20 Mar 19
Special Educational Needs Resources Blog

We are very excited to be able to give away one set of Clicformers to three lucky winners on Twitter this week, courtesy of the lovely people at Magformers! For more information about our giveaway please head over to our Twitter Page to find our Competition Tweet. To enter you need to Like and Retweet the […]

18 Mar 19
Special Educational Needs Resources Blog

Fine motor skills are incredibly important. They help children develop the tiny muscles in their fingers and hands that are needed for tasks such as writing, dressing yourself etc. (For more information on What Fine Motor Skills are- read our article here) But what activities can you do at home with your child or set […]

12 Mar 19
the last blueberry

Construction toys are the best! They allow children to imagine, to create, to build, to adapt, to review. Big building projects often involve cooperation, problem-solving and perseverance. I have used a lot of different construction toys with the children at work and have recently persuaded the school to invest in some massive (!) wooden hollow […]