25 Jun 19
International Sport Organization

We are so happy to announce the recognition of a new member: World Association of Majorette-sport and Twirling (WAMT) Please, see the Website for further information! Welcome to World Association of Majorette-sport and Twirling (WAMT) in ISO Family!

25 Jun 19

I’m sorry about last week’s paucity of blog posts.  I was busy building a float for the 2019 Mermaid Parade at Coney Island! This annual festival to Poseidon occurs on a Saturday close to the Summer solstice and is the scene of enormous creative extravagance and burlesque merriment…all in the name of ocean appreciation, of […]

24 Jun 19
Twin Cities
The Marine Cornet Band will be pulling double duty on the Fourth of July. The volunteer band will play the “The Star-Spangled Banner” around 9 a.m. at Scandia Marine Lions Park to kick off the 4-mile running race from Scandia to Marine on St. Croix. Three hours later, when the noon whistle sounds, they’ll be marching in the Fourth of July parade in Marine Volunteers are needed to play in the band, which includes woodwinds, brass, percussion, accordions and others. Practices will be at 7 p.m. Wednesday and 7 p.m. July 2 in the Marine Village Hall; music charts will be provided. The Marine Cornet Band, which played in the late 1800s and early 1900s, was revived in 2007 to play in the Fourth of July parade. “One year, a group of majorettes showed up wearing white boots and hot pants,” said Donald Greenebaum, who is helping coordinate this year’s band. “Another year, a drum major was added. Kids that carry the ‘Marine Cornet Band banner’ need to qualify as being at least 4 feet tall and of good moral character. In addition to this they sign a candy pledge. It is all a good time, and we every now and then play good music.” [related_articles location=”right” show_article_date=”false” article_type=”automatic-primary-tag”]Anyone interested in participating should contact Greenebaum at 651-434-3152 or or show up at a practice. Anyone interested in participating in the Scandia to Marine 4-Mile Race or the 2-Mile Run/Walk, a fundraiser for the Marine Restoration Society, should register by July 2; the cost is $20 per person or $55 per family (up to six). Registration forms are available at Marine General Store and Marine Village Hall; registration can also be done online at
24 Jun 19

How many costumed women does it take to push a turn-of-the-century space capsule into a launcher? When no one knows what’s beyond the breathable, it’s easy to imagine how a few well-dressed men could hammer rivets to a rocket and make it fly. It looks like they’re inserting a giant tampon into a giant pea […]

24 Jun 19
Book Bug Amy

Try me… Feel me…Taste me… You can’t resist. If this book was to be summarized in one sentence it would be that….because what could be so harmless…so innocent…as chocolate.   This story is everything that a feel good book needs to to be. It’s warm, it’s inviting , it’s mysterious and it’s loving. It’s title…Chocolat. […]

24 Jun 19
Hollywood Life

D.C. is in the building! Host Regina Hall repped her hometown hard at the start of the BET Awards show with a ‘homecoming’ inspired opening that featured drum majors, Taraji P. Henson, and a whole lot of booty!

24 Jun 19

A.D. it is in the building! The host Queen Hall strongly beat her hometown at the start of the BET Awards show with an "homecoming" opening that featured drums, Taraji P. Henson, and a lot of loot! The BET Awards is all about celebrating all aspects of black culture, e Sala Regina, 48, wanted to […]

23 Jun 19
Irvington High School Class of 1971 - 50th Reunion

There were lots of ways for the Class of 71 to show its spirit. Some did it through athletics. Some people were involved in student government or service clubs and organizations. Some were cheering in the stands.  But the most visible ones were the cheerleaders, flag swingers, dancers, majorettes and band members who did their […]

22 Jun 19

Fife Pride parade route 2019 The Pride march will commence at 12 noon on Saturday 6th July from Carlyle Road next to Fife College, St Brycedale campus and travel through the town centre to the Festival site at the Town Square. • 11.45am –Fife College, St Brycedale campus • 12noon – Parade leaves Carlyle Road […]

22 Jun 19
Wave eStore

Benefit Majorette Peach Cream Blush, Full Size 0.24 Ounce [price_with_discount] Click Here to Buy

22 Jun 19

Majorette bus, lengte: 13 cm. Geschikt voor kinderen vanaf 3 jaar. Verkrijgbaar in verschillende uitvoeringen. U kunt niet kiezen, maar ontvangt een willekeurige uitvoering.

21 Jun 19
School News Network | A Window into Your Public Schools

No more Rebbie the Rebel. The Godfrey-Lee School Board approved a new name at its meeting Tuesday…

21 Jun 19
Diecast Car Collector

Trailers are not usually aesthetically pleasing but they do add tremendous play value to a collection of diecasts. Diecast ranges with many farm vehicles like Siku, Britain’s and Corgi have a large number of trailers. The Matchbox 1-75 range had 6 trailers in its line up in 1969 and 1970. (#2 Mercedes Trailer #9 Boat […]

20 Jun 19
The Rusty Dragon

Will We See Matchbox Cars UK Wide by 2019? I’ve got a big smile on my face as I write this, having photographed some cars on the first pleasant summer evening here for about 2 weeks. The big news this last weekend for fans of Mattel’s Matchbox cars was no doubt the announcement of the […]

19 Jun 19
Burlington Retro

A teen perspective: Our world in the 1960s.