22 Apr 19
Lonna Lisa Williams

I hope you are enjoying my new Selah book.  Read Chapter One here. FOUR Low Tech After months of Blackout, the Company finally let Diego call Selah.  Hoping that she would hear from him, Selah got used to carrying her Tech device everywhere with her.  When the call came she was driving back from a […]

19 Apr 19
Lonna Lisa Williams

Passover and Resurrection Sunday (which some people call “Easter”) have a lot in common.  They usually fall on the same spring weekend and are celebrated all over the world.  Passover retells the story of thousands of years ago (this is year 5779 in the Jewish calendar) when God sent Moses to set the Jewish people […]

17 Apr 19
From Devin's Mind

Photo Credit: Kpopmap LOONA is a 12 member Korean girl group who had one of the biggest debuts of 2018, as well as probably the most interesting and meticulous pre-debut eras in k-pop history. In 2016, LOONA launched their “Girl of the Month” pre-debut project where each month a new member was revealed and each […]

16 Apr 19
Look: Evolve

He looks and then she looks. I avert his gaze, but I lock hers because I want to say, I’m sorry/I didn’t mean to/I wish I could stop it/I understand it hurts/I didn’t provoke him and whatever other plea of forgiveness my eyes can shoot at her before she looks away feeling a little more […]

12 Apr 19
Lonna Lisa Williams

My daughter Jessica is Selah One Here is Chapter Three as I promised.  I hope you enjoy it.  You can read Chapter Two here and Chapter One here. Three Blackout For a week Selah drifted like a lost soul.  She suddenly had no job to go to, no schedule, nothing to look forward to. She could […]

10 Apr 19
Lonna Lisa Williams

As I promised, I have Chapter Two for you.  Read Chapter One here. TWO Love Is Illegal? Selah and her student De Leon exchanged forbidden papers for six weeks. Sometimes they drew colored hearts and flowers on them.  Sometimes they wrote verses from the Maker’s Scroll, with a pen on paper, as people used to do—before they […]