19 Mar 19

Had emailed Kat to say we wouldn’t be walking – again – so had time to catch up with the blog while Mr Toad worked out and listed what he needed to put up guttering on the new shed and attach a water butt to it. New water butt. When I give up the allotment […]

18 Mar 19
15 Mar 19
News Archives Uk

It's like a time travel in the kitchen, where the appliances and utensils are older than the head chef who used it as a launch pad for his new grocery store. Here, in the home of Robbie Hohmann's late grandfather's house, The Meadows, the 32-year-old began by producing freshly made, healthy salad boxes, sandwiches and […]

11 Mar 19

First Sunday in Lent As Mr Toad had to go out at midday we were having a brunch, so I put bacon and hash browns in the oven, without turning it on, and peeled and sliced mushrooms before breakfast. Heard on the radio that a high-tech solution to goods crossing the Irish border without delays […]

03 Mar 19

St David’s Day Cath had emailed to thank me for all the info I’d sent and said her husband had seen Mr Toad at ‘Burning Issues’ which is what we call it.  Its real name is Topical Issues.  Last time she emailed me Caro referred to Thurstrings instead of the Dorchester String Orchestra.  I hope […]

28 Feb 19
Doc V's Healthy Kitchen

It was a lovely day. This morning I was introduced in the local ‘Bar Centrale’ by Anria, a lovely lady who invited me before at the pilates class in the village. Italians go to a bar not only to have some drinks or food but also to meet the other local people and to get […]