18 Feb 19
Camino MMXX

Trail Time I am not in great shape. Twenty years of riding a desk has taken its toll – and although I have done the odd hike now and again, I can’t kid myself into thinking I am good to go 20-30k/day on the Camino when I barely even stand up most days. So I […]

18 Feb 19
Austin's Wild Shots

Topically speaking, zoos have been a point of contention since their establishment, yet the possession of animals for personal pleasure has invariably been of interest to humankind. Ancient Chinese, Greek, and Egyptian societies are few of the many early civilizations that have documented records of acquiring exotic animals for personal satisfaction. Contemporarily, this inquisitive behavior […]

18 Feb 19

A ruff of soft faux fur trims the removable hood of a waterproof jacket warmed by 700-fill power down. Style Name: Marmot Stonehaven Waterproof 700 Fill Power Down Jacket With Faux Fur Trim. Style Number: 5649482. Available in stores.

18 Feb 19
The Alpine Marmot Project

In this video you will discover more about our project at Col du Lautaret! Marmots are at minute 25 and 30 seconds. The video is in French but it is translated in English. The video was recorded by Finan Rodinson and Baptiste Serre, two amateur students passionate about climbing and botany.

18 Feb 19 at Pressable
18 Feb 19
Centre for Health Promotion Research Blog

CHPR Blog February 2019 – Louise Warwick-Booth Social inequality is a pervasive issue across all societies globally, and there is a large and ever-growing evidence base detailing the myriad of ways in which it exists. UK inequality levels are high compared to many other countries and this is negative for all of us – even […]

18 Feb 19

The North Face is an outwear company based in California. The clothing and equipment lines are catered toward outdoor enthusiasts such as climbers, mountaineers, skiers, snowboarders, hikers and endurance athletes. The slogan “Never Stop Exploring” is to attract the explorer archetype. This individual is eager to be involved in adventure, searching for something new. 1. […]