10 Dec 18
To DaVinci, From Imhotep

How Gentrification and Displacement Are Remaking Boston By Zebulon Miletsky and Tomas Gonzalez November 28, 2017 Comments Off This post is part of our online forum on Race, Property, and Economic History. “Roxbury Love” mural on Warren Street, Boston. (Photo: Joe Difazio for WBUR) Ask anyone in Boston, “what’s going on in Roxbury?” and the word you’re most […]

08 Nov 18
Tales of Heros

I thought this was the most interesting archetype that we have talked about so far in this course. The biggest reason was the realization that a heroine is not just a female hero but there is a specific way the character is developed to achieve a specific purpose of bridging boundaries of masculine and feminine. […]

10 Dec 18
Life Lyrics

I received a Christmas card in the mail today from a couple that I have known for years.  It was a beautiful holiday family photo card with three generations together. They have been sending family photo cards to their friends and clients forever – since long before I knew them and I have known them for […]

10 Dec 18
Non-Sport Trading Cards

1976 Topps Marvel Super Heroes Stickers Box **BBCE Authenticated** 36 Wax Packs – Buy – 1976 Topps Marvel Super Heroes Stickers Box **BBCE Authenticated** 36 Wax Packs

10 Dec 18

With Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, their latest animated outing, producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller took a big swing, experimenting with bold formal choices to meet great power with great responsibility. The big screen debut of Miles Morales—an Afro-Latino teenager who dons the spidey suit, within a Marvel multiverse—Spider-Man would feature an unprecedented visual presentation befitting […]

10 Dec 18
Rolling Stone
There’s long been a collective yawn toward virtual reality. But the minds behind the Void have the answer. The four-year-old company, which has eight locations around the world and plans to build five more, is betting on “hyper-reality,” 360-degree VR and real-life interactions that combine to create an immersive experience set in the world of movies from Ghostbusters to Star Wars and more (including a collaboration with Marvel Studios next year). Before stepping into the faux world (a room of about 20×20 feet), visitors don a VR headset, noise-canceling headphones and a wireless haptic feedback vest, which can mimic anything from a jolt upon being shot in the chest to the sensation of an elevator rising. While the digital scenarios are rendered in high-definition, what really sells the illusion are additions that tap the senses. A battle set near a lava pit includes gusts of hot air and the pungent scent of sulfur; if a player wants to touch the droid providing a mission briefing, they’ll find an appropriately shaped object to pat. Beyond the mechanics, Void chief creative officer Curtis Hickman sees broader uses for the technology: “Imagine how a virtual world could impact [training for] jobs that are dangerous. In the Void, you can re-create those environments, and they look and feel real.” — Paul Katz
10 Dec 18
Bleeding Cool News And Rumors

Who’s that leading Marvel Editor Jordan White’s X-Men Monday previews this week?! That’s right, it’s Cyclops, looking especially debonair in his early 2000s’ young millennial costume. White posted the panel from an unnamed book heading to press this week, though we can hazard an informed guess that this panel is from the upcoming Uncanny X-Men […]

10 Dec 18

Avengers: Infinity War: This is a big crazy wonderful blockbuster of a movie that gets a lot out of all these crazy characters we’ve come to know over the last decade. I can’t say it’s anything super memorable or new for Marvel outside of Thanos, but the way they weaved all the characters together is […]

10 Dec 18
Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse features many surprises and prevents the superhero genre from going stale by injecting a fresh bite. This is one of the biggest films of the year in which I suggest going in completely cold.  It means not reading reviews or watching trailers until after seeing the film.  I say this because […]

10 Dec 18
Not Only Videogames

// Sometimes it seems like Spider-Man is the loneliest and unluckiest hero in the entire Marvel Universe. But as it turns out, he’s far from the only wall-crawling hero out there. The Marvel multiverse is full of like-minded do-gooders who use their spider-powers to defend innocent lives. And when those heroes come together, the Spider-Verse […]

10 Dec 18
The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast

We gather together today to mourn the passing of another icon… Netflix’s Daredevil. The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast welcomes you to hell’s kitchen, dear listeners, and if you can’t stand the heat… This week, it’s only Bry-Bry and Tazer to fight off the darkness, which is proven more difficult as we discuss the unexpected […]

10 Dec 18

When word emerged last week that Friends was poised to leave Netflix at the end of the year, fans of the hit show made their disappointment abundantly clear across all of social media. Indeed, the backlash was so strong and pervasive that it didn’t take long for Netflix to cave and ink a $100 million deal […]