Magic Suit By Miraclesuit

03 Feb 19

It’s Friday morning. And that means one thing; a fried egg. Ah’m towering over ma new non-stick frying pan wi ‘Frylight,’ one-spray-one-calorie cooking oil in one hand, and an egg in the other. Ah’m ready. Elton John is singing his heart out on the radio, ‘and you can tell everybody, this is your so-o-ong…’ one […]

02 Jan 19
Shout Shop

L.L. Bean Prices for the L. L. Bean’s Shape Solverslimming swimsuits vary from $95 to about $120.Figure Magic and Inches Off swimsuits are available from Chadwick’s in misses’ regular sizes (4-18). Catalog retailer and online sportswear retailer L. L. Bean features Shape Solver swimsuits in several styles. Rugged Lycra and nylon construction gives these figure […]

06 Sep 18
Store Wide Clearance

This fabulous swimsuit brief will hold in your tummy and give the illusion of taking off 10 pounds in 10 seconds! 

10 May 18
Writer Jessica Laine

Recently, my husband and I booked a last-minute trip from Minneapolis, Minnesota to St. Petersburg, Florida after experiencing a $#@*% blizzard in April. My in-laws were going on a month-long cruise, so we jumped at the chance to stay at their place. Between free lodging and purchasing our airline tickets with miles, we were able […]