11 Dec 18
Story of a Mother's Ruin

Jet lag and baby sleep darn you!!!! Another sweaty cramped night spent between my two spawn. Since the start of all the disquiet, Tuppence has stopped sleeping by herself and since we have been on the move, mindful of neighbours and Poppet, we’ve just been humouring her demands. All day spent on my back. And […]

07 Dec 18
Sustainability Issues and Trends in Business & Management

Businesses in New Zealand are big donors to many social initiatives in their community as well as on the national level. Since 1982, The Warehouse Group has facilitated donations of more than $63m to charities and community groups across the country, including $5.3 million in 2017. (The Warehouse Group, 2018, p. 52). The group is […]

07 Dec 18
Sustainability Issues and Trends in Business & Management

The retail sector is one the critical business sector of the New Zealand economy as it serves the entire population and is related to grocery, clothing and other necessities people need frequently. According to Retail NZ (2018), the retail spending has grown steadily since the Global Financial Crisis in 2009, raising around five per cent […]

04 Dec 18

Unlike the American’s who search out storms, we are now officially storm – or perhaps just bad weather – ‘avoiders’…. if at all possible. For the first time in ages the rain was so heavy we opted to take an extra rest day and lay off on the exercise – it was proper nasty out […]

29 Nov 18
A Few Thousand Kilometers

Over the past year I have read countless gear lists and reviews, and spent a solid amount of time procrastinating other work by researching gear. I have decided to upgrade a lot of my gear in preparation for this tramp – mostly because what I had already was heavy as heck! It’s also extremely exciting […]

28 Nov 18
Te Araroa / Te Waipounamu

This is the gear list for my ‘base weight’ (weight minus food, water and fuel) of 8141g. It’s actually slightly more than that because I forgot to weigh the maps! Everything else marked ‘N/A’ will be worn, and therefore not counted. So far, my biggest packing regrets are my MerinoLoft Puffer Jacket (heavy, not that […]

26 Nov 18
Diaries from the Hill

Good Evening All Just about packed believe it or believe it not. And a teeny tiny suitcase to boot. Maybe a slightly bigger one for it to go into but very proud of my efforts and having not overpacked. Maybe because I am just with 2 of the kids and they won’t care one jot […]

20 Nov 18
RSS News

Red tape and a confusing website cut off health insurance for thousands of working people Nannette Ruelle is watching three numbers tick downward as the year comes to a close. The first is the number of doses left in her Advair inhaler, which she normally uses three times a day to control her asthma. As […]

19 Nov 18
Archy news nety

A California union that provided major funding for successful ballot campaigns to expand Medicaid in 3 red states this year, is looking ahead to 2020; smoke from the wildfire in Northern California has created dangerous air quality that exceeds pollution levels in China and India; the World Health Organization evacuated 16 people working to contain […]

19 Nov 18
Diaries from the Hill

Good Evening All Early blog because it will be an early night for me. In fact if I didn’t have to wait for what is in the oven I’d be there already. It was a bad night last night. No,sleep in the Sunday part and not nearly enough in the Monday bit. I know my […]