11 Dec 18
FREE TIPS About Laos

Events for Lao New Year 2561  (LUANG PRABANG PROGRAM YEAR OF 2018 FROM 12 – 20 APRIL) + Web. 11st – Thu. 12nd April 2018 – 19:30; Beauty contest for Nang Sangkham (Miss Lao New Year). Location: Thad Luang Ground, view location from Laos Group Tour on google map + Fri. 13rd April 2018 – 09:00; Elephant […]

09 Dec 18
The Red Box

LOOK AT YOU! Relaxed, friendly interested eye-contact (and beautiful paws)…Did you notice that many people are not used to connect with each other by eye-contact nowadays?

08 Dec 18

On the ban on visiting shopping malls because of measles: the Ministry of Health has appealed to residents of the Samara region On the evening of December 8th, the Ministry of Regional Health issued a message in which it is calm and explains the necessary actions for citizens who are not vaccinated against measles. In […]

07 Dec 18

Day 2 Since I was not satisfied with the visuals of the mehendi aunties in CP, I was really confused as t what else could be done. Hence decided to leave early in the morning for chandni chowk. I had heard of the spice market earlier, hence decided first to do a story on the […]

07 Dec 18
La Lilo

Nach einer teils heftigen Diskussion in einer Facebook Gruppe – es geht dort um Rauhaardackel, die Königsklasse also – habe ich mir das Thema ‘Herdenschutz’ mal etwas genauer angeschaut…

06 Dec 18

Pendelbusse nutzen und geänderte Verkehrsführung beachten. Gäste aus der Südpfalz werden gebeten Ihre Anreise über Neustadt/Weinstraße zu planen. Erstmals Christbäume aus dem Johanniskreuzer Weihnachtswald zum selber ernten erhältlich.

06 Dec 18
Mrs. Johnston's First Grade Classroom

we had a flip flop luch .we wet awt frst.reid

05 Dec 18
bc travel blogger

Holidays in Brazil from 28th of October to 6th of November ” The view from my window at the Suite Praia “ Little introduction regarding my period in Fortaleza: I went there with an AIESEC volunteering project of 6 weeks, I volunteering there doing a social marketing project for the Prossica NGO, I was working […]

05 Dec 18
Life on a pink recumbent trike on the road in nz

Taupo ride report 2018 ( part 1) Rain…rain…and yep More rain… That was the weather forecast for taupo ride this year…. And rain it did… But then again it’s only water… Where to start? Around 6 months or so ago as I was laying in bed at a friend’s place… Well it was more like […]

04 Dec 18


element 1: comments element 2: snippets Hide and seek has been around for a long time, and it never gets old, no matter how old you are. However, there are certain techniques that you can use to be the ultimate hide and seek master. Each of these is explained below, and you can choose to […]

04 Dec 18
Love Travel, Hate Peas

I can’t tell you how excited I was to visit Vic Falls again, especially getting to see it through the eyes of my partner who has always wanted to travel there.  We were both so keen to start off our day of activities, that we were up super early and bouncing around the room.  At […]

04 Dec 18
Aim Foreign Jobs

SP Automobile Stereo, Air conditioning,Circuit Technicien Employer :Automobile shop Working hour :Mon-Sat 9-7pm Salary:1600 Accommodation: Provide Food: Luch provided Rest day :4 Gender :Male Age: 35 years and below Note: *the apllicate musthave 3 years and above. * Able to Install the Car Stereo system, know how to repaire air condition and Circuit. *must able […]

03 Dec 18

Krist's Ramble Shack

heelbobbyfish: luchagoth: toosweetme: toosweetme: which bob tho??? roode? lashley??? FISH???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME didn’t u know bobbies are illegal LUCH I’M DEAD