11 Mar 19

I had a chance to catch up and interview my good friend Roland “Beatzilla X” Gutierrez of the group Mexicana! A lot of people think this group just came together. They don’t know the history that you all bring individually. Could you just briefly introduce yourselves and tell us how this ensemble of talent came […]

01 Mar 19

Reading the Fantastic Four comics from the start. We’ve reached issue #406, and I’m afraid we have to talk about Hyperstorm. We begin in the lab at Four Freedoms Plaza, where Kristoff is experimenting with the tech recovered from Zarrko the Tomorrow Man, which may or may not lead them to Reed and Dr. Doom, […]

26 Feb 19
Comics Pit

HORROR COMICS #1 MAIN CVR MAR191459 Bradley Golden (A) Andrey Lunatik, Mickey Clausen In a small town near Miami, Florida, Thomas Wright, the local ice cream man serves up sweet, delicious new ice cream flavors he makes himself….from the flesh of his murder victims! Timmy LaLa Ice Cream delivers the taste of terror with some […]

21 Feb 19
NADANADA HetheMoon ShetheSun

We were created after Galvano yelled at The Moon before 2015. The moon, inorganic entity of light is here to teach us the lunatik side of the subconscious mind. A sound projection that you can witness from Galvano’s guitar solo.

02 Jan 19
Tope Suicida

Like a week ago I tweeted a list but it was pretty incomplete and this year was pretty good so have a top 100. The order is just orientative but I’m pretty confidente about the top 30 or so matches. 100. Negro Casas vs Sam Adonis – CMLL 01/01 99. Hechicero vs Guerrero Maya Jr. […]

18 Dec 18
Morgan America's "meh" Blog

Another easy, but kinda crappy, look for you all. (Featuring my Pajamas) Face: same foundation as usual. Then Laura Geller’s Moroccan Bronze bronzer on my cheek bones, nose, and forehead. Eyes: Lunatik Cosmetic Lab’s Supernatural palette, I used the shades Invocation on my lid and Myth on my inner corners. Completed with mascara and brows. […]

07 Dec 18
Rebel of All Trades

This month I had the honor to review one-shot horror comic Cold Blooded, written and edited by Bradley Golden, penciled by Andrey Lunatik, inked and colored by Mickey Clausen, lettered by Hector Negrete, cover by Helmut Rancho, and variant cover by Oscar Pinto.  Though not a comic for everyone, the art and tone offer a […]

01 Dec 18

Low Tape – Red Lights in ma Eyes 0.00 Makaton – Before My Eyes 3.43 Donald’s House – Marimbanana Loaf 7.50 Hans Bouffmyhre – Crossbow 10.10 Linear Straight – Random Orientations 13.50 Cardopusher – Regress to Nowhere 17.30 Klauss & Craig – Repeat After Me (Traumer – Reduced Mind) 21.00 Lixo – Wein 24.28 Lunatik […]

26 Nov 18
Lunatik Creations

I use two types of rezzers the Multi-scene Packager  and the EZ-Pack rezzer which is explained here:   ————————— Highlights of this rezzer: —————————- – Fast rezzer! One click to rez/derez objects or individual items. – Able to relocate individual rezzed item in any way you like, the rezzer will remember their latest position even after […]

25 Nov 18
Lunatik Creations

  Build as model for shops and also for RP sims to look more alive. To let them play animations right click her lower face and choose touch a menu will open. To change her animations simply open her content and drop animations inside (pls use short names without #) then open the Notecard data […]

24 Nov 18
Stoney Writer's Club

Another entertaining track dropped by me…check me out