19 Jun 19
la Ringhiera

Umana Reyer Venezia, Stella Azzurra Roma, A|X Armani Exchange Olimpia Milano e Don Bosco Livorno hanno chiuso i raggruppamenti al primo posto e potranno così godere di un giorno di riposo prima dei quarti di finale di domani.  Oggi tornano in campo le seconde e terze classificate per disputare gli spareggi: ore 14.00 Honey Sport City […]

17 Jun 19
la Ringhiera

Tanta gente suglia spalti, nonostante le spiagge piene. Le sedici squadre U16 di pallacanestro maschile, che la Fip ha radunato a Taranto sui parquet del PalaMazzola (sino a domani) e Palafiom (sino alla finale di sabato prossimo)  si danno già battaglia anche se i pronostici sono stati di fatto rispettati. Buono il livello tecnico, sorprendenti […]

07 Jun 19
Productivity Hub

Everyone knows it takes time, discipline and focus to be the best at something and to achieve really great things. That’s why the good and bad habits which you return to every day are the best predictors of whether or not you will soar in your personal and professional arenas. Here are the routines that […]

07 Jun 19
CauseACTION Clarion

Some people seem built for success but behind every winning story there are hours of hard work, dedication and commitment. We tend to see the end result while resigning ourselves to the idea that success is out of reach. However, as Richard Branson pointed out in a recent interview with CNBC, it is a fear […]

18 May 19
Kunstakademie Blog

Foto: Nicola Malaguti   MARCO TONELLI, “ZEITGENÖSSISCHE KUNST KURATIEREN: ZWISCHEN PERSÖNLICHER PRAXIS UND THEORIE”, VORTRAG   20. Mai 2019, 19.30 Uhr Medienraum der Kunstakademie, der Eintritt ist frei! Marco Tonelli, Direktor Palazzo Collicola, Spoleto Der italienische Kunsthistoriker, Kritiker und künstlerische Leiter des Palazzo Collicola in Spoleto wird aus seinem reichen Erfahrungsschatz seiner Arbeit mit zeitgenössischen […]

02 May 19

Not all bike rides are equal. Some promise much but fail to deliver. Others are mere junk miles, to prepare for some other, better ride, sometime in the future. Occasionally, though, you hit the jackpot. On my recent trip to the Italian region of Emilia Romagna, I experienced a day of riding that might be […]

26 Apr 19

Twenty years ago, my family doctor read my annual physical numbers to me and delivered a harsh reality. At age 40, I had to make some serious lifestyle changes, lose weight and become more physically active or I risked followed the path of others in my gene pool full of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. […]

08 Apr 19
News Archives Uk

"An Irishman goes to a bar. , "I would not really call myself Irish. With a British passport, a hard accent and a brutal attitude to hospitality, I do not conform to the Irish form. "An Englishman goes to a bar. , "I will never be English. , , 1966 is four years after my […]

04 Apr 19

Berlin-based Complete Audio, the first adopters of Martin Audio’s MLA platform anywhere in the world back in 2010, continue to impress their clients with the multi-award-winning system. They have been providing sound reinforcement for German rapper, singer, producer and DJ Alligatoah for many …