Love Island

21 Apr 19
Saved By Design

40 of 40 60 years ago, I bet I felt it. At 3.5 years old, I probably knew something was up. I opened my eyes. And BANG: The Basket. In my bed. With me. With colored eggs in it. A huge chocolate rabbit. More, the basket was FILLED with things I could eat. Now. That […]

21 Apr 19

To begin this final blog post, I must say this is probably my favorite. My first degree years ago had been that in Japanese and Foreign languages, so my interests have always strongly leaned to world art. I would like to take focus on the art that took place after WW2. As it is well […]

21 Apr 19
YouTuber Case Study

So… how to start this case study? Well, I’ll start by telling that no matter how I put it, this is my favorite YouTube channel. Scott just perfectly combines humor and knowledge into an enjoyable pack. You know what? Let’s just start with history: Our story starts in 11.7.2012, when a young man named Scott […]