Marc Cain

22 Mar 19
The Sports Daily

Stream live sports and ESPN originals on ESPN+ for only $4.99 a month. Start your 7-day free trial today! There is constant debate about the “official” UFC fighter rankings, which are based on voting from a panel of journalists.  Such is the case with something as subjective as voting – it’s totally based on voter’s […]

21 Mar 19
Entertaining WE

An Amazon Air plane called CustomAir Obsession crashed on February 23. All three people on board were killed. The Boeing 767 cargo jet, operated by Atlas Air and contracted by Amazon, had been approaching Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport. The cause of the crash is still unknown. In conversations with Business Insider in the weeks…

21 Mar 19
Fort Bragg Advocate-News
The 2019 Whale Run drew 757 participants this year, even after eliminating the 5K Fun Walk. Runners from across the country, state and region flocked to the new course along the Fort Bragg Coastal Trail, and organizer Linda Dutcher said the layout was deemed a success. It was a morning of alternating sun and fog, so racers started in the gray and wet, and ended with a view of the sunny Pacific. The event raised funds for Soroptimist International of Fort Bragg’s scholarship programs. For more information on SIFB, contact StaffKiddie Racers kicked off the day’s events. 10K Run Travis Brakeman   Ukiah  36:44 Sid Andreis  Santa Rosa  37:36 Bobby McNeil  Live Oak  39:40 Carson Eggerding  Redwood Valley  41:02 Don Powers  Fort Bragg  41:23 Sean Pentecost  Santa Rosa  42:27 Arnulfo Velazquez  Gilroy  42:31 Jason Lord  Little River  42:43 Tony Tesoriere  Ukiah  42:59 Brett Pentecost  Santa Rosa  43:54 Casey Ales  Kneeland  44:04 Juan Velazquez  Gilroy  44:23 John Petersen  Oakland  45:03 Timothy Hyatt  Boulder Creek  45:27 Robyn Petrusha  Eureka  45:39 Scott Denham  Redwood Valley  45:51 Danielle Brakeman  Ukiah  47:49 Jorge Mart  Ukiah  47:56 John Tendeland  Dayton, NV  48:26 Matthew Arlich  Willits  48:44 Gail Leland  Redwood Valley  49:32 Justin Legenbauer  Reno, NV  49:46 Natalie Mason  Chico  49:49 Tara Castleman  Fort Bragg  50:04 John Naulty  San Mateo County  50:07 Jessica Carey  Colfax  50:32 Lisa Alcala Fort Bragg  50:55 Josue Palomar  Chico  50:59 William Flink  Sacramento  51:15 Brandon Mcgregor  Fort Bragg  51:15 Amanda Koch  Fort Bragg   51:15 Melissa Fornari  Mendocino  52:31 Joshua Ayres  Albion  53:07 Janae Lloyd  Petaluma  53:18 Keith Ford  Ukiah  53:35 Greg Fischer  Chico  53:40 Sarah Fraizer  Berkeley  53:46 Nina Statham  Fort Bragg  54:00 Alanna Ayres  Albion  54:22 Morgan Gray Braunschneider  Truckee  54:22 Myra Oneill  Willits  54:34 Tim Shelhamer  Ukiah  54:45 Kate Petersen  Pasadena  54:56 Jenna Hassel  Fort Bragg  55:16 Cliff Townsend  Sparks, NV  55:32 Nicolet Houtz  Fort Bragg  55:48 Melanie MacTavish  Fort Bragg  56:06 Cynthia Coupe  Fort Bragg  56:44 Beth Kirkley  Ukiah  56:52 Terri Boudreaux  Redwood Valley  57:01 Susan Cordes  Ukiah  57:02 Kyle Cordes  Ukiah  57:14 John Duffy  Morgan Hill  57:31 I.P. Freely  San Francisco  57:32 Jason Sachs  Gualala  57:56 Scott Smith  Greenville  57:59 Gabriella Cobb  Mendocino  58:06 Ben Pearman  Antioch  58:45 Liz Ernst Redwood Valley  58:47 Dan Ladermann  Fort Bragg  59:00 Magdalena Young  Willits  59:30 Cherie Soria Fort Bragg  59:34 Caycee Cullen  San Francisco  59:35 Dan Furtado  Campbell  59:44 Carrie Fishman  Fort Bragg  1:00:19 Sonja Haagen-Smit  Fort Bragg  1:00:20 Allison Duffy  Morgan Hill  1:00:40 Matthew Landry  San Rafael  1:00:42 Michelle Thomson  Santa Rosa  1:01:06 Sei Hee Hwang  McKinleyville  1:01:13 Elly Morton  Ukiah  1:01:13 Marchelo Bresciani  Fort Bragg  1:01:41 Nayo Sicard  Willits  1:01:48 Gabrielle Blanc  Mountain View  1:02:09 Stephen Gross  Fort Bragg  1:02:34 Noelle Kivett  Rocklin  1:03:04 Daniel Helm  Placerville  1:03:08 Steve Lane  Fort Bragg  1:03:13 Todd Sorenson  Fort Bragg  1:03:38 Connie Van Riet  Sebastopol  1:03:41 Dana Baker  Orland  1:03:45 Carrie Corrigan  Santa Rosa  1:04:48 Christina Heath  Davis  1:05:03 Holly Smith  Willits  1:05:29 Jonas Swearengin  Willits  1:05:41 Ana Walker  Patterson  1:06:14 Elijah Walker  Patterson  1:06:14 Sara Moore  Live Oak  1:06:56 Toni Fort  Ukiah  1:07:32 Michael Pease  Fair Oaks  1:07:34 Katie Fairbairn  Ukiah  1:07:35 Susan Graybill  Gold River  1:07:58 Christopher Newey  Grass Valley   1:08:32 Anna Williams  Trinidad  1:08:49 Nathan Cox  Fort Bragg  1:08:55 Roseanne Fallin  Santa Rosa  1:09:07 Megan Smithyman  Fort Bragg  1:09:56 Dana Palius  Oakland  1:11:19 Gina Bertoli  Healdsburg  1:11:36 Samson Clark  Ukiah  1:11:59 Elizabeth Norman  Willits  1:12:38 Dan Thomson  Santa Rosa  1:12:47 Kelly Denham  Redwood Valley  1:12:56 Steven Poor  Hopland  1:13:36 Cindy Holst  Santa Rosa  1:13:45 Butch Pearman  Antioch   1:14:38 Gerry Massey   Long Beach  1:14:46 Keith Slaughter  Chico  1:15:22 Janis Fehrenbach  Ukiah   1:16:08 Mark Clapham  Oakland  1:16:58 Barbara Christianson  Oakland  1:16:58 Donna Dolinar  Paradise  1:18:50 Marissa Kropf  Grass Valley  1:19:54 Lucy Berger  Citrus Heights  1:22:20 Isabella Galarza  Ukiah  1:22:20 Maria Galarza  Ukiah  1:22:20 Jules Mercer   San Francisco  1:24:55 Julie Wood   Fort Bragg  1:24:56 Randy Hayes  Willits  1:25:14 Savannah Lewis  Willits  1:25:15 Sarah Lewis  Willits  1:25:15 Jeffrey Graybill  Gold River  1:26:31 Candy Flink  Sacramento  1:26:33 Alicia Hegje  Roseville  1:27:42 Martin Price  Murphys  1:30:00 Jedediah Swearengin  Willits  1:35:42 Steve Olufs  Windsor  1:41:11 Alicia Burns  Windsor  1:41:12 Jerry Murphy – Contributed5K walkers find their way through the fog. 5K Run Parker Balla  Philo  17:26 Misael Triplett Fort Bragg  19:13 Gerald Vance  Penn Valley  19:49 Jose Huerta Fort Bragg  21:15 Tianna Jardstrom  Fort Bragg  22:04 Alex Nella Sacramento  22:33 Raul Jara Santa Rosa  22:40 Tom Tucker  Fort Bragg  23:41 Samuel Blanco Fort Bragg  23:41 Kelly Pennington  Vacaville  23:44 Victor Hernandez  Red Bluff  23:46 Aria Millen  Fort Bragg  24:12 Brian Wanhala  Fort Bragg  24:34 David Bumpus  Biggs  24:48 Gary Richardson  Napa  25:08 Lupe Toscano  Fort Bragg  25:14 Nathan Yanez  Fort Bragg  25:24 Hunter Gagnon  Mendocino  25:25 Sam Saldana  Fort Bragg  25:29 Kayla Davis  Fort Bragg  25:51 Ally Richardson Napa  26:14 Liz Bennett  Chico  26:19 Alexander Ries  Fort Bragg  26:56 Armand Repulles  Oakland  26:59 Nola Hontou-Marshall  Willits  27:13 Robert Douglas Fort Bragg  27:25 Jennifer Owen  Fort Bragg  27:29 Joel Aguirre Fort Bragg  27:31 Chiyako Ito Hidden Valley Lake  27:35 Mike Bielenberg  Lakeport  27:42 Christopher Blencowe  Fort Bragg  27:47 Elijah Kirkley  Ukiah  28:00 Caleb Broschat  West Sacramento  28:20 Michael Giancaspro  Clearlake Oaks  28:31 Chandra Blencowe  Fort Bragg  28:33 Shelley Zaborowski  Lincoln, NE  28:43 Kyle Kirkley  Ukiah  28:58 Beth Legenbauer  Reno, NV  29:01 Emily Burke  Ukiah  29:03 Brayton Shellman  Fort Bragg  29:07 Ryan Fennie  Napa  29:14 Sophia Yanez  Fort Bragg  29:19 Alexander Reimer  Vacaville  29:37 Jacob Hendricks  Forestville  29:38 Allyson Margerison  Fort Bragg  29:38 Sierra Saldana  Fort Bragg  29:47 Paul Ostendorf  Redding  29:57 John Andersen  Fort Bragg  30:05 Rob Petsche  SF  30:08 Felix Toscano  Fort Bragg   30:09 Jay Koski  Fort Bragg  30:13 Aaron Kropf  Grass Valley  30:18 Trinity Jardstrom  Fort Bragg  30:21 Nancy Riley  Fort Bragg  30:24 Ranolfo Calderon  Fort Bragg  30:34 Samantha Bayless  Sacramento  30:34 Evan Statham  Fort Bragg  30:34 Adrianne Bragg  Mill Valley  30:35 Josh Mather  Sacramento  30:39 Mindy Adamski  Fort Bragg  30:39 Jessica Melcher  Fort Bragg  30:51 Kyle Norton  Mendocino  30:52 Daniel Yanez  Fort Bragg  30:52 Kelly Henning  Orland  30:55 Mallory Melcher  Fort Bragg  30:55 Chrystal Ale  Kneeland  30:56 Kelly Sutton  Fort Bragg  30:56 Michelle Garcia  Healdsburg  30:58 Imelda Padilla  Windsor  30:59 Betty Pearman  Antioch  31:00 Eric Shellman  Fort Bragg  31:05 Denise Tucker  Fort Bragg  31:08 John Loomis  Fort Bragg  31:19 Summer Rexrode  Fort Bragg  31:20 John Barnes  Sacramento  31:26 Conor Hovland  Ukiah  31:28 Emily Berna  Caspar  31:30 Carmen Alcala  Fort Bragg  31:36 Dexter Dearth  Galt  31:39 Cynthia Dearth  Galt  31:43 Drew Nicoll  Ukiah  31:43 Heather Vance  Penn Valley  31:45 Monica Rodriguez Fort Bragg  31:46 Laura Walker  Eureka  31:47 Robert Walker  Willits  31:47 Kati Jackson  Petaluma  31:56 Molly Aday  Ukiah  32:08 Don Bainbridge  Fort Bragg  32:09 Devon Bainbridge  Fort Bragg  32:10 Candace Rossi  Sacramento  32:15 Doris Hegner  Galt  32:16 Lavonna Schrock  Ukiah  32:22 Terra Fuller  Fort Bragg  32:28 Mark A. Newell  Mendocino  32:29 Claudia Reichmuth  Galt  32:33 Wendy Manna  Redding  32:37 Kenneth Ronk  Ukiah  32:46 Kylie Galliani  Fort Bragg  33:31 Ashley Brant  Meriden, CT  33:31 Eddie Amundsen  Fort Bragg  33:32 Jennifer Alfaro  Fort Bragg  33:39 Angelica Lonato  Fort Bragg  33:46 Tasia Jardstrom  Fort Bragg  34:07 Tyler Burbeck  Fort Bragg  34:13 Tom Riley  Fort Bragg  34:17 Steven Campbell  Talmage  34:20 Chuck Petrusha  Eureka  34:36 Julie Rhoads  Fort Bragg  34:47 Tyler Rhoads  Fort Bragg  34:47 Keith Jose Dixon  34:51 Carolyn Campbell Oakhurst  34:53 Barbara Overton  Orland  35:24 Karen Flores Sacramento  35:28 Laura Crawford  Sparks, NV  35:44 Maria Tuccori  Dixon  35:51 Debbie Baggett  Yuba City  35:59 Echo Hovland  Ukiah  35:59 Katie Sibley  Yuba City  35:59 Danyal Parrish  Fort Bragg  36:02 Richard Kimball  Albany  36:05 Cathy Collins  Yuba City  36:42 Toshia Chavez  Denver, CO  36:44 Marc Wasserman  Mendocino  37:07 Hayley Ross  Fort Bragg  37:08 Jeremy Isenberg  Atherton  37:08 Kristin Kimball  Albany  37:19 Savanah Gipson  Willits  37:20 Priscilla Krasmer  Fort Bragg  37:27 Michelle Juarez  San Francisco  37:55 Judith Bullock  Cobb  38:21 Allison Upton  Chico  38:22 Kali Brousseau  Chico  38:23 Cindy Peterson  Cloverdale  38:39 Mike Peterson  Cloverdale  38:39 Matthew Gaughen  Fort Bragg  38:46 Cindy Maloney  Sacramento  38:47 Elijah Hendricks  Fort Bragg  38:55 Abbe Arkelian  Laytonville  39:15 Aimee Brownworth  Angwin  39:27 Dena Deniz  Oroville  39:36 Selah Clark  Ukiah  39:58 Nichole Poor  Hopland  39:58 Max Berna  Caspar  40:01 Zoe Berna  Caspar  40:02 Ron Lane  Weimar  40:09 Andrew Gasparini  San Ramon  40:10 Jessica Stephens  Reno, NV  40:44 Jordan Newman  Fort Bragg  41:33 Tara Mcgregor  Fort Bragg  41:34 Debra Anders  Wheatland  41:38 Vanessa Stephens  Virginia City, NV  41:47 Jennifer Traumann  Forestville  41:59 Ashley Sawyer  Penngrove  42:07 Kelly Brant  Fort Bragg  42:55 Jocelyn Broschat  West Sacramento  43:10 Rebecca Mather  Sacramento  43:11 JoAnn Holliday  Willits  43:11 Virginia Cholez  Kelseyville  43:14 Tracy Schwenson Fort Bragg  43:19 Laurie Maloy Fort Bragg  44:00 Marta Benson  Herald  44:03 Rick Traumann  Forestville  44:07 Glynn Fitzegerald  Fort Bragg  44:15 Cameron Rhoads  Fort Bragg  44:26 Drew Rhoads  Fort Bragg  44:27 Michael Thorson  Oroville  44:37 James Roettger  Oroville  44:53 Janet Wasserman  Mendocino  45:29 Dennis Lewis  Fortuna  45:40 Mike Rogers  Mendocino  45:52 Jennifer Begier  Oroville  45:53 Nicole Gold  Fort Bragg  46:09 Serena Gold  Fort Bragg  46:12 Micah Ries  Fort Bragg  46:28 Abigail Ries  Fort Bragg  46:30 Bodie Olson  Willits  46:33 Harper Olson  Willits  46:33 Wyatt Regalado  Willits  46:36 Heather Walker  Willits  47:39 Collin Olson Day  Fort Bragg  47:53 Zachary Friedley  Mendocino  47:54 Susannah Olson Day  Fort Bragg  48:47 Mary Muto  Fort Bragg  48:48 Marsha Jutovsky-Cain  Sacramento  49:09 Graham Olson  Willits  49:16 Elizabeth Whipkey-Olson  Willits  49:16 Hannah Davenport  Fort Bragg  49:17 Nancy Johnson  Clearlake  51:29 Margaret Robertson  Benicia  51:51 Ariel Reimer  Vacaville  51:59 Roxanne James  Sacramento  52:02 Steven Olson  Willits  52:21 Emmalia Regalado  Willits   52:25 Kent Nickel  Healdsburg  52:40 Tammy Gonzales  Ukiah  52:42 Richard Smith  Willits  53:11 Lily Naal  Fort Bragg  53:30 Amari Fishman  Fort Bragg  53:35 Isaac Fishman  Fort Bragg  53:38 Sarah Coon  Willits  54:03 Christie Olson Day  Mendocino  54:17 Rhiannon Hawthorn  Fort Bragg  54:17 Nakeba Trammel  Willits  55:45 Dean Pearson  Fort Bragg  59:02 Hailee Newey  Grass Valley  59:58 Coleton Kropf  Penngrove  59:59 Joanne Hendricks  Fort Bragg  1:00:13 Joel Hendricks  Fort Bragg  1:00:14 Ashley Statham  Fort Bragg   1:00:19 Kelly Hendricks  Fort Bragg, CA  1:00:24 Tanya Michel  Kelseyville  1:04:20 David Williams  Windsor  1:04:22 Kyla Neeley  Lakeport  1:09:17 Alice Holmes  Lakeport  1:11:14 Danny Neeley  Lakeport  1:12:09 Eva Lovrin  Nice  1:13:11 Emily Holmes  Lakeport  1:13:59 Anna Lovrin  Nice   1:13:59 Janese Summit  Potter Valley  1:15:27 Laura Perry  McKinleyville  1:15:28 Harvey Cain  Sacramento  1:34:50
21 Mar 19
Baggett Whittle's Blog

caption Amazon Air. source Hollis Johnson/Samantha Lee/Defence Online An Amazon Air plane called CustomAir Obsession crashed on February 23, killing all three people on board. The cause of the crash remains unknown. In conversations with Defence Online before the crash, several pilots who fly planes for Amazon Air said they thought an accident was inevitable. […]

21 Mar 19
Andre Eger

An Amazon Air plane called CustomAir Obsession crashed on February 23, killing all three people on board. The cause of the crash remains unknown. In conversations with Business Insider before the crash, several pilots who fly planes for Amazon Air said they thought an accident was inevitable. These planes aren’t owned by Amazon, and the […]

18 Mar 19
Marvelous Work and a Wonder®

Many will say that your Ol’ Gramps is very selfish and doesn’t care about anyone but himself.  The “many” would be absolutely correct. How could I not be selfish and completely self-centered after finding out that the entire reality of my conscious existence upon Earth is an involuntary product of my True Self’s advanced brain? Everyone […]

17 Mar 19

A HACKING TOOL IS A PROGRAM DESIGNED TO ASSIST WITH HACKING SUMMARY OF THIS RESOURCE This list and resource sprung to life when we organized an online poll way back in 2013 that was very well received and the below are the recommended tools that you all voted as the ‘Top Ten List of Hacking […]

16 Mar 19
Archy news nety

Here is the premise of March Madness: from 68 National Collegiate Athletic Assn. teams will be a winner. If you are participating in the tournament, which starts on Tuesday (here is the program), your trips will take you to cities across the country. Here are some things to know, places to eat and drink and […]

15 Mar 19
Dirt Hub

Sunday March the 17th was to be the day of round 2 of the South West Off Road Motocross Moto logic series for 2019. With high winds over the course of the weekend, the Littlehempston track was in prime condition and ready to see some action on behalf of the hosting club Teignbridge. Report by […]

08 Mar 19
Marvelous Work and a Wonder®

Grandkids, you will have probably heard and read quite a few things about your ol’ Grandpa.  More than likely, most are bad things.  Most are filled with hate.  Most are a cause of people not properly understanding the choices that I have made in my life. I am not a son any longer.  I am […]

04 Mar 19
The Australian

That’s it for the Trading Day blog for Tuesday, March 5. The RBA unsprisingly kept rates steady while the latest balance of payments figures from the ABS showed a narrowing of the current account. China lowered its growth forecasts for the year at its People’s Congress and urged US co-operation.

03 Mar 19

Marian K is a personal stylist, senior editor of ITS Fashion magazine, blogger who helps people find their best fashion and beauty self through her blog, Instagram and styling.  The consultant who was born in The Gambia, West Africa and is of Ghanaian heritage. The Gambia is a small country but so vibrant in color […]

28 Feb 19
Avascular Necrosis-Osteonecrosis Education and Resources

Avascular Necrosis Doctors Listed By State for USA Copyright©Debla by Deborah Andio 2015 Alabama. Alabama Orthopaedic Surgeons F. Spain Hodges, M.D. Jason D. Cobb, M.D. Donald H. Slappey, Jr., M.D. 52 Medical Park East Drive Suite 220, Birmingham, AL 35235 Phone: 205-838-4747 Fax: 205-838-2712 | 205-838-4510 Jeffrey Wade, M.D. Kenneth Jaffe, M.D Robert Sorrell, M.D […]