17 Dec 18
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From an interview between Manoush Zomorodi (Note to Self Podcast) and David Hohusen (creator of Two Dots) in Manoush’s book Bored and Briliant. I like to think that users are smart enough that when they realize they’ve been tricked into a game with too many push notifications or other sleazy tactics, they will delete it. […]

16 Dec 18
Virtual School Meanderings

From the inbox earlier in the week… CONFERENCE AND EVENT UPDATE OLC INNOVATE 2019 Education Reimagined KEYNOTE SPEAKERS ANNOUNCED OLC Innovate | April 3-5 | Denver, CO Join us as we welcome Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottom for the Wednesday keynote where she will investigate how technology is transforming humanity and the resulting current and future effects that may have on digital […]

15 Dec 18

No. Name of The Book Author Category 1 The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom Don Miguel Ruiz Self-Help 2 Imagine: How Creativity Works Jonah Lehrer Self-Help 3 The Gift, Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World Lewis Hyde Self-Help 4 The Mastery Of Love A Practical Guide to the Art of […]

12 Dec 18
always learning

Along with Getting Things Done, Mindset, and Deep Work, this book should be read annually. 

11 Dec 18
Catching the News: A Journalist in Process

The former journalist, Manoush Zomorodi, gave a Ted Talk in April 2017 to make her audience aware that the boredom can lead people to brilliant ideas. People’s brain tends to work more when they don’t do anything than when they do many things at once, Zomordi explained. The boredom doesn’t exist if people know how […]

06 Dec 18
It’s been an extraordinarily weird year. This mini episode compresses Manoush and Jen’s story so far into a strange mash-up of voice memos that documents their leap from public radio producers to audio entrepreneurs (who often are very stressed and seem to rarely sleep). Think of this episode as an audio thank you note for being on this ZigZag ride. We’re so glad you’re here with us. We hope you’ll also consider supporting Radiotopia during its annual fundraiser by going to Choose from an unusual array of donation gifts, including an outing to the Stable Genius’ favorite bar 😉
04 Dec 18
We all strive to have dynamic careers: challenging work that can inspire and bring meaning into our lives. But what should you do if you’ve lost the spark and find yourself simply going through the motions? I set out to answer this question on Quartz’s new podcast FWD: Thinking. I interviewed Ryan Fitzgibbon who left his job at IDEO with the simple (yet audacious) design challenge of “rebranding gay” and Manoush Zomorodi on how sexual harassment allegations at WNYC abruptly propelled her into starting a women-led podcast company. Our five guests shared the tactics they used to recreate their careers. They told us about how they organized their finances, networked their way into new industries, and navigated new identities. And now it’s your turn. What questions do you have? Whether you’re looking to take on a stretch challenge in your current role or launch your own company, you probably face a series of questions, such as: What are important skills to develop as you prepare to recreate your career? What steps can you take to uncover your “passion?” Is it irresponsible to change careers if you have kids? What if you make the jump and realize you’ve made a terrible mistake? We’ve got answers. I’ll take what I learned from our guests (as well as my own experience taking the leap from Wall Street and as a contributing editor for Quartz at Work) to answer your questions here (and our Instagram account). How to submit a question Email us your questions at and be sure to include: A specific question; we know every situation is unique yet strive to make the answers as universal as possible A brief description of yourself including your years of experience, role, and industry We will remove all identifiers (names and companies) from both questions and answers to preserve all parties’ privacy. And once you’ve submitted your question, make sure you’re caught up on all the FWD: Thinking episodes on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher.
01 Dec 18
Happy New Year Quotes 2019

decided to buy an iPhone? Congratulations! But how long will the joy of being the owner of an iPhone last – few days, hours or months? Picture if you could buy yourself one of the best budget international tours at same or a lesser price, the memory of which would last for a lifetime! You […]

29 Nov 18
TED Blog

In an early morning session hosted by podcaster and TED2017 speaker Manoush Zomorodi, six speakers — Lucy Cooke, Ayanna Howard, Nivruti Rai, Monique W. Morris, Karissa Sanbonmatsu and Amanda Williams — brought us insights from the worlds of AI, robotics, epigenetics, education, and the wonderfully slow world of the sloth. Sustainability lessons from the sloth. Sloths […]

29 Nov 18
CRIMINAL was a mega-hit long before the genre of true-crime took off in podcasting. On this episode, co-creators Phoebe Judge and Lauren Spohrer tell Manoush and Jen about quitting their stable public radio jobs to start a company (sound familiar?), managing each other’s quirks, and saying ‘no’ to the many business opportunities that come their way. This duo has great advice for anyone trying to manage a partnership, balance creativity with bill paying, or just staying true to one’s weirdo self.CRIMINAL and ZigZag are members of Radiotopia, the podcast collective that just kicked off its annual fundraiser. Please consider donating to keep these shows going. GO DEEPER:A deep dive into the messy relationship between true crime podcasts and justice. How Phoebe and Lauren get it done from Raleigh’s The News & Observer. The New Yorker article on the new golden age of podcast storytelling. Guy Raz’s mega-entrepreneur podcast in the New York Times. The Future of Voice and the Implications for News. It’s a bear market for some podcast shops. More acronyms: PRX (of which Radiotopia is a branch) merges with PRI (think The World). Help someone discover the joy of listening by sharing Gretchen Rubin’s free Gift of Podcast instructions. Btw, the SEC has a new guide to ICOs. And Crypto is crashing. ILLUSTRATION:Accurat counted every, literally, every minute of every episode of every Radiotopia podcast. This is the stunning result… CREDITS:Thalia Beaty, ProducerDavid Herman, Audio Engineer and ComposerDan Dzula, Audio Engineer ZigZag comes from Stable Genius Productions, in partnership with Civil. We are proud members of Radiotopia, from PRX.
27 Nov 18
Jacky's Posts

Yesterday when I was surfing through an online media website, an advertisement caught my eye. It was just a regular floating bar advertising discount flight tickets, but with specific cities and dates. I asked myself, “How would the internet know about my exact travel plans? What other private information did I leave in the ocean […]

25 Nov 18

In a world obsessed with interconnectivity and collaboration, sometimes transformation requires solitude.

22 Nov 18
peter gruner

For almost four months I was trying to get started on my next playwriting project.  It wasn’t that I didn’t have any ideas.  The trouble was finding an idea that I would feel passionate enough about to overcome my inertia.  What was the idea that would keep me away from the TV for hours on […]

22 Nov 18
The Creative Crypto Magazine

ZigZag is an incredible new podcast out of New York City, focused on modern-day empowerment, journalism, and most importantly, the domain of cryptocurrency and blockchain. As a newsroom by Civil, founders Manoush Zomorodi and Jen Poyant have translated their experiences at New York Public Radio to produce a top-notch audio series that covers a range […]

22 Nov 18
This week, we explain how the ZigZag inbox works and Manoush answers two very special letters: one from a listener with an unusual financial frustration and another who has an existential entrepreneurial query. Because in the daily cacophony of signals, email sometimes shines through as a place to get the news and information we want from people and sources we trust. GO DEEPER:A study about our email habits finds half of us achieve in-box zero. The SEC says tokens are securities (we think). That unnerving New York Times expose about how Facebook handles crises. Manoush was in GQ talking about the importance of boredom. How about a Fair Credit Reporting Act to make platforms more accountable? The BBC’s look at how (and why) people in India, Kenya, and Nigeria interact with fake news. Another journalism experiment with a radical membership engagement model: The Correspondent.  ILLUSTRATION: Accurat‘s Giorgia Lupi analyzed and then visualized dozens of voice memos from listeners… CREDITS:Thalia Beaty, ProducerDavid Herman, Audio Engineer and ComposerDan Dzula, Audio Engineer ZigZag comes from Stable Genius Productions, in partnership with Civil. We are proud members of Radiotopia, from PRX. Keep the podcast going with your donation. And thank you!