16 Dec 18

I enjoy running. What I mean by that of course, is that I enjoy pretending to run while actually walking. Expectation : Reality: While “running”, I was listening to a lifestyle podcast I tune into, (The Ultimate Health Podcast, by Dr Jesse Chappus, & Marni wasssermun, #265) that hosted a guest speaker, Neil Pasricha. I […]

15 Dec 18
Introvert Unbound

On episode #8 of the Introvert Unbound Podcast, Wes chats with Social Anxiety, Anxiety, and Depression Coach Marni Penner about how people can overcome even crippling social anxiety to achieve their social, happiness, work, and life goals. Download episode here.

15 Dec 18
Concierge Medicine Today

Last Updated: December2018/January 2019 Edition | © 2019 Concierge Medicine Today, LLC. Concierge Medicine Industry Statistics In 2018-2019 Concierge Medicine Doctors and Membership Medicine programs have become more popular in the past five to ten years, particularly in middle-class and upper middle-class suburban and metropolitan marketplaces. These subscription-based, membership medicine business models primarily in family […]

15 Dec 18
Lust In Fashion

AI AKA Artificial intelligence: computer completed tasks by simulating human intelligence. Blockchain: states of information at a determined moment in time represented by a chain of blocks. Each block can be traced to the previous one while each chain of blocks resides independently in a decentralised network which requires general consensus and thus ensures validity. Blockchain […]

15 Dec 18

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