Massimo Dutti

22 Feb 19
Fashion by Compassion

Uno de los challenges con los que me he encontrado al ser vegana, es dar con la base de maquillaje perfecta. Esto es algo ya bastante complicado para cualquier mujer teniendo en cuenta que no hay una piel igual que otra y que, al igual que en los cuentos, hay que besar muchos sapitos hasta dar con el príncipe azul!

22 Feb 19

Checkmate. My favorite new dress, for sure. It’s the perfect mix of elegant and chic with a touch of rock & roll that frankly goes with everything. Sneakers is what works best with these kind of dresses in my opinion, something an Instagram baddie could pull off with a long hoodie and a bun, but […]

22 Feb 19
Luxury with a History of Love

Massimo Dutti has unveiled a new logo in its mobile e-commerce app, transforming the classic shield logo with a more a minimal look. It comes after Zara introduced a new logo last month. via

19 Feb 19

Online only — for now — the fast-fashion label is geared to teenagers and the “young at heart.”

17 Feb 19

So here I am back at Rome, ok this is a big city we criss cross it with buses, metro, and lots of walks, long distances to soak in and see up close as much as possible. I have been here several times on business trips, but lately came with the family on personal vacation […]

16 Feb 19

Loves, All of you who follow me on social media know that during the weekend I really like to escape from the city to the rural areas. This time I visited a place which reminds me on a fairytale, a real one. Kranjska Gora seems like Narnia but without prince Caspian haha. Untouched nature here […]

16 Feb 19
Beauty Style & Co

Massimo Dutti has embarked on an exciting new journey with the creation of a perfume collection for men and women formed of six pure, high-quality fragrances inspired by the art of travel, exclusively available in the brand’s more than 400 stores and at The initiative reflects the brand’s firm desire to evolve towards the […]

15 Feb 19 - Home of The Casino Guy

Resorts Casino Hotel – Atlantic City, NJ 1133 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 Did you ever have an ex that wasn’t the prettiest, wasn’t the nicest, didn’t have the best personality or have a great body….but they had one thing that kept you coming back like Tyrone Biggums at the free crack give-away? I mean, […]