Massive Attack Bristol

17 Mar 19
Elvegren Tales

For so long, it seems, Llandod has been my salvation from a fuzzy head, a broken heart and constant insomnia. But on Thursday, last week, it was clear that what my soul needed was the opposite. In part, this was due to me being overly concerned about my state of mind. I felt strongly that […]

16 Mar 19
Does my latte look big in this?

Last night I found myself sitting outside, in the dark, alone and getting cold for about half an hour. I needed it.  Two to three years ago, heated rows were a pretty common occurrence in my household. My anxiety was a massive factor in why they happened, and so frequently, but the last 18 months […]

15 Mar 19
BB's words

I’m writing this VERY behind scheduele, however I have a bank statement and some photos of which have aided piecing together another shambolic “budget” week, but a bloody good one!! A week that bought my best friend to Bristol for one night only- and what a night it was- a breakfast meet up and the […]

15 Mar 19
Dan Butterfield Sports Journalist

(ICC Cricket) On the 30th of May 2019, The Oval will host England v South Africa as the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup kicks off. This will be the 12th Cricket World Cup as 10 of the best international sides go head to head to be crowned the best one day side in the world. […]

13 Mar 19

After the announcement that Declan Rice has been awarded the FAI Young Player Of The Year for 2018, it got us thinking here at Balls Towers about who could possibly win the award next year, now that Rice is out of the running for any future FAI awards. While there has been an enormous amount […]

12 Mar 19

Global Panic Disorders Market: Overview  The increasing number of drugs in the clinical trials and the effective therapeutics available across the globe are propelling the global panic disorders market. The rising number of cases owing to the hectic lifestyle is one of the major factors boosting the cases of panic disorders. Nonetheless, with the rising […]

08 Mar 19
Computer Security Updates

Although downloading and installing McAfee on Windows a lot of errors take place, to steer clear of these errors here is a total remedy. Click on Download McAfee Mobile Safety. 1. If you purchase your item from the McAfee officially site, you do not have to activate your computer software. Soon after Trojans are loaded […]

08 Mar 19
Penny Hopkins

Welcome to this week’s column.  So much to get through this week and no prizes for guessing, with publication day due to be 8 March, that my “And Finally” may well have a flavour of IWD19 about it.  And why not – this column is all about celebrating the sporting achievement of women so let’s […]

08 Mar 19
No Nonsense Defending

Nine games left in the Premier League, we have rounded the final corner and we can see the finishing line now with only a few weeks left. With the Champions still to be decided and the top four plus the relegation places then there is so much to look forward to in the next few […]

04 Mar 19
National Post

NASHVILLE — When singer-songwriter Yola was growing up in Bristol, England, her mother’s vinyl records were just about the only form of amusement the family could afford. “We didn’t have like toys or anything so everything that I focused on was musical,” said Yola, whose given name is Yolanda Quartey but now just goes by […]

04 Mar 19
News Archives Uk

Massive Attack has come a long way since the Dugout, the Bristol bar, where the collective first tried to spin records for a crowd whose cultural mix reflected the constant ferment of one. the most dynamic cities in Britain. The city greeted them warmly, as usual, at the Steel Yard, a large, purpose-built showroom in […]

03 Mar 19
News Archives Uk

In targeted advertising, HSBC is doing its best. An advertising campaign that began nationwide to tell the British people that we "were not an island" arrived in Bristol with a very localized poster. So, it seems that most people have looked into what all this means. Advertisements "We are not an island" were first shown […]

03 Mar 19
Rugby, Only Rugby !

This weekend was a pivotal weekend in the rugby world. First of all, it was the last resting weekend for the Six Nations Championship. The remaining two Rounds would be played in the next two weekends. Only Wales were targeting a potential Grand Slam. Meanwhile, the Top14 and the Pro14 were taking place before a […]

03 Mar 19
Lime Lava

It seems the second night of Massive Attack in Bristol went much more smoothly than the first, after issues with card machines and taxi drop-offs were … limelavamix