23 Apr 19
The DC Hi-Fi Group

Paul Elliot provided pictures and the narrative for this report. Gary Gill graciously provided his home for an afternoon of good eats, good drinks, good talks, and good listening. Dennis Clark, owner of the Leesburg Listening Room, was the special guest for this meeting. This is a new home audio dealer located about 10 miles […]

01 Apr 19

As much as vinyl may be a superior way to listen to music, the internet is a fabulous medium for initial research. My web research, on modern hi-fi, was buoyed by the Audiophiliac on Cnet. I found his articles entertaining and full of genuine voice as well as a passion for his subject matter. This […]

30 Mar 19
Best Reviews Online

Magnepan breaks the affordable sound quality barrier with its LRS speakers, which are hand-build in Minnesota. Source:

30 Mar 19
News Trends & Tech

Magnepan breaks the affordable sound quality barrier with its LRS speakers, which are hand-build in Minnesota. from CNET

30 Mar 19

Magnepan breaks the affordable sound quality barrier with its LRS speakers, which are hand-build in Minnesota. via CNET Blogs

16 Mar 19

High-end vintage gear at Stereo Buyers in Brooklyn, NY Steve Guttenberg/CNET “Vintage audio” is back in fashion, but you don’t necessarily need to walk into a fancy second-hand dealer to find it. It’s easier than ever to unearth great stuff for very affordable prices, or better yet, for free. For example, I’ve had more than […]

15 Mar 19

These little wonders present a sound stage like magnepans!   Wonderful sound in a tiny box that you place right next to the wall.   In original boxes

09 Feb 19

Great audio has never been more affordable. Right now, my reigning champion budget speaker is the Dayton B652-AIR bookshelf, which sells for a mere $50 a pair. The Pioneer SP-BS22-LR speakers are even better and run a still very reasonable $129 a pair. The ELAC Debut B6.2, at $299 a pair, is the top dog for the money.  […]

14 Jan 19

Read Here “Are there caveats? Well, two would be the speaker’s size and price, both of which may prove daunting to would-be owners. Another involves seating positions relative to the speaker array. Because the 30.7 is very wide, you may find that if you sit too close to the speaker you eventually begin to hear […]

09 Jan 19
Stereo Skunk

MiniDSP equalization of earphones to Harman target is amazing. Thank you Oratory1990 for producing and sharing your measurements. Thank you Sean Olive for… everything. I found earphones, that are cheap, and EQ well (achieve a >95/100 score) are ultimate value-masters. (The score is a predictor of how likely someone will prefer the sound) With the […]

31 Dec 18
David Denyer PR | The hi-fi specialist

Each year, the expert team at Hi-Fi News brings us the magazine’s audio highlights of the previous 12 months – “the hardware that turned our heads and the music that stirred our souls throughout 2018.” In the bumper 108-page Yearbook issue, “the very best that hi-fi has to offer” includes source components from DS Audio, […]

28 Dec 18
Part-Time Audiophile

A Thousand Miles to Land It was a sunny day off the coast of Hawaii. Ted Denney was on his J/42 and having the time of his life.  At some point, he checked in with his accountants by satellite phone.  The news was horrifying.  The voice at the other end of the line told him, “your company […]

17 Dec 18
Stereo Skunk

I purchased a few headphones to try, given Amazon’s extended return policy. In short, the Beyerdynamic T5p us gross and useless. The Audeze LCD-XC is heavy, beautiful, luxurious, fat, soft, deep, cushy pads, and its sound is… good. Not amazing for some reason. Or maybe I’m completely out of my mind and i don’t even […]

24 Nov 18

History & Condition Black cloth w/cherry sides, 5.6′ tall x 19″ wide x 2″ deep. Originally purchased in CA in 2009, they remain in showroom condition. Powered via a Bryston 3B ST, covering a wide range of music and some HT. Never driven hard, NEVER clipped. Always kept in a conditioned space, panels play flawlessly. […]

20 Nov 18

Magnepan 30.7 four-panel dipolar planar loudspeaker system – Revisited [toc] In Hi-Fi+ 157 I wrote a favourable preview of Magnepan’s new flagship loudspeaker, the model 30.7. Now, as the loudspeaker nears full serial production, I wanted to provide a follow-up review to discuss one important change that has been incorporated into the loudspeaker over the […]

05 Nov 18

Read Here ‘It’s worth mentioning how well the 200.8s work with any source. I’ve used these monoblocks with about two dozen different sources, balanced and single ended with no problem. Using the Pass XS Pre and the Audio Research REF 6 (the only preamplifiers I have that sound equally good through the RCA and XLR […]