Mandarina Duck

17 Dec 18

Travel and business bags are considered as one of the convenient goods as it accommodates all the necessary items such as clothes, daily use articles, important documents, electronic gadgets and other essentials while travelling from one place to another. Travel and business bags are manufactured from various types of materials such as jute, textile, coated […]

28 Nov 18

This Asian duck, with its impressive multicolored plumage, appeared in the famous New York Park on a beautiful October day, revealed by a video shared on Twitter by a rare bird lover, David Barrett (@BirdCentralPark). Since then, the coming and going of this magnificent copy of the family of anatids is closely followed on social […]

27 Nov 18

Se l’anatra mandarina fosse un uomo, sarebbe l’uomo ideale. Il maschio di questa specie, quello della foto, è nel mondo delle anatre qualcosa come George Clooney, Richard Gere, Sean Connery messi insieme. Bello da morire. Ma non è questa la sola virtù del nostro “bello” anatroccolo. Possiede una dote che nel genere umano è tanto […]