While many school districts denied the requests, arguing privacy concerns, eight – Albany Unified, Antioch Unified, Alameda Unified, Brentwood Union, Ross Valley Charter, Livermore Valley Joint Unified, Los Gatos Union and Morgan Hill Unified – released names of doctors who had signed exemptions. Dr. Paul Kenneth Stoller of San Francisco was the only one to appear in every district’s records, signing 38 exemptions in total. His exemption-related medical records were recently subpoenaed by San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera who is investigating whether Stoller violated nuisance laws by writing unnecessary exemptions for students who don’t need them. Last month, GoFundMe took down a campaign set up to help with his legal defense because it violated a policy against promoting vaccine misinformation, according to a spokesperson for the site. Dr. Ron Kennedy of Santa Rosa signed 11 records found in the news organization’s survey, including at least five of them after the Medical Board of California opened an investigation into his exemption practices in January 2018. Last week, the San Francisco Superior Court denied his appeal to block the medical board from accessing relevant student records. Dr. Robert Sears of Orange County appeared on two exemptions, one signed after he was placed on probation by the medical board for exempting a 2-year-old without taking a medical history. SB 276 would bar doctors from writing new exemptions while under board investigation. Originally, the proposed legislation called for a state public health department review of every exemption. A number of public figures, including actress Jessica Biel, criticized the measure for government overreach. NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 15: Jessica Biel attends “The Sinner” New York Screening and conversation with Jessica Biel at 92nd Street Y on August 15, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images) Gov. Gavin Newsom, too, expressed concern about the state getting between doctors and patients. But his office said Tuesday he would support a new version of the bill limiting state review to schools with dangerously low vaccination rates and doctors who sign more than five exemptions in a year. In 180 records reviewed by this newspaper – a fraction of the more than 4,000 California students with medical exemptions – four doctors met that standard. Dorit Reiss, professor of Law at UC Hastings College of the Law, believes the amendments present a reasonable compromise between public safety and medical freedom. Alongside limits on review, changes also included new protections against inappropriate practices. Doctors, for instance, would have to examine children before signing exemptions, which the current law doesn’t require. “At the time it was passed, there was no need. They didn’t anticipate the level of abuse,” Reiss said. “The new law adds safeguards that can balance that.” Medical experts and regulatory bodies all generally agree children with compromised immune systems, allergies to vaccine components or histories of serious reactions should delay or avoid some or all vaccines. But many exemptions reviewed by this news organization gave reasons well outside that consensus, like ear infections or a family history of autism. “Most people who have asked their primary care providers for exemptions are turned down out of hand. Most docs won’t even have a conversation,” Lonna Larsh, a Santa Cruz doctor who signed eight exemptions in the survey, told this news organization in a text message. Three school districts had records of exemptions by Larsh: Los Gatos Union, Livermore Valley Joint Unified, and Morgan Hill Unified. Amber Weiss, Larsh’s physician’s assistant and a licensed homeopath, does an initial exemption consultation by phone, which costs $135. Larsh said she reviews records and meets with patients in person before signing off. A form on her site requires parents looking for exemptions to hold the practice harmless if their kids get sick. “There are only a few physicians around the state writing exemptions,” Stoller’s attorney, Rick Jaffe, said. “Most people think people are getting these vaccine exemptions simply because they’re philosophically opposed, but especially with Stoller’s patients, I haven’t seen that. The parents who have called me up, every single one of them is a vaccine-injured family.” Sabina Sonneman of Redwood City signed 14 exemptions, the third-largest number in the news organization’s survey. She has been included on several lists of vaccine-flexible doctors that have circulated online in recent years. Sonneman, Kennedy and Sears did not respond to requests for comment. Tiffany Baer, a medical adviser for the anti-vaccine organization Physicians for Informed Consent, was the second most prolific doctor in the survey, with 24 exemptions. On her website, Baer has a nine-page form for parents looking for medical exemptions. It requests extensive medical information, including any diseases or learning problems that arose soon after a child or family member received a vaccine. [cq comment=”add new here”]”I protect children,” Baer said in a phone interview Wednesday night. “I spend my life trying to help people, trying to protect my patients. I do everything by the book. This is doctor bashing — bashing the good doctors. The ones who (Senator) Pan wants to call bad apples, they’re the good doctors.”[cq comment=”end new”] [related_articles location=”left” show_article_date=”false” article_type=”automatic-primary-tag”]Baer practices at Raphael Medicine and Therapies near Sacramento. Her partner there, Mary Kelly Sutton, has long been an opponent of student vaccine requirements; her $97 webinar, “From Cornered to Confident: How to Safely Navigate California’s Vaccine Mandate Law,” is advertised on the site. A form email received after this reporter signed up for Sutton’s mailing list said the webinar taught parents “how to ask for a medical exemption for my child if I want one!” She did not respond to requests for comment. Larsh, though, said she wasn’t interested in growing her vaccine exemption patient roster. “I don’t want to be written about primarily because I don’t want a large influx of people asking me for exemptions,” she wrote in a text. “It is not really my area of interest and it is already taking up more time than I’m happy with.”
19 Jun 19

Reached aboard a small ferry that departs during the summer months from Helsinki’s down­town Market Square, Lonna is a former military island that was, until a few years ago, off limits to the public. Now, though, the 150-metre-long island’s half-dozen buildings, in red brick and traditional red and yellow wood, have been renovated. One is […]

16 Jun 19
Couple Travels to 50th State for Their 50th Anniversary WDAY (Fargo)– A couple from California hit two milestones today out in Fargo. It’s Lonna and Michael smith’s 50th wedding anniversary, but they’re also visiting their 50th state together, right here in North Dakota. They got to see the infamous wood chipper at the visitor’s center and went on a food tour this morning downtown. They joined the Best For Last Club, a club at the visitor’s center where people visit our state last on their list. We got the opportunity to sit down with the couple, who tell us what their favorite part of Fargo is. Lonna & Mike Smith share, “…See the woodchipper, that’s the highlight of it and just to be here and see what it’s like because it’s always nice to see what it’s like driving around town it seems like a pleasant city.”
12 Jun 19
Look: Evolve

Afraid to write, afraid to see my sadness splashed across the page. Afraid to play, afraid to hear my failure ringing in my ears. I save this small journal for something miraculous, fantasizing about the days that never were, a time that wasn’t real, nor true. What it was, I still wonder. What it became […]

09 Jun 19

Benton Stevens is a 7-year-old Texas boy who says he’s committed to help Pres. Donald Trump ‘build the wall.’

03 Jun 19
Erotic Story and Sex Story

There is no minimum age for strippers in the Eastern European state of Slutvia. While that seemed to be the case in most places they had been to, Stenner and Axel, accompanied by Klaug, one of the locals they had befriended, wanted to see if this country was as liberal with the sexualisation of their […]

03 Jun 19
Erotic Story and Sex Story

There is no minimum age for strippers in the Eastern European state of Slutvia. While that seemed to be the case in most places they had been to, Stenner and Axel, accompanied by Klaug, one of the locals they had befriended, wanted to see if this country was as liberal with the sexualisation of their […]

27 May 19
Boulder Daily Camera
REAL ESTATE, COMMERCIAL DEALS May 16-22, 2019 Trust deeds This list includes trust deeds (to secure repayment of A. loan) of $750,000 or more. Information includes the borrower, lender, address or legal description of the property, date the trust deed was filed and amount. 625 Marine LLC, Berkley Bk, 625 Marine St., Boulder, 05/16/2019, $860,000.00 627 Marine LLC, Berkley Bk, 627 Marine St., Boulder, 05/16/2019, $860,000.00 711 Concord Avenue LLC, Robert E. Jr. and Joann Muir, 711 Concord Ave., Boulder, 05/16/2019, $1,150,000.00 724 18th LLC, Berkley Bk, 724 18th St., Boulder, 05/16/2019, $860,000.00 Brandie E. Emerick, United Wholesale Mtg, 521 Maxwell Ave., Boulder, 05/16/2019, $865,000.00 Bryan and Clay Fuller Ziegler, Amerifirst Fin Inc., 7816 Andrews Way, Boulder, 05/14/2019, $820,000.00 Christopher John Lottes, Loandepot Com LLC, 745 Stagecoach Drive, Lafayette, 05/13/2019, $1,000,000.00 Dennis John Schuilenburg, Wells Fargo Bk, 544 Utica Court, Boulder, 05/10/2019, $1,284,000.00 Dianna L. Devore, Elevations Credit Union, 3015 Galena Way, Boulder, 05/13/2019, $1,087,500.00 Ej 700 Tech Court LLC, Goldman Sachs Bk Usa,, Ej 700 Tech Court LLC, Goldman Sachs Bk Usa,, 05/10/2019, $14,000,000.00 Ericka Ann Bishop, Wells Fargo Bk, 485 College Ave., Boulder, 05/16/2019, $1,237,500.00 Federico and Theresa Bumbaca, Wells Fargo Bk, 1077 Canyon Blvd, Unit 208, Boulder, 05/13/2019, $1,200,000.00 James F. II and Kimberly O. Kasic, Firstbank, 5421 Western Ave., Boulder, 05/16/2019, $933,750.00 James M. and Joan Fraser Yeash, JPMorgan Chase Bk, 2021 Lakespur Lane, Louisville, 05/16/2019, $1,002,927.00 Jan H. Stahl, Homeservices Lending LLC, 625 Emporia Road, Boulder, 05/13/2019, $956,750.00 Jeffrey Barnow, Jmac Lending Inc., 569 University Ave., Boulder, 05/10/2019, $1,065,000.00 Jessie P. and William W. Avery, Cherry Creek Mortgage Co. Inc., 11026 Maple Road, Lafayette, 05/15/2019, $1,089,787.50 Jessie P. and William W. Avery, Federal Housing Commissioner, 11026 Maple Road, Lafayette, 05/15/2019, $1,089,787.50 John G. and Carol Taussig, Citywide Home Loans, 832 Gapter Road, Boulder, 05/13/2019, $1,700,000.00 John Louis Jr. Rinn, Elevations Credit Union, 1165 Fairfield Drive, Boulder, 05/13/2019, $896,000.00 Kathrine Schmitt and Hamish Cs Nicol, Citywide Home Loans LLC, 1116 Woodland Court, Boulder, 05/10/2019, $974,800.00 Mark Lawrence Borden Lonna Enos Borden Joint Livin, Zions Bancorporation, 4605 Pawnee Place, Boulder, 05/13/2019, $1,000,000.00 Nkb Invest Inc., Blue Federal Credit Union, 6485 Twin Lakes Road, Boulder, 05/16/2019, $2,400,000.00 Printed Properties LLC, Zions Bancorporation, 1501 Lee Hill Road, Unit 13, Boulder, 05/15/2019, $1,343,250.00 Rebecca L. and Timothy J. Gebhardt, Cherry Creek Mortgage Co. Inc., 583 Manorwood Lane, Louisville, 05/15/2019, $848,000.00 Robert J. and Candida G. Craven, Cherry Creek Mortgage Co. Inc., 2435 Targhee Point, Lafayette, 05/16/2019, $920,000.00 Robert S. Voneschen, Citywide Bk, 225 Willow Glen Court, Boulder, 05/15/2019, $1,000,000.00 Skywalker Trust, Bk Am, 2838 Shoshone Trail, Lafayette, 05/10/2019, $1,000,000.00 Steven P. Boorstein, Nexera Holding LLC, 901 Pearl St. , No. 202, Boulder, 05/15/2019, $900,000.00 Susan Helmmurtagh, Wells Fargo Bk, 3210 15th St., Boulder, 05/15/2019, $752,000.00 Susan M. Heitler, Firstbank, 2156 Lazy Z. Road, Nederland, 05/10/2019, $1,000,000.00 Takuma Sato, Elevations Credit Union, 1035 Fifth St., Boulder, 05/10/2019, $1,776,000.00 Tbnt LLC, Inbank, 6855 W. 119th Ave., Broomfield, 05/14/2019, $1,280,000.00 Thomas Eric and Rain R. Lauth, Keybank, 2111 Norwood Ave., Boulder, 05/10/2019, $1,899,750.00 Walter W. Tsui Trust, Planet Home Lending LLC, 1405 Gillaspie Drive, Boulder, 05/15/2019, $980,000.00 Wonderland Brewing Co. LLC, Firstbank, 5450 W. 120th Ave., Broomfield, 05/16/2019, $1,500,000.00 Zachary G. and Kylie J. Crandall, Cornerstone Home Lending Inc., 3255 Heidelberg Drive, Boulder, 05/13/2019, $934,750.00 Deeds This list includes deeds (conveying title to A. property) of $350,000 or more. Information includes the seller, buyer, address or legal description of the property, date the deed was filed and amount. Adam J. and Kaitlin L. Kultgen, David J. and Janet L. Waller, 2611 Gray Wolf Loop, Broomfield, 05/16/2019, $632,000.00 Andrew J. Ure, David Clayton and Michelle Louise Bingham, 3535 Cloverleaf Drive, Boulder, 05/15/2019, $940,000.00 Barbara A. and Timothy P. Watson, Candida G. and Robert J. Craven, 2435 Targhee Point, Lafayette, 05/16/2019, $1,150,000.00 Barbara Jean Shanahan, Darren and Jeannine Klinefelter, 4535 51st St., Boulder, 05/15/2019, $960,000.00 Bc Brennan LLC, William Bradley Derthick, 613 Brennan Circle, Erie, 05/13/2019, $499,600.00 Belinda S. Housewright, Jan Palle David and Caitlin Marie Mohr, 1155 Neptune Drive, Lafayette, 05/10/2019, $530,000.00 Betsy S. Miller, Lewis Valentine, 764 Nighthawk Circle, Louisville, 05/15/2019, $653,000.00 Beverly J. Tull, Thomas Martin and Ann Margaret Boyle, 7318 Island Circle, Boulder, 05/14/2019, $1,075,000.00 Binesh and Nadia Prasad, Nkb Invest Inc., 6485 Twin Lakes Road, Boulder, 05/16/2019, $4,030,000.00 Blue Federal Credit Union, Tbnt LLC, 6855 W. 119th Ave., Broomfield, 05/14/2019, $1,600,000.00 Braeden Rippeth, Laurel J. and Terence M. Barr, 724 Lincoln Ave., Louisville, 05/13/2019, $750,000.00 Brenda Bailey and R. Brereton Gibson, Aaron Romigh, 2867 Loma Place, Boulder, 05/14/2019, $697,400.00 Brian and Natalie Rooney, Alireza Mirdamadi, 819 Topaz St., Superior, 05/10/2019, $748,000.00 Bruce F. Lindeke, James F. II and Kimberly O. Kasic, 5421 Western Ave., Boulder, 05/16/2019, $1,245,000.00 Caren Claman Trust, Jack J. and Mehri Russo, 335 27th St., Boulder, 05/14/2019, $543,900.00 Carl M. Jr. Cox, David McDonald, 5367 Pine Valley Court, Boulder, 05/16/2019, $857,500.00 Carolyn S. Powell, Eyal and Yael Niv, 1575 Zamia Ave., Apt. 5, Boulder, 05/14/2019, $612,500.00 Cathy A. and Michael J. Bruzdzinski, Amy Dodenhoff, 1637 Garnet St., Broomfield, 05/14/2019, $482,500.00 Chris McGrath, Shawn Cupolo, 601 E. Geneseo St., Lafayette, 05/16/2019, $535,000.00 Cityview Peloton 390 LP, Aac Living Trust, 3401 Arapahoe Ave., Unit 320, Boulder, 05/13/2019, $653,900.00 Clinton James and Paige Lynn Dungan, Nathan W. and Angela R. Bishop, 631 W. 170th Place, Broomfield, 05/16/2019, $487,500.00 Cynthia S. Knight, Laurie Anne and Todd Eduardo Amodeo, 745 Silverberry Court, Lafayette, 05/13/2019, $495,000.00 David G. and Tina M. Kristoff, Ian Macleod Hilary Macleod Family Revocable Trust, 3301 W. 151st Court, Broomfield, 05/15/2019, $799,000.00 David J. and Janet L. Waller, Xian Lu, 13647 Parkview Place, Broomfield, 05/15/2019, $505,000.00 Donald F. and Amanda J. Archibald, Conor Dennis Moran, 181 Chapman Road, Boulder, 05/16/2019, $839,000.00 Douglas S. Brown, Michael and Joanna Cezniak Rosenblatt, 4694 S. Hampton Circle, Boulder, 05/14/2019, $942,000.00 Elevated Equity LLC, Buyout Co. Lllp, 364 Gorham Court, Louisville, 05/16/2019, $399,500.00 Elsi J. Dodge, Montgomery F. Moran, 780 Crescent Drive, Boulder, 05/16/2019, $715,000.00 Eric W. Pitcalrn, Samuel N. and Jose Richard Ramirez, 4288 26th St., Boulder, 05/15/2019, $722,300.00 Eric Zale, Brendan Burke, 3968 Fuller Court, Boulder, 05/10/2019, $790,000.00 Forrest Donner Collins, Regina Crawford Windsor, 1453 North St., Boulder, 05/15/2019, $960,000.00 Golden, Bldg. Services LLC, Bradley C. Yuska, 165 W. Midway Blvd, Broomfield, 05/15/2019, $466,000.00 Harley Gail Lyons Revocable Trust, Sunset Invest LLC, Sunset Invest LLC, Mult Prop, 05/15/2019, $750,000.00 Hdp Superior LLC, Thb Superior Mf LLC,, Hdp Superior LLC, Thb Superior Mf LLC,, 05/15/2019, $357,600.00 Heuer Family Trust, Azure L. Hansen, 1458 Fillmore Place, Louisville, 05/13/2019, $565,000.00 Jacqueline L. Colby, Dianna L. Devore, 3015 Galena Way, Boulder, 05/13/2019, $1,450,000.00 Jennifer A. and John M. Dennis, Yock Family Trust, 830 Meadowlark Lane, Louisville, 05/14/2019, $740,000.00 Jennifer Ellwood, Paul and Hilary Stavrakas, 3255 W. 135th Ave., Broomfield, 05/16/2019, $375,000.00 Jennifer Lynn and Lucas John Bostyan, Thomas G. Arcuri, 3423 Vestal Loop, Broomfield, 05/16/2019, $585,000.00 Jill C. Lester, Thomas Eric and Rain Lauth, 2111 Norwood Ave., Boulder, 05/10/2019, $2,235,000.00 Joe Jr. Gonday, Gretchen Tweed, 13044 King Circle, Broomfield, 05/14/2019, $365,000.00 Joel and Patricia Leising, Valerie M. Bruech Revocable Living Trust, 4651 Chestnut Lane , No. 2, Boulder, 05/14/2019, $529,900.00 John J. Jr. Ohayre, David A. Livesay, 1051 W. 15th Ave., Broomfield, 05/16/2019, $605,000.00 John and Sheila M. Marko, Lauren E. and Erik P. Mikulak, 12555 Vrain St., Broomfield, 05/16/2019, $590,000.00 John T. Reichert, Stephan M. and Tangi A. Lancaster, 3260 Cummings Drive, Erie, 05/16/2019, $458,000.00 Joseph S. Buono, Charles M. and Katelynn Z. Cahoon, 777 Beauprez Ave., Lafayette, 05/13/2019, $585,000.00 Jpb Holdings LLC, Lennar Colo. LLC,, Jpb Holdings LLC, Lennar Colo. LLC,, 05/10/2019, $6,650,000.00 Judith S. Wolfe, Corey Barnes, 1288 Doric Drive, Lafayette, 05/10/2019, $465,000.00 Julie A. Nelson, Jennifer Wyler, 902 Vetch Circle, Lafayette, 05/15/2019, $435,000.00 Justin and Lauren Havlick, Ericka Ann Bishop, 485 College Ave., Boulder, 05/16/2019, $1,650,000.00 Kathryn A. Kessler, Mary E. McClanahan Living Trust, 5476 White Place, Boulder, 05/15/2019, $579,000.00 Kelvin Properties LLC, Lindsay Adams, 100 Daphne Way, Broomfield, 05/15/2019, $460,000.00 Kylie J. and Zach G. Crandall, Todd and Katie Emaus, 325 S. 38th St., Boulder, 05/16/2019, $767,000.00 Larry Dressler, Susan Helmmurtagh, 3210 15th St., Boulder, 05/15/2019, $940,000.00 Lela Jo and Paul D. Marvin, Elevated Equity LLC, 364 Gorham Court, Louisville, 05/16/2019, $380,000.00 Lennar Colo. LLC, Jennifer Anne and Rebecca Jean Bosley, 1051 Sandstone Circle, Erie, 05/13/2019, $638,400.00 Lennar Colo. LLC, Christopher Jon McGrath, 944 Sandstone Circle, Erie, 05/15/2019, $642,000.00 Lucas and Angela Laidlaw, Kevin and Elizabeth Schuetz, 703 McClure Court, Erie, 05/13/2019, $495,000.00 Lynda and Ronald Levitz, Skywalker Trust, 2838 Shoshone Trail, Lafayette, 05/10/2019, $1,250,000.00 Margaret S. Blalock, Jason Neil Repphun, 4121 W. 134th Place, Broomfield, 05/15/2019, $565,000.00 Markel Homes Constr Co., Stephen and Molly Eileen Goldfarb Gossin, 1396 Snowberry Lane, Louisville, 05/16/2019, $725,000.00 Mark and Kim Rackley, John and Kelly Raley, 3460 Colorado Ave., Apt. B7, Boulder, 05/13/2019, $410,000.00 Mark Patterson, Christopher R. Widdick, 12672 James Circle, Broomfield, 05/17/2019, $450,000.00 Mary E. McClanahan Living Trust, Juliana Faus Silva Dias, 109 Huron Court, Boulder, 05/14/2019, $760,000.00 Masoud S. Shirazi, Robert S. Woodruff, 3820 Colorado Ave., Apt. M, Boulder, 05/10/2019, $735,300.00 Matthew L. and Angela B. Groeninger, Donald L. Johnson, 1179 Cooke Court, Erie, 05/14/2019, $471,500.00 Matthew L. Quist, Meredith Daviou, 700 Toedtli Drive, Boulder, 05/14/2019, $760,000.00 M. Elizabeth Harris, Luke G. and Natalie P. Johnson, 127 Huron Court, Boulder, 05/15/2019, $785,000.00 Meritage Homes Colo. Inc., Carrie Lynn Halbasch, 1148 Telleen Ave., Erie, 05/16/2019, $356,700.00 Meritage Homes Colo. Inc., Christopher John Lottes, 745 Stagecoach Drive, Lafayette, 05/13/2019, $1,126,900.00 Meritage Homes Colo. Inc., Arun Kumar, 17068 Osage St., Broomfield, 05/17/2019, $520,000.00 Meritage Homes Colo. Inc., Ron and Lynda Levitz, 626 Trails at Coal Creek Drive, Lafayette, 05/10/2019, $845,000.00 Meritage Homes Colo. Inc., Ryno and Charlotte J. Loots, 147 Northrup Drive, Erie, 05/13/2019, $552,200.00 Michael L. and Mary N. Herrig, Thomas and Pamela A. Midanier, 14137 Reserve Place, Broomfield, 05/17/2019, $799,000.00 Milford E. and Sally S. Thieszen, Molly and Matthew Weitzel, 501 Manhattan Drive, Apt. 202, Boulder, 05/14/2019, $475,000.00 Mount Eagle LLC, Anju and Joshan Kumar Shrestha, 500 S. Public Road, Lafayette, 05/16/2019, $630,000.00 Noah Czech, Kyle R. Duffy, 4944 Dakota Blvd, Boulder, 05/10/2019, $925,000.00 Paul D. and Clara L. Schlegel, Zachary G. and Kylie J. Crandall, 3255 Heidelberg Drive, Boulder, 05/13/2019, $1,211,200.00 Paul D. and June L. Beckingham, Luyao Wu, 939 Cinnamon Lane, Louisville, 05/16/2019, $676,000.00 Richmond Am Homes Colo. Inc., Serena M. and Wayne E. Lucas, 16266 Ute Peak Way, Broomfield, 05/14/2019, $864,200.00 Robert Douglas and Michelle A. Reagan, Allison Miller, 1329 Oakley Lane, Erie, 05/10/2019, $525,000.00 Ronald M. Braun, Jose Jr. Contreras, 3190 S. Princess Circle, Broomfield, 05/17/2019, $360,000.00 Rudi D. Baumann, Gregory Pappas, 4490 Darley Ave., Boulder, 05/13/2019, $731,500.00 Sadaf and Tanveer Asghar, Jonathan David and Kelley Alyce Stuhlemmer, 13453 Echo Drive, Broomfield, 05/17/2019, $510,000.00 Scott E. Zrebiec, Raeanne and Raymond and Rosemary Nye, 945 Waite Drive, Boulder, 05/10/2019, $615,000.00 Sealcraft Books LLC, T. P. Holdings, 1501 Lee Hill Road, Unit 4, Boulder, 05/15/2019, $510,000.00 Sensor Technology Devl Fund LLC, Federico and Theresa Bumbaca, 1077 Canyon Blvd, Unit 208, Boulder, 05/13/2019, $1,600,000.00 Shirley Holt, Renee Goodrich, 1965 Piper St., Superior, 05/10/2019, $357,000.00 Standard Pacific Colo. Inc., Kirstin Anne and Matthew James Dugger, 1805 Burke Drive, Erie, 05/14/2019, $595,000.00 Standard Pacific Colo. Inc., Gregory Mattos and Briana Tomboulian Brown, 790 Grenville Circle, Erie, 05/16/2019, $631,800.00 Standard Pacific Colo. Inc., Jason Robert and Jennifer Ann Shidler, 16118 Humboldt Peak Drive, Broomfield, 05/14/2019, $819,900.00 Stephen J. Derzay, Howard Karawan, 1420 Judson Drive, Boulder, 05/14/2019, $729,000.00 Steve and Sara Slattery, Kelly Cavill, 3120 19th St., Boulder, 05/15/2019, $685,000.00 Susan G. and Fred Raymond Jr. Ellis, 627 Marine LLC, 627 Marine St., Boulder, 05/16/2019, $1,150,000.00 Tara E. and Leonard J. Mason, Emily Gleason, 313 S. Bermont Ave., Lafayette, 05/10/2019, $640,000.00 Taylor Morrison Colo. Inc., Paul S. Berteau Living Trust, 10786 Bear Cub Drive, Broomfield, 05/16/2019, $468,900.00 Ted B. and Pamela A. Osborn, Paul Katz, 4698 Tally Ho Court, Boulder, 05/16/2019, $725,000.00 Thomas Ketterhagen, Lisa Leslie Henderson 2017 Revocable Trust, 678 Poplar Ave., Boulder, 05/15/2019, $862,500.00 Toll Co. LP, Peng and Boua Inkhamfong, 1301 Lyons Lane, Erie, 05/16/2019, $695,600.00 Travis and Alyssa Rhoden, Ryan M. Kinney, 4858 10th St., Boulder, 05/16/2019, $925,000.00 Tricia J. Grable, Dennis John Schuilenburg, 544 Utica Court, Boulder, 05/10/2019, $1,605,000.00 Tyler Krieger, Morgan Michelle Holtry, 2547 W. 132nd Way, Broomfield, 05/16/2019, $378,000.00 Tyson H. and Julie Powell, Zoe Grace Treeson Revocable Trust, 875 Utica Ave., Boulder, 05/16/2019, $1,360,000.00 United Colo. LLC, Andrew Joseph III and Linda Alexandra Gaudette, 5175 Illini Way, Boulder, 05/14/2019, $595,000.00 Valerie A. Behrens Trust, 711 Concord Avenue LLC, 711 Concord Ave., Boulder, 05/16/2019, $1,050,000.00 V Frank and Kellie A. Mendicino, Timothy J. and Rebecca L. Gebhardt, 583 Manorwood Lane, Louisville, 05/15/2019, $1,150,000.00 Warren and Rosanne Sharratt, Marliese K. and James R. Baltimore, 16475 Grays Way, Broomfield, 05/17/2019, $930,000.00 Wayne K. and Tammy S. Anderson, Tricia J. Grable, 2040 Co. Hwy 42, Louisville, 05/10/2019, $525,000.00 Wayne K. and Tammy S. Anderson, Tricia J. Grable, 2020 Co. Hwy 42, Louisville, 05/10/2019, $925,000.00 Williamson Family 2011 Trust, Daniel and Leslie Obrien, 14015 Blue River Trail, Broomfield, 05/17/2019, $500,000.00 Zachary D. and Elizabeth Mary Ann Robison, Robyn T. Brown, 105 E. Emma St., Lafayette, 05/16/2019, $400,000.00
17 May 19
Ottumwa Post

Diana Boughner age 56 of Fairfield, passed away Tuesday, May 14, 2019, at Parkview Care Center.   Visitation for family & friends will be 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Friday, May 24, 2019, at Four Square Church.  Celebration of Life Service will follow at 3:00 p.m. with Pastor Matt Crowl officiating.   Burial of cremains will […]