19 Oct 18
Basic Millennial Bitch

This week, I’m continuing my organizing tips and tricks posts. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve talked about the basics of organizing and some fundamental reasons why one should get organized. Today I want to talk about organizational tools. I’m a firm believer that if everything has a space in your home, then it […]

02 Jul 18

Package Quantity:1 These fantastic interlocking madesmart draw organisers are the ideal storage solution to help keep your drawers neat, tidy and organised.Coming in a set of 8 with various sizes, these tubs are suitable for any number of drawers. Just interlock them in to one of the various combinations to suit your particular needs and […]

02 Jul 18

Keep your cutlery neat and orderly with this expanding drawer organiser and cutlery tray from madesmart, designed to fit different sized drawers.Expanding to fit inside your silverware drawer, this cutlery tray easily slides out and clips in place to ensure it remains firmly in place. Expanding from 4 to 5 compartments, it gives you plenty […]

07 May 18
Random Amazon best sellers

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29 Mar 18
Head in to your local Sam’s Club where you may find some hot end of season clearance deals. Note that clearance prices and selection can vary from club to club. Keep your eyes peeled for these deals… [h2s_coupon id=”coupon-fb26″]Poppin Fresh Start Desk Set Only $5.71 (regularly $19.98) [/h2s_coupon] [h2s_coupon id=”coupon-0a1d”]Poppin All Set Desk Collection Only $9.71 (regularly $29.98) [/h2s_coupon] [h2s_coupon id=”coupon-c46f”]Poppin Pouch Set Only $9.71 (regularly $19.98) [/h2s_coupon] [h2s_coupon id=”coupon-0943″]Rubbermaid Balance 2 Pack Only $9.81 (regularly $24.98) [/h2s_coupon] [h2s_coupon id=”coupon-d02e”]MadeSmart 6 Piece Fridge Organization Bins Only $9.91 (regularly $19.98) [/h2s_coupon] [h2s_coupon id=”coupon-713f”]Elmer’s Glitter Glue 50 Tubes Only $14.91 (regularly $19.99) [/h2s_coupon] [h2s_coupon id=”coupon-175c”]4 Pack Crayola Crayons 90 Count Only $14.98 (regularly $19.98) [/h2s_coupon] Check out these cute gumball coin banks too!
29 Mar 18

Save big on Elmers, Crayola, Rubbermaid and more with these clearance finds at Sam’s Club!

03 Feb 18
I Heart Bins

Create an organized and functional pantry where you’ll want to leave the door hanging wide open.

24 Jan 18
Techstevehd Gadget Store

All-in-one solution for your messy drawer
Four compartments to help you organize
Rounded corners for easy cleaning

11 Jan 18
Your kitchen is a place where food is being prepared and served, as well as a main space for entertaining. Maintaining organization of your kitchen is essential so you know exactly where kitchen accessories and ingredients are located. Plus, when your kitchen is organized it makes cooking and dining fun and relaxing. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part of getting organized. So today we are sharing some tips and accessories to get your kitchen in tip-top shape for 2018. Starting with the refrigerator, the Linus Fridge Starter Kit has everything you need to keep all of your items in plain sight and organized. This set includes eleven containers: two clear square containers, one narrow container, one egg container, a deep fridge binz and two wine holders. It’s $145 and will transform your refrigerator to an organized masterpiece. I also love the Freezer Storage Baskets to keep your cold items organized and visible. These baskets can also be used in a pantry or underneath a sink to keep small items stored. These baskets are available in two different sizes and are priced starting at $6. Lastly, the Erasable Food Storage Labels make identifying your frozen and refrigerated foods, convenient and organized. Plus, you can place dates on each item knowing when something goes rotten. Better yet, these labels are able to go from the freezer or refrigerator, to microwave, to dishwasher without being removed. These labels are $10 for a package of 70 labels and a marker. For your cabinets, the Pull Out Shelf makes the contents of your kitchen easily accessible. This shelf rolls smoothly and evenly, even when fully loaded and is available in four different sizes to fit in a variety of different cabinets. These shelves start at $45. One of the hardest areas of your kitchen to organize can be your drawers. The madesmart Kitchen Utensil Tray Kit features six containers to place your utensils. Another great option is the OXO Good Grips Expandable Drawer Organizer. The most important part, food storage, can make cooking so much easier and faster when you know where your ingredients are. The OXO Good Grips 10-piece POP Container Set is ideal for preserving the freshness of all your favorite dry food. This 10-piece set has everything you need to organize your food and will have your pantry looking symmetrical. What is your favorite organizational piece in your kitchen? Let me know in the comments below.