19 Jun 19

HASIL PERTANDINGAN SEPAKBOLA 19 – 20 JUNI 2019   Copa America – Group A FT Brazil 0 – 0 Venezuela World Cup Women – Group D FT Japan 0 – 2 England FT Scotland 3 – 3 Argentina CONCACAF – Gold Cup:: group D FT USA 4 – 0 Guyana International – Friendlies FT Zambia […]

19 Jun 19
Hanna's Life in a blog

recently i have loved going out for luch/dinner . But we all have that decision about where to go and let me tell you i do struggle with that . So these recently that im going to be blogging about am my faves they might be basic but there my favessss and the menus and […]

13 Jun 19

One of my travel goals is to visit Jomalig (pronouced as Humalig) Island. But for these past years,  I was intimated with the fact that this would take a  6-hour boat ride. I don’t know if I can. But this year I finally gave in when WeekendExplorersPH invited me as a joiner on a tour group […]

12 Jun 19
tanja britton

Technically, we live just outside the limits of Colorado Springs, but the city has been stretching its tentacles into the surrounding countryside, so that vast portions of formerly natural foothills or prairie have been transformed into commercial or residential lots. While it is sad to see wild or semi-wild places disappear, it is even sadder […]

10 Jun 19
Raheel Noorani

SHOT LIST SHOT TYPE DESCRIPTION S.No SCENE 1:   1 Wide Angle Establishing shot of the street, people walking by 2 Close Up Peoples luch boxes and their bags 4 Medium Shot The GUY walking towards the corner of street 5 Medium Shot Sitting down 6 Close Up Taking out his stuff 7 Over The […]