17 Jun 19
Miracle Animation Studios Inc.

Last March 5, 2019. Top Peg Animation & Creative Studio Inc. was invited by the Korea Trade Center Manila (KOTRA) to the ASIA-EU CARTOON CONNECTION 2019, which will be held on May 30-31, 2019 at InterContinetal Hotel, Seoul, South Korea. The event will be attended by professionals and industry experts and leaders in the animation/cartoon […]

16 Jun 19
/ˈkʌmkwɒt/ (Q.)

Đọc truyện nhiều chữ nhiều quá, lại trở về comics tìm chút tình thú nhé. 1. 19 Days | Old Xian Thể loại: Manhua, Mafia, Drama, Comedy, School Life, Shounen Ai Tình trạng: On-going~ Dạo này mình đang đọc truyện này. Share cho các thím đọc cùng cho dzui nè! Truyện kể về hai bạn trẻ […]

14 Jun 19
GMC Topkick

I previously already introduced my liking towards manga, manhua and manhwa and only lightly touched the topic of novel. This time, I want to properly introduce them. My current list of novel I absolutely love to read contains at the moment 22 novel with BL-genre. (BL = Boy x Boy or simply Boylove or more […]

12 Jun 19
Little Elf in big Pond of Drama, The Comic Industry USA

You know I enjoy hanging out and talking with my older neighbors. Many of them are veterans like me. They have cool first hand stories from World War II, working on a Navy ship, when they talk about their college days, and more. Many of them have stories that they cannot say in public because […]

07 Jun 19
The Kitten Who Eats Ramen

Everyone has a favorite ship in either a game, series, anime, ect. Reasons for why they ship them, are valid (unless it’s incredibly toxic). Now, choosing my favorite ships per say was rather difficult, so I only chose three off the top of my head. If I do think of any more ships, I’ll probably […]

05 Jun 19
~Taffy Translations~

Translated by: TaffyGirl13