27 Nov 18

Magnepan Tympani IIIa Planar Floorstanding Speakers; Pair; AS-IS (Mid Panel Out) – Buy – Magnepan Tympani IIIa Planar Floorstanding Speakers; Pair; AS-IS (Mid Panel Out)

24 Nov 18

History & Condition Black cloth w/cherry sides, 5.6′ tall x 19″ wide x 2″ deep. Originally purchased in CA in 2009, they remain in showroom condition. Powered via a Bryston 3B ST, covering a wide range of music and some HT. Never driven hard, NEVER clipped. Always kept in a conditioned space, panels play flawlessly. […]

20 Nov 18

Magnepan 30.7 four-panel dipolar planar loudspeaker system – Revisited [toc] In Hi-Fi+ 157 I wrote a favourable preview of Magnepan’s new flagship loudspeaker, the model 30.7. Now, as the loudspeaker nears full serial production, I wanted to provide a follow-up review to discuss one important change that has been incorporated into the loudspeaker over the […]

05 Nov 18

Read Here ‘It’s worth mentioning how well the 200.8s work with any source. I’ve used these monoblocks with about two dozen different sources, balanced and single ended with no problem. Using the Pass XS Pre and the Audio Research REF 6 (the only preamplifiers I have that sound equally good through the RCA and XLR […]

05 Nov 18
Stereo Skunk

So WordPress just deleted my whole post that I worked for hours on. I’ll have to abridge EVEN MORE. Magnepan .7 Pros: Built from the factory, no DIY, looks more put together Ribbon tweeter runs head-to-toe vertically, so you can listen “off axis” Passive crossover, no need to purchase a multi-channel amp Cons: Directionality of […]

29 Oct 18
Stereo Skunk

I found a stopping point for the Minis. The Linkwitz Lab LX Minis. Affordable, DIY speakers equipped with low distortion, dipole dispersion and frequency response. Sounds good. Sounds marginally better than my Magnepan .7’s. The Minis suffer less when you move your head left and right. No, it doesn’t have this phantom image that remains […]

17 Oct 18
Stereo Skunk

To keep things a brief update: I think the XA30.8 is looser, and fuzzier than the nCore. On other occasions, the XA30.8 sounds more realistic, and sounds a bit more dynamic/musical. Could this be because of nonlinear distortion behavior adding “dynamics”? The nCore has clarity, and control, and manifests in the frequency response of the […]

05 Oct 18
Part-Time Audiophile

Around 20 years ago, I met my friend Howard at the local Atlanta audio club.  Over time Howard and I became pals in part because we both loved Magnepan speakers.  But we also loved exploring various audio tweaks and had a lot of lively discussions around how to get the best sound for our, at […]

14 Aug 18
Stereo Skunk

First impressions. I got the Nord One 4 channel for the LX Mini build that I hope to complete in the upcoming weekends. At first I thought the Nord sounded compressed compared to the Pass Labs, but after putting some JoyceDiDonato – Stella di Napoli, I can’t say exactly that the sound is compressed. Could […]

02 Aug 18
Stereo Skunk

I’m pretty certain I’m dropping the PhD. The question is whether to keep the MBA, switch to MFin, or do MBA+MFin. I’m not sure what will be the ultimate deciding factor, but the MBA+MFin gives more credits, incase I attempt something ambitious like learning programming and math/statistics, or to give me a chance to spread […]

13 Jun 18

This is our first product from the Russian StereoPravda company, so would like to write something about their origin and philosophy: “There is a set of advantages that have to do with material resources, and there is a set that have to do with the absence of material resources – and the reason underdogs win […]

05 Jun 18
Stereo Skunk

The Magnepan .7’s were spaced apart enough so that at 45 deg, they were normal to the listener. I moved the Maggies in so that at 30 deg, a theoretical equilateral triangle was formed. The sound stage is more defined, however it is smaller. That being said, when increasing volume, every object seems bigger, so […]