06 Feb 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

The Lovepedal Super Lead MKII is a great British overdrive pedal covering a tone that spans what most players love about the old Marshall amps. This piece is in fantastic condition without any chassis markings and it’s ready to join the rest of your board. Comes in the original box. DD

06 Feb 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

Want a cranked ’50s Fender tweed in a pedal?? The Lovepedal Deluxe 5E3 does it, and does it well. The Deluxe is super smooth so it’s easy to dial in and make work with any rig. This particular piece is in fantastic condition and comes in the original box. DD

06 Feb 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

The Lovepedal MKIII Fuzz is the old school tonebender in a new school market. It’s silicon based, and germanium voiced so it allows for subtle fuzz’s to a monstrous growl. This piece is in great condition with no scratches or markings and comes in the original box. DD

06 Feb 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

The Lovepedal Les Lius mini 5E3 is a smaller version of their bigger Les Lius pedal that emulates some of the best tweed amp tones to date. The big Les Lius has a toggle switch that goes from different emulations, but the mini is specifically the 5E3 circuit, which is basically your cranked Fender Deluxe sound. […]

23 Jan 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

This custom Lovepedal Fuzz 50 is a recreation of the classic fuzz pedals. It is easy to use, and still delivers that sweet classic fuzz tone. It has a single volume knob, which allows you to change the tone of the fuzz using the guitars volume and tone knobs. This is definitely a fuzz pedal […]

05 Jan 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

This pedal emulates overdriven tube amp tone. Very well. From light saturation to full on grind, this pedal has it in spades. It features a boost as well that will thicken the overdrive even more. It is very Marshall-esque. Lovepedal makes pedals that “feel good” and work well with many amps.

26 Dec 18
Cigars & Guitars

Testdrive of my new (rearranged) pedalboard.

21 Dec 18
Pete's Corner

Ask a guitarist which pedals are most vital to have on a pedal board and you’re liable to a vast array of answers. While, I may be prone to fall into this, I do believe there are some essentials when it comes to guitar pedals. I don’t necessarily want to promote a particular brand, per […]

05 Dec 18

If you’re looking to tap into the very soul of rock music, consider improving your rig with a selection from our list of the top ten best overdrive pedals.

04 Dec 18

Why watch this one:
1. Less than 6 minutes
2. Simple “How To” Lesson
3. Andy riffs a little Floyd

27 May 18

About The Lovepedal website describes the HSR-3 as follows: “[The HSR-3 is a] reverb device that implements 3 different machines to cover all of your needs. [It] is easy to use and understand compared to a handful of reverb units on the market and it just sounds BETTER!!!”

24 Feb 18

SOLD Hermida Audio Zendrive by Lovepedal The Zendrive has been on many pedalboards for many years. Sounds great! Basically it is a Dumble style overdrive. From Hermida: The standard in dynamic, touch-sensitive overdrive pedals. Cut through the mix with the incomparable Zendrive. Inspired by a legendary guitarist, the Zendrive delivers blues, country, jazz and fusion […]