18 Feb 19

Kristy Lee

margorobbie: #have someone look at you the way monica and chandler look at each other  Source: margorobbie

28 Dec 18

The Modern Age

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10 Dec 18

I'm in the sky tonight

margorobbie: Do you like girls who s w o o n, Jon Snow? Source: margorobbie

06 Nov 18


margorobbie: Since there have been men and women, there have been funny women. Fucking idiot-ass men keep saying that women aren’t funny. Source: margorobbie

02 Nov 18

Blog Archive!

beeslyp: “I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.” ― Vincent van Gogh Source: margorobbie

23 Sep 18

Diary's Blog

margorobbie: #the kitten in the forth gif is a mood  Source: margorobbie

30 Aug 18

Site Title

margorobbie: #jess going for rory’s ass in the last gif tho 

25 Aug 18

Create a mess

margorobbie: #jake’s kink has been exposed 

25 Jul 18

life is not a song

margorobbie: Not enough for me? You are everything. 

12 Jul 18

Who Knows???

margorobbie: #the kitten in the forth gif is a mood 

19 Jun 18

Loki is the Philosopher King

margorobbie: #jake’s kink has been exposed