11 Dec 18
Living in rural Mallorca

Before we moved to rural Mallorca in April 2004, we tended to eat in the hotels where we stayed for holidays here. The cuisine would have been international, rather than Mallorcan, and I didn’t eat like a local until the day we began our lives here as expats. Our plane touched down in Palma de […]

08 Dec 18
Something for your Mallorca Weekend

I talked last week about the huge royalties made by writing a good Christmas song. There’s also the coveted position of the Christmas Number 1 that will be announced this year on Friday December 21st. The announcement of the UK Christmas number one has been a staple event in the festive calendar for over 60 […]

04 Dec 18

EFE / El presidente de la Audiencia Provincial de Baleares, Diego Gómez-Reino, ha presentado hoy las primeras “salas amigables” de Palma, unos espacios habilitados para los menores de edad que tengan que pasar por las dependencias judiciales. Estas salas, que cuentan con mobiliario adaptado, materiales lúdicos y un sistema de videoconferencia, tienen como objetivo que […]

03 Dec 18
Stuffed Eyes

If you ever go to Mallorca the first thing you’ll see when you look down from the plane are windmills. When you take a bus or taxi from the airport you’ll see about a million more windmills. When you google “Why does Mallorca” it autocompletes “have so many windmills?” So we’re here to answer that […]

02 Dec 18

There were 16 international floods reported across 17 countries throughout October 2018. At least 1,000 people died and over 420,000 people were displaced.Internationally significant floods included: USAA total of 17 people have died and 6,700 displaced after Hurricane Michael tore through the Florida Panhandle. As the hurricane passed over the Gulf of Mexico before reaching […]

01 Dec 18
Something for your Mallorca Weekend

Nothing too much winds me up, but this week was full of them! I was told that you can’t say Merry Christmas anymore as it offends anybody that is not a Christian. Season Greetings is the PC way of wishing everybody a Merry Christmas now which is beyond me. Rest assured I know what I’ll […]

28 Nov 18

S. D.@abc_deportes updated:10/11/2018 16: 22h Related news In the social network chirping everything is possible Even some users felt that the gesture of Rafa Nadal helping with cleaning operations after the flood disaster in Majorca was nothing more than a way to get publicity from the Balearic tennis player. Nadal, who went to the town […]

28 Nov 18
Archy news nety

S.D.@abc_deportes updated:10/11/2018 16: 22h Related news In the social network twitter everything is possible. Also that some users felt that the gesture of Rafa Nadal to help with the cleaning work after the disaster caused by the floods on Mallorca was nothing more than a way to get acquainted with the Balearic tennis player. Nadal, […]

27 Nov 18
Stuffed Eyes

Welcome to probably the most exclusive food you’ve never heard of: Sospiros. All of my students know what they are, and they recommend them to me at every turn, but I get the impression that none of them have eaten them within the last two years. They are only popular with older people, and only […]