22 Feb 19

Parrucchieri dall’Ultraspazio – L’incredibile storia del Professor Magnifizio è il sottotitolo dell’album dei Parafulmini uscito poco più di un annetto fa, Tenere Fuori Dalla Portata Dei Bambini. Quest’incredibile storia, con le gesta del Professor Magnifizio e le insidie dei Parrucchieri-Bebè, è narrata nelle misteriose pagine interne del booklet del suddetto prezioso manufatto sonoro. Ecco qui […]

22 Feb 19

On an uncommonly cold and gray Thursday in Los Angeles, in an empty alleyway outside her studio in Chinatown, Marawa Ibrahim—aka Marawa the Amazing—is preparing to spin what appears to be about 30 sparkly Hula-Hoops. It looks like a preposterous number of Hula-Hoops, to most people anyway. But for Marawa, a virtuosic performance artist with […]

22 Feb 19

By: Alex Robinson (’19), Staff Writer As we prepare to bring another Black History Month to a close, Black Ink saw fit that we pay some homage to all the wins and not-quite-wins (because we’re not claiming anymore L’s on this side) that our rich community has experienced over the last year. This is your […]

22 Feb 19

Johannesburg’s best cultural and heritage showcase is back for yet another year. The Rand Show 2019 celebrates 125 years with new pavilions and shows.

22 Feb 19
Jeanie Waydelich

Tienes hambre, papi? Hair:-FABIA- Gacha Pastel Outfit with choker:Ghee Majorette Reloaded @THE DARKNESS EVENT Boots:Ghee Love Heart Button Boots Earrings:(Yummy) Pearl Stud – Pearl Gloves: Dead Dollz – Lych Gloves Bento – Pink Chocolates and more… dust bunny . love tarts . boxed + {YD}Pampering valentine’s day  Backdrop @ Atreyu

21 Feb 19

I cannot believe what I am about to type, and it makes me nervous to spell it out… but I am currently pregnant!!! It has been such a long journey – 4.5 years of infertility – that I could only feel a kind of elated shock when the pregnancy test revealed two lines! I gasped, […]

21 Feb 19
Concert Crap

Walk the Moon shook up the Inner Harbor’s boring winter weeknight routine with catchy melodies, a stellar light show, and the most energetic live experience that modern alt-rock has to offer.

21 Feb 19
Collector's Connection

Throngs of crowd from all walks of life had went to the victory and homecoming parade of Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray. performers and majorettes waiting for the arrival of Ms. Catriona Gray Some of the participants are from far flung places and provinces. One of the well wishers came all the way from Laguna […]

21 Feb 19
The Beck Trek

In January, I had plans to travel to DC for the Women’s March that were quickly dashed by Winter Storm Harper. So instead of travel, I stayed at home in my pajamas and ordered zero waste make-up. It was an OK back-up plan. I say zero-waste, but it is a challenge to find true zero […]

20 Feb 19
Vava's All Things Diecast

If you are this blog’s reader for even some short time, you know I’m a big Mercedes Benz G class fan, which results in me constantly adding its 1:64-ish replicas to my collection. One of my favourite G class castings is the one Majorette introduced in 2017. Since then it got many different releases including […]

19 Feb 19
Lane Tech Sports Communications

LANE TECH (CHICAGO, IL): The Lane Tech Boys Basketball team beat Mather High School 49-30 in the evening on Saturday, February 16. This was the Senior Night for the Lane Tech Boys Basketball team, as well as dancers, cheerleaders, majorettes, and managers. After a close loss against Maine East February 11th, the Lane Tech Indians […]

19 Feb 19

You were much nicer than the Angel I know More amazing than the ever raining snow More surprising that I had to say WOW! More appealing to the eye than a TV show But little did I know, stooping so low, That I had taken a stupid vow.   It all started when I broke […]

19 Feb 19
luna's on line

The year before, and all the years before that, as long as anyone could remember, when the travelling circus came to town, elephants and monkeys marched along the main road all the way through the town to the open field where they set up the tents. Snake handlers, people on stilts, and even the bearded […]

19 Feb 19
Il Castellaccio

Domenica 24 febbraio e domenica 3 marzo torna con la 17° edizione la festa più pazza dell’anno organizzata dall’Associazione Culturale Castellaccio Festa, colori, risate e allegria. Sono questi gli ingredienti del Carnevale di Castelverde, organizzato dall’Associazione Culturale Castellaccio e giunto alla diciassettesima edizione consecutiva, che si terrà domenica 24 febbraio e domenica 3 marzo nella frazione biancoverde […]

18 Feb 19
Peach Snaps

You can tell what a romantic person I am! This blog is a little late for Valentine’s Day. I have a few (lame) excuses though…(1) I was under the weather, (2) I forgot it was Valentine’s Day (as no-one sent me flowers, chocolates or a card (that’s just sad, I know) and the best, (3) […]