28 Apr 19
Pine Valley Estate Railway

So I’ve brought my first garden scale live steam locomotive and what I didn’t find while researching what to buy was a list of what equipment was needed to operate the engine. I’ve had some Mamod traction engines for a while and we have been running these as per the instructions that came with them. […]

06 Mar 19

Mr. Ahmad Ahmad, President of the Confédération Africaine de Football received this Friday, March 1, 2019, a visit of the Minister of Youth and Sports of Madagascar, Mr. Tinoka Roberto. The newly appointed Minister Tinoka made the trip to the headquarters of the football governing body to introduce himself to the number 1 of the […]

27 Feb 19
Mary's Treasures
13 Feb 19

All I hear is chatter, chatter. Shelves in the shed Now who’s dead? Rugby goal posts Radio hosts He can’t stop talking About mamod trains Steam engine running. Gas and Electric Phone call chatting, Constant rattling… Over the radio, Over the TV. My mind switches off. I’m overwhelmed. By his talking at me To me. […]

09 Jan 19
Pine Valley Estate Railway

When we were building the garden railway I was maintaining a thread over on G Scale Central. At some point I’ll look at transferring this over to this new site for the sake of completeness until then to see more on the early days of the Pine Valley Estate Railway visit the thread over at: […]

18 Nov 18


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17 Nov 18
Notes from 20th Century Birmingham

Clearly intended only as toys for the boys, these Mamod steam engines were quite a pricey present. Midland Ed was one of those great Birmingham institutions that has long disappeared. I often tell my children and grandchildren that we didn’t have computers when we were young – here’s an advert for a computer operator in […]

27 Oct 18
Over 40 and a Mum to One

Project 365 2018 Week 43 Days 294 – 300 Our half term week. Sunday 21st October – Day 294 We headed north to spend the day at Trentham Gardens.  I’d exchanged some Tesco clubcard points for days out vouchers and it was somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for ages.  The weather was lovely when we […]

15 Oct 18
Michelin Luxury Posh Dexperience

Dexperience Undercover Service Quality Surveyor Ratings: Value 5/5 Quality 5/5 Ambience 5/5 Service 5/5 Experience 5/5 Verdict: Undoubtedly one of the Thai restaurants in Patong Phuket! We strongly urge you to try if you love a beautiful dining experience overlooking jaw dropping awesome views of its oriental interiors and humongous swimming pool! Enter Dexperience List: […]

13 Oct 18
Over 40 and a Mum to One

Project 365 2018 Week 41 Days 280 – 286 Sunday 7th October – Day 280 We had no plans for the day, so I set my alarm and got to watch the Japanese Grand Prix bright and early.  I did get busted by my son an hour into the race who was less than impressed […]

07 Oct 18
Hartanah Extravaganza

Tanah kosong utk dijual Port Dickson Kg. Kuala Lukut, Mukim Jimah, Port Dickson, N9. Keluasan 1.69 ekar.. Title Freehold (Non-bumi).. Tanah tepi jalan, 200 meter ke pantai laut, berhampiran Jetty Mamod dan Kuala Lukut. Ade Kejiranan. Infra & Fasiliti lengkap.. Harga jualan Rm320k..lumpsum untuk semua. Wasapmy

25 Jul 18
Lichfield Live

A huge collection of model aircraft kits painstakingly amassed by a Birmingham enthusiast over 50 years is coming up for auction in Lichfield.

12 Apr 18
John Knifton

Years ago, one of my favourite comics was called ‘Victor’. At this time, during the 1960s, there were lots and lots of comics, which were read by lots and lots of boys. And of course, with so many publications which reached so many boys, there were bound to be lots and lots of advertisements. Some […]