19 Jun 19
The Chestnut Post

NEW YORK, June 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc has just announced that they will join Revman International Inc.’s prestigious portfolio of designer collections for the home. The Kenneth Cole brand will launch at the September 2019 New York Home Fashions Market week with bedding, bath, and beach collections that will be available […]

19 Jun 19

Marimekko is known for its bright floral prints, stripes and Finnish subtle lines. At the Summer 2019 Fashionshow the atmosphere was great, music was a mixture of samples of international and Finnish musicians. It was a sunny day at Esplanade park, opposite the finest shopping promenade in Helsinki. The show had a brief introduction speech, […]

18 Jun 19
Skyscanner's Travel Blog
Forget confusing public transport and budget-busting taxis. The best way to experience a city like a local is on your own two feet. Not to mention it’s free, and eco-friendly too. We’ve picked five destinations where you can literally take exploring in your stride and suggested routes that join the dots between the sights and sounds you won’t want to miss… 1. Melbourne, Australia – fly from £454 Photo credit: GordonBellPhotography Helpfully, Melbourne’s Capital City Trail makes it easy for walkers to tick off the main hotspots without having to pore over a map for hours. The 29km route takes in portions of other walks, such as the Merri Creek, Yarra River and Hobsons Bay trails and passes through urban icons including the South Bank, the famous cricket ground known simply as ‘The G’ and the waterfront Docklands suburb where you can ride the Melbourne Star. A meander among the city’s famous laneways is a must. Tucked between the skyscrapers of Melbourne’s CBD, alleys such as Hosier Lane, Duckboard Place and Strachan Lane are home to ever-changing displays of street art, while other lanes house eclectic shops, restaurants and cafés. At nearby Federation Square, you’ll find the city’s ACMI (the Australian Centre for the Moving Image) and the iconic Flinders Street Railways Station. From there, you can hop across the Yarra and stroll from Alexandra Gardens to the Royal Botanic Gardens, the perfect place for a picnic. The gardens are also home to the Aboriginal Heritage Walk, a guided tour of the ancestral lands of the Kulin nation. For a taste of Melbourne’s famous coffee culture, you’ll find flat white heaven in the hip inner-north neighbourhoods of Fitzroy, Collingwood and Brunswick. Grab your caffeine fix ‘to go’ at an independent roaster like Industry Beans then wander to Fitzroy’s Rose Street Artists’ Market. Further south, Grand Prix fans can walk the 4.2km Albert Park Formula 1 circuit, which circumnavigates a lake with fab views of the city skyline. Or mooch about the beach suburb of St Kilda, with its alfresco cafés, grungy live music venues and iconic Luna Park. The Tolarno Hotel (from £47) in the heart of St Kilda on Fitzroy St is a destination in itself, with original artworks on display and a fab restaurant. Fly to Melbourne from £454 Search hotels in Melbourne 2. Kyoto, Japan – fly from £437 Photo credit: David Emrich Home to more than 1,000 Buddhist temples, traditional teahouses and Instagram-worthy streets, Kyoto is also delightfully compact and flat, making it one of Japan’s most walkable cities. Handily, many tourist hotspots are huddled in the Higashiyama district. Explore it over a couple of days, starting at Sanjusangendo near Kyoto Station and heading north. En route you’ll discover Gion, the traditional Geisha district known as the ‘floating world’ of Kyoto. The main thoroughfare of Hanami-koji Lane is full of restaurants, bars and teahouses, and the picturesque lanes that spring off it are enticing for an after-dinner stroll. Running alongside the Shirakawa Canal, Shimbashi is arguably the prettiest street in the whole of Asia, particularly all aglow at dusk and when the cherry blossoms are in bloom from late March to early April. Rest your head at the cosy Kyoto Granbell Hotel (from £96) in the heart of Gion and, the next day, head just southeast of Gion to Nene-no-Michi, one of Kyoto’s most scenic lanes. Follow it north to Maruyama-koen Park and visit grand Chion-in Temple – the steps up to the main compound were used in 2003’s The Last Samurai – and Shoren-in Temple, which exudes tranquillity. From here you can head east to Nanzen-ji district, home to one of the most important Zen temples in Japan, and join the Path of Philosophy, which follows the cherry-tree lined canal along the base of the Higashiyama Mountains to Ginkaku-ji (or Silver Pavilion). Further afield, the golden temple of Kinkaku-Ji in the far north is a must-see with its gold-leaf-covered exterior mirrored on a shimmering lake, while down south, the mountainside Shinto shrine of Fushimi Inari-Taisha and its iconic red shrine gates is a truly arresting spectacle. Head west and you can wander through the magical Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. And bang in Kyoto’s centre, the Imperial Palace Park is a vast swathe of green that boasts an incredible variety of trees. Fly to Osaka from £437 Search hotels in Kyoto 3. Vancouver, Canada – fly from £271 Photo credit: Remi Yuan With its mountain backdrop and ocean vistas, the scenery alone would make this Pacific city a pedestrian’s paradise. But walkability is actually Vancouver’s top priority as it sets out to become the greenest city in the world by 2020. The strategy includes a new network of Pedestrian Wayfinding Maps dotted at more than 200 stands throughout the city. The first maps are centred around trendy downtown districts including Coal Harbour, Gastown and Yaletown, which make the perfect base for your stay. The Riviera on Robson (from £136) boasts awesome city and harbour views and is the perfect jumping off point for Stanley Park, 1,000 acres of forest, formal gardens and the beautiful Lost Lagoon. You can loop around the whole park by walking the seawall, a 9km vehicle-free pathway that takes two to three hours to complete. A must-see en route are the totem poles at Brockton Point, towering monuments of First Nation history on the eastern side of the park. On the western side, head up Prospect Point Lookout for amazing views of the North Shore Mountains, the Lions Gate Bridge and Burrard Inlet. The scenic promenade from the south side of False Creek to Granville Island is an easy 2.9km waterside wander that takes in the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics Village. Granville Island itself is a gastronomic oasis, with more than 70 eateries, Canada’s first microbrewery and the famous Public Market, packed to the rafters with fresh local produce. Fly to Vancouver from £271 Search hotels in Vancouver 4. Helsinki, Finland – fly from £85 Photo credit: scanrail The Finnish capital is another city gunning for greenness. Already incredibly pedestrian-friendly, plans are underway to develop a network of dense, walkable and interconnected neighbourhoods with the aim of making car ownership obsolete by 2025. Helsinki combines a pocket-sized, culture-packed centre with a scenic coastal location, making it a wonderful place to discover on foot. A quick ferry takes you out to its archipelago of around 330 islands, including Pihlajasaari – the most popular place to while away a sunny day. Or walk around the bays of Kaisaniemenlahti, Eläintarhanlahti, and Töölönlahti from Kaisaniemi Park. It’s even more stunning in winter, when the lakes become shimmering sheets of ice. Head to Tokoinranta Park on the northern side and make a pit stop for a coffee and korvapuusti (cinnamon roll) at Hakaniemi Market Hall. Then continue around the top of Töölö Bay and visit the Winter Garden’s glass greenhouses filled with ferns and tropical plants. On the southern shore, check out Töölönlahti park, which often hosts cultural events, and admire the architectural grandeur of the National Opera House and Finlandia Hall. The south harbour adjacent to the city centre offers more waterside wonders, including the Skywheel, Uspenski Cathedral, the Presidential Palace, and Market Square for local arts and crafts galore. Nearby you’ll find Helsinki’s design quarter featuring a stunning line-up of Finnish brands including Marimekko, Littala and Artek. The guided Design Walk, which departs from Esplanade Park, is a fascinating insight into this Finnish obsession — and a chance to pick up a future design classic. The route includes Hotel Klaus K, one of Helsinki’s chicest addresses just off the Esplanade (from £159). Fly to Helsinki from £85 Search hotels in Helsinki 5. Florence, Italy – fly from £51 Photo credit: SerrNovik Often compared to an open-air museum, Florence boasts incredible historical sites around every corner and, thanks to the centre of the city being closed off to cars, walking is by far the best way to absorb all the world-class culture on offer. Get your bearings from Piazzale Michelangelo, a large square with sprawling views over the whole of Firenze and its snaking Arno River. You’ll need energy reserves to climb the stairs so it’s best tackled first off, then head to the Duomo, or Cattedrale di Santa Maria, with its intricately tiled dome. A tourist trap, maybe, but jaws still drop at the sight of this awe-inspiring Gothic wonder. Grab a coffee at Mercato Centrale before heading to the world-famous Uffizi Gallery, home to Renaissance masterpieces by the likes of Michelangelo, Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci. Just remember to book ahead to beat the queues. Then counter all that high-brow culture with some window shopping of the jewellery shops lining Ponte Vecchio. Can’t afford a sparkler? A gelato at La Strega Nocciola is a worthy substitute. Look up from the bridge and you’ll spot the Vasari Corridor, an elevated passageway constructed in 1565 so Duke Cosimo Medici could move securely from his home in Palazzo Vecchio to the his ‘office’ at the Pitti Palace. Now a giant museum of modern art, silver, porcelain, and costume jewellery, the Medici’s former royal residence is well worth a visit, as are the beautiful Boboli Gardens behind it. A short hop away is Santo Spirito Square, a beautiful piazza loved by locals with plenty of bar and restaurant terraces providing wine, pizza and respite for tired feet. Don’t forget to check out the frescos by Botticelli and Filippino Lippi at the Basilica of Santa Maria of Santo Spirito while you’re there, then stay in style at nearby Casa Santo Nome di Gesu (from £77), elegant digs set in a 15th century building with original frescoes. Fly to Florence from £51 Search hotels in Florence Are you ready for a city-walking break? Search for flights below: Search car hire Download the Skyscanner app All flight and prices mentioned in this article are estimates of the cheapest prices based on Skyscanner’s flight search tools. These are subject to change and were correct at time of writing on 18 June 2019.
17 Jun 19
Creatively Annette

I’m not dressing in my work clothes daily. Every time I look in my closet , I realize how many of my dresses are black. A few months ago, in a fit of something, I took a beautiful silk Mom probably bought in Thailand and with an old pattern (ca. 1983) made a slip-on dress […]

17 Jun 19
Makers Got To Make

Today I am talking all about prints on clothes. My two worlds collided when I started exploring surface pattern design a perfect partner for my growing love of sewing.  So far most of my makes are either a solid colour, or stripes. I was trying to keep things simple and cohesive and I really didn’t […]

12 Jun 19
The STAT Trade Times

Finnish lifestyle design company Marimekko has partnered with DSV to provide logistics and warehousing services for its new online store in China. Link

11 Jun 19
Dandelion Chandelier

Some airlines take your comfort in the air (and your appearance once you land) very seriously. And they offer amenity kits with some of the best beauty products out there. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has rounded up the most luxurious airline amenity kits in the sky right now.

10 Jun 19

Excel,PowerPoint和Word的主要生產力插件。微軟最完整和最高質量的套件。針對財務和其他專業人士的Office生產力插件。 更有效地建立財務模型和演示文稿–常規任務節省80%以上的時間–電源建模工具–高級配方–審計–圖表工具–幾十個鍵盤–快捷方式–可靠地鏈接到Excel –目錄/ –議程自動化–檢查演示文稿是否有錯誤–共享內容&–模板庫–查找和導航–更輕鬆–工作簿優化–廣泛的定制–企業部署 使用我們強大的一流審計工具減少錯誤–對於高級用戶來說絕對必不可少–僅使用鍵盤輕鬆瀏覽工作表和工作簿中的公式輸入–類似地導航單元格的依賴項,顯示被審計單元格正在驅動的公式和圖表–使用基於樹的導航深入了解先例/受撫養者,以幫助您了解驅動公式的所有內容–逐個分析複雜的公式,看看公式的哪一部分對整體結果有貢獻–可視化突出顯示公式錯誤,異常值和其他可能會被忽視的不一致性–一次查看多個單元格的先例/從屬跟踪箭頭或導航單元格時 保持您的演示文稿議程更新,以便您可以專注於內容–無縫地將議程幻燈片與本機PowerPoint部分同步–與PowerPoint部分的深度集成可在添加,刪除,移動或重命名部分時使您的議程保持最新–支持兩種議程樣式–在(a)目錄幻燈片或(b)flysheets(每個部分開頭的分隔幻燈片)上顯示議程–顯示內容幻燈片上的部分/子部分標題,在議程更改時自動更新–智能地折疊子部分,使更多議程主題適合單張幻燈片並提高可讀性–智能省略部分錶格,以減少展示長度和打印成本–智能地避免在幻燈片放映期間顯示背對背的飛盤–在目錄中包含幻燈片標題或其他文本–完全可定制的議程/表格外觀 將單元格和圖表從Excel導出到PowerPoint和Word更加輕鬆和專業–將單元格和圖表導出為PowerPoint和Word作為圖片,嵌入式工作簿,表格,圖表等–隱藏Excel界面元素–藍色打印預覽邊框,紅色單元格註釋指示符,網格線以及更多–並自動重新著色字體,以獲得更專業的輸出–自動檢查導出數據中的公式錯誤,有助於避免演示文稿和文檔中出現令人尷尬的錯誤–導入的形狀(例如圖片,表格)智能定位和大小,避免了原生粘貼形狀所需的繁瑣調整 提高演示質量,避免令人尷尬的錯誤–在將演示文稿發送到客戶端或進行打印之前,檢查幻燈片的格式,佈局,內容和語法錯誤以及不一致性–提高對企業設計標準和品牌的遵從性–超過100次檢查問題,如不一致的單詞連字和縮寫,缺少腳註,調色板偏差,不正確的子彈格式,丟失標點符號,缺少圖表標籤,圖像失真等等–與其他解決方案不同,Macabacus檢查圖表和智能藝術–確切地查明問題的位置,問題的詳細解釋以及發現不一致的發生頻率–通過自定義的修復菜單解決問題,這些修復突出顯示了演示文稿中的主要約定,以幫助您選擇修復–立即為整個演示文稿設置校對語言,以修復標記為拼寫錯誤的單詞,這些單詞顯然不是 使用可靠的鏈接將PowerPoint和Word鏈接到Excel數據–將Excel中的單元格和圖錶鍊接到PowerPoint / Word中的形狀和文本,並通過單擊按鈕更新鏈接–與本機Office鏈接不同,當源電子表格的結構發生變化時,Macabacus鏈接不會中斷,而且肯定會這樣做–相對於嵌入本機Office鏈接所需的工作簿,減少了演示文稿/文檔的文件大小– PowerPoint和Word中的內聯文本鏈接允許您使用易於更新的電子表格中的數字來編寫段落–版本控制有助於在更新鏈接時識別更新版本的源文件,並建議重新鏈接選項–自動鏈接檢測支持使用Dropbox等服務在雲中共享的文件 組織中所有用戶共享的可重用內容和模板的存儲庫–共享庫加快了準備工作並促進了演示文稿,電子表格和文檔的標準化–圖書館內容可以包括幻燈片(例如,團隊頁面),Office形狀(例如,圖標),圖像(例如,客戶端徽標),圖表和交易模板–庫模板可以包括演示模板,電子表格模板(用作構建新模型時的起點)和文檔模板(例如傳真封面頁)–從庫中插入的幻燈片已鏈接,只需單擊按鈕即可更新到庫中的最新版本–類似谷歌的文本搜索即時返回匹配的內容–創建“文檔組”以按業務單位或任何其他類別對已發布的模板進行分類– Macabacus支持3個圖書館–一個供個人使用的個人圖書館,以及可以共享的團隊和公司圖書館–本地緩存遠程庫以實現脫機可用性–修改公司庫需要管理員權限 在Excel中使用圖表從未如此簡單–輕鬆創建用於財務和諮詢的複雜圖表,包括瀑布,足球場,蝴蝶和Marimekko圖表–從預先填充虛擬數據的Macabacus庫中插入圖表,而無需在復雜的圖表數據結構上進行操作–將增長率(CAGR)箭頭添加到隨圖表數據更改而更新的柱形圖。豐富的格式選項可為您提供所需的精確外觀–輕鬆地在堆積柱形圖中的列上方添加總計標籤–通過兩次鼠標單擊將圖表中的數據系列重新著色為您的首選顏色–堆疊圖表以創建儀表板并快速確定多個圖表的圖表/描述區域的大小和位置–更有效地處理數據標籤–使用Macabacus創建的圖表是100%原生的–您不需要使用Macabacus來處理它們–減少圖形專業人員為內部客戶創建和修改圖表所花費的時間 幾乎無限的定制可能性滿足即使是最大的機構的需求–配置Macabacus設置–顏色,字體,Tombstone等–以反映您公司的品牌標識和設計標準–自定義許多非格式化相關工具的行為,以反映個人或組織工作流程首選項–為所有用戶部署自定義項,使Office文檔的外觀符合單一標準,並為所有用戶標準化Macabacus體驗–將設置保存到雲端,以確保所有設備的一致性–使用我們的定制服務(額外費用)加速部署,將您的設計標準轉換為Macabacus設置 在您的客戶宣傳冊中展示貴公司與Tombstone幻燈片的諮詢服務–快速生成Tombstone幻燈片或“信用”頁面,為您的客戶推銷書突出諮詢活動並幫助您的公司贏得新業務– Tombstone發佈到Macabacus圖書館,因此可以在整個組織內共享,以方便每個人訪問–強大的過濾器可幫助您查找和排序顯示與您的推文受眾和主題相關的交易的邏輯刪除–根據您的演示文稿佈局和其他偏好,智能地在幻燈片上排列模板 系統要求:Macabacus適用於Windows 10-7(32位和64位)的Microsoft Office 2016-2010(32位和64位)桌面安裝。我們不再支持Microsoft已正式退役的Office 2007。 更新日誌 v8.11.0: [Excel, PowerPoint, Word] Overhauled Library panes with major UI improvements, better high-density display support, bug fixes, new tools for administrators to manage content directly within Library panes, and support for future functionality (except […]

07 Jun 19
Daily musings

For some reason my work phone gets notifications about news in the UK and it’s never bothered me enough for me to find why it’s happening… so from time to time I get random bits and pieces of what’s happening there and apparently today is May’s last day. I’ll be honest, I used to care […]

02 Jun 19
Newsy Today

CLOSE Vinesyard Vines are for target collection here! Here's how to get what you want if you woke up late. Nathan Rousseau Smith explains. Buzz60 Shoppers looking for the Vineyard Vineyard line are not completely successful, but it is not smooth sailing. Items in the designer collaboration that inspired the summer began selling out minutes […]

31 May 19

CLOSE The Vineyard Vines for Target collection is here! Here’s how to get what you want if you woke up late. Nathan Rousseau Smith explains. Buzz60 Shoppers hunting for Target’s Vineyard Vines line aren’t completely out of luck, but it’s not smooth sailing either. Items in the summer-inspired designer collaboration started selling out minutes after going on […]

29 May 19
Phung's art

LỊCH SỬ HÌNH THÀNH Con đường của thiết kế Scandinavian trở thành một trong những phong cách thiết kế vượt trội trên thế giới khởi đầu từ đầu thế kỷ 21 thực chất là đã bắt đầu suốt từ thế kỷ 19. Trong suốt quá trình này, các đế chế hưng thịnh và suy tàn, […]

28 May 19
C Sews

Hi, I finished my Frocktails skirt in February to wear at the Bay Area Sewists Frocktails event earlier this year. I finished it just a few hours before the event began. It began as my Sew Frosting project but I didn’t finish it in November and then I thought of it as my #SewHappyColor project. […]