Man X One Teaspoon

09 Dec 18
the sabbatical chef

This time three months ago I was sitting around waiting for Hurricane Florence to pay me a visit. Yesterday I waited for Winter Storm Diego to quietly sweep in. I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to snow predictions around here. Several friends call it Snowmaggedon. Sister-in-Law sent this photo via Facebook- […]

08 Dec 18
M Delish Boutique

How much molasses went into that giant gingerbread house, you ask? Well, you’ve come to the right place for answers (and its 1/2 gallon of molasses if you’re impatient). Part 1 of this blog series can be found here. Lindsey’s mega gingerbread house required twelve batches of our family recipe for construction grade gingerbread. Construction […]

06 Dec 18

This is an opinion written by myself just expressing an idea that I think would be something that would be fun to experience in an upcoming MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) motion picture. This is not in any way confirmed by any outlets but purely something I was thinking about in my room and had to […]

03 Dec 18

For the first time in the past 3 decades, the word “HIV and “cure” are occurring in the same sentence. As scientific studies and case reports begin to add up, it appears that total eradication of HIV may no longer be a dream, but a reality that is coming into focus before our very eyes. […]

03 Dec 18

First of all nobody has ever watched a horror flick., because if you had, you wouldnt be messing with it. Its NOT going to go as planned. Animals are much more resilient to disease … a super bug might kill you but animals can generally survive. Youre food. There are probably undergoing experimental treatments and […]

01 Dec 18

We have got this big house behind us. This isn’t it! It’s across what seems like a large field, which is actually their yard, and I’m a little bit obsessed with it. Around Christmas time I am often to be found staring out of the window yelling to the Pony … “Babes, the big house […]

30 Nov 18
Frontier Fare

Frontier Fare to the Tombstone Epitaph by Barbara Blackburn for September 1994 “Every bean has its black,” did you know? And how about “Bread never falls on its buttered side”? These are food phrases used through time to give meaning to certain situations in life. Beyond beans and bread there is a whole pantry full […]

30 Nov 18
Retired? No one told me!

This week I have lots of treats and traditions for you and a sprinkling of trivia…Where to start? I have had a great response to my call out for  Christmas Jumpers OR is it Sweaters?… I think that is dependent on where in this big wide world you live… Do you call them Jumpers or […]

28 Nov 18
Cauldrons and Cupcakes

“You little beauty! I wait all year for these Rum Balls!” ~ Michael the Tractor Man   We live on a farm, as members of a small regional community here in the Byron Bay Shire. Each year we use the same services, eat at the same cafes, shop at the same markets. Over time the […]

23 Nov 18
Sugar Salt Magic

These Drunken Hazelnut Cranberry Brownies start with a classic chocolate brownie, filled with hazelnuts and cranberries soaked in Frangelico liqueur. They make the perfect Christmas brownies recipe. Man, oh man. Now these Drunken Hazelnut Cranberry Brownies are a treat I want to serve this Christmas. The perfect fudgy brownie gets filled with cranberries and hazelnuts […]

20 Nov 18
Suzie's Labyrinth

This is a subject that has been written about a lot recently, but still not enough; essential oils and why safety is a MUST! (Image copyright CrystalFaery2017) Like many people, I entered into the world of essential oils for innocent reasons, I was actually introduced to them for their magical properties and for use in […]

19 Nov 18

There is only one thing I like more than pasta… and that is dessert! I am going to share with you one of my favourite recipes that NEVER fails… the Sticky Toffee Pudding 🙂 I remember the very first time I tasted this dessert quite a while ago during my time living in the Isle […]

17 Nov 18

The rain we have been promised for days has finally materialised. But it is what we call ‘straight-down rain’, which anyone who lives here will tell you is the type that does not come in through every crack and crevice of your house to collect in pools which lie in wait if you are foolish […]

15 Nov 18
Cycling in the South Bay

I was talking to a friend who said “Man, I am tired. My legs feel terrible.” “Then you should rest,” I said “Are you crazy? Tired legs mean you’re fit.” I shook my head. “That’s nuts.” Then I remembered a conversation I once had with Derek the Destroyer. “Best results come when your legs are […]

14 Nov 18

Over the past decade, the Internet has blossomed from an undiscovered frontier into a golden civilization that will define our age. It’s a civilization whose culture is decided by its citizens. These citizens have chosen to carve a culture of cats, large bums and unlikely action movie stars. Memes are the backbone of internet culture. […]