Magna Tiles

21 Mar 19
Norwalk Elementary PTO

Norwalk Elementary Parent Teacher Organization is pleased to announce the spring teacher grants awarded to elementary teachers in the Norwalk School District. Due to our continued commitment to fundraising (through events and grants) and ongoing financial support from parents, teachers, and local businesses community members, we are able to offer two grant cycles during the […]

17 Mar 19
Amanda's Hear...Say

Saturday. March 16, 2019. National Artichoke Day. Hellooooooo. Welcome back! Blog post numero dos here. There is more to this week’s story than the title suggests, but it’s a start. The inspiration for this week’s blog came to me a little over a month ago from a 4-year-old. Yep, 4. As I said in my […]

16 Mar 19

The 41st Winter Tanners Challenge, organised by the Surrey group of the LDWA was held in January 2019. This walk covers a fair proportion of the route and it also includes some parts of last October’s Founders Challenge. Although the original event started from Leatherhead, with an ‘out and back’ section, my walk starts from the […]

14 Mar 19
Macomber Days

“Happy Pi day!” –  a salutation heard more than once today at the Center (Pi, in case you are fuzzy on the concept, is a number, approximately 3.142, which is the ratio of the  circumference of any circle to its diameter – Dan told me so). Some members of the Macomber community have spent a […]

14 Mar 19
Bull's Roar

Another long gap in the blog, sorry. I seem to be so busy while I have company. That’s a good thing, a very good thing. The short story is that my partner is still here, and leaves for Bali on Sunday. The long story is that she was supposed to depart on 26 February (the […]

13 Mar 19
The (not so) simple life

Lately I’ve been trying to find the time for me. Time for me to work out which has been almost impossible lately. Time for me to spend with my husband, which doesn’t always happen without one of us falling asleep early on the couch. Time for me to shave my legs even! Time for me […]

12 Mar 19
Dave & Diane throwing caution to the wind

This update is for those of you that don’t particularly like to click on a YouTube video link. This pretty much is the same thing that is on the Video but not exactly the same. As those of you that follow our blog know, after over 6 years full-timing in a Class A motorhome we […]

11 Mar 19
My Reading Buddies Experiences

March 18, 2019 When arriving at the downtown Carnegie Library, I signed in, and Isabelle informed me that two older (for our library) boys were working on the iPads. Our goal was to get the two boys to open up and participate in reading or activities. I went up to the children’s section and introduced […]

20 Mar 19
Parenting with Purpose

How to prepare your child for a new sibling Let me preface this by saying that you can do everything listed in this article and your older child will still have feelings of jealousy. This is a normal, expected reaction to bringing a new baby into the house. Your child is not going to suffer […]

07 Mar 19
Shortt Thoughts

Years ago, when my sons were toddlers, my psychiatrist father and marriage and family therapist mother provided sound parenting advice but as a new mom, I dismissed them because I thought I knew better. They were outdated; they didn’t know how to raise kids in the 21st century. There were newer, better “rules” of parenting. Besides, […]

05 Mar 19
The Mighty Moms Club

There are regular toys, and then there are STEM toys. The difference being a sophisticated level of sneakiness on the part of the parent. You see, the best STEM toys will be so fun, your child will have no idea that he is actually learning advanced science, technology, engineering, and math skills. You sneaky mom, you!

26 Feb 19
Macomber Days

The morning at Macomber started with a much larger early morning population than is usual for a Tuesday morning! The ski trip to Nashoba Mountain sadly did not happen as planned – the mountain was closed because of continuing high winds, which made for hazardous ski conditions, so everyone had a day at the Center […]

21 Feb 19
Toddler Tips

Before I begin, if you don’t have Magna-Tiles (or its cheaper cousin Picasso Tiles) in your house, add them to your kid’s birthday or holiday wish list! My daughter got these for her 3rd birthday (thank you Aunt Julie!) and we play with them all the time! And after 2 years they still look brand […]

16 Feb 19
My Reading Buddies Experiences

February 15, 2019 When arriving at the library, Isabelle, the children’s librarian, was not here, so my usual check-in process was less helpful, but as usual, all of the employees were extremely nice to me. After signing in, I walked upstairs to the children’s section where Audra, a fellow Reading Buddy, was reading. We made […]

16 Feb 19
My Reading Buddies Experiences

February 8, 2019 When arriving at the library on Friday at 3, no children were around. Julius the Therapet was visiting, and I assumed I’d just be spending some alone time with him, his owner, and Isabelle (the children’s librarian). As I’m wandering around the children’s section, a father and his one-year-old son walks into […]