13 Dec 18

di dalam hamparan kesengsaraan, kau menikam berkali-kali tubuhku yang goyah. cinta musnah. kebeningan kata-kata yang seringkali kukecupkan, punah di lidah. dan mimpiku air mata puisi ini. hanya dusta. kesunyian yang tunggal, ia tinggal di lubuk kedinginan. dan kedinginan sendiri semacam pisau bermata dua: menikam nyali dan nurani, menumpahkan darah dari kilau sesaat. di sana tidak […]

12 Dec 18
Reading, Writing and Rap

Armand Hammer – Paraffin Hermit and the Recluse ­­ – Orpheus vs. the Sirens Dessa – Chime Evidence – Whether or Not Henry Canyons – Cool Side Of The Pillow Zilla Rocca – Future Former Rapper JPEGMAFIA – Veteran Jean Grae & Quelle Chris – Everything’s Fine Milo – Budding Ornithologists Are Weary of Tired […]

12 Dec 18
Jorge's Portfolio

Realizing My Potential Are you confident in what you do in your everyday routine? I know that I’m not as confident as I should be, considering my effort placed in whatever I do. When looking at what I’ve been able to do, it is surprising that I don’t try to push myself further. It would […]

12 Dec 18
Bastard Urbanism

Los Angeles is full of glittering art museums that one day will make for splendid ruins. Even after a changing climate forces us to abandon these shores, these treasure houses will still stand above the scorched earth, waiting to be rediscovered after humanity’s recovery. Future archaeologists will delight in them, trying to glean meaning from […]

12 Dec 18
Yeshiva World News

National Shas Chairman and minister of Interior Aryeh Deri met on Tuesday with the four elected Shas members of the Jerusalem City Council and revealed to them the agreement reached between Shas and the Degel HaTorah faction regarding the portfolio for the directorship of the Charedi Education System. The portfolio has been a major point […]

12 Dec 18
meneer Soemo

The all-inclusive format spans a broad spectrum of genres.

11 Dec 18
Focus Hip Hop

This EP was released on November 30th this year. I’m pretty sure this is the spiritual successor to that Lunch Meat EP he dropped at the beginning of June. I didn’t end up reviewing that project, but it was pretty good. Benny the Butcher easily had the best verse on the whole project. I’m kind […]

11 Dec 18

Parte 1: siamo i Goebbels di noi stessi… “Ripetiti una bugia cento, mille, un milione di volte, e diventerà una verità” – Joseph Goebbels. Gli osservatori più attenti noteranno che la citazione è sbagliata, ci sono due lettere in più, ho cambiato “ripeti” in “ripetiti”, ora andiamo a scoprire il perché: La nostra memoria funziona […]

11 Dec 18
Health Blog

by Christian Duque Americans have had a long love of boxing that goes back more than a hundred years. Some of the greats transcended the sport. Rocky Marciano defended his heavyweight title for half a decade, never losing a match, retiring undefeated. Other greats like Joe Frasier won the gold medal at the Olympics and […]

11 Dec 18
Grown Up Rap

The Big Rap Cookbook features recipes from some of the finest names in hip-hop, including Masta Ace, The Doppelgangaz, Sonnyjim, Marco Polo and many more. We spoke to the book’s authors, Sam “Fatty” Hemingway and Scott “Booda” French, for the lowdown on how the project was created, who writes the best foodie rap lyrics, and a […]