Maui Wowie

16 Jul 19
Light, Life and Truths

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is large grouping for babies born with substance abuse issues to addicted mothers, or at least, mothers who used with a decent regularity during the course of their pregnancy. This leads to what is still a vastly growing number of issues. Most of these were projected through various pharmaceutical trials, and government […]

08 Jul 19
Free Matt Podcasts

General Flynn joins us for another great video. We get lost in Slayer and Metallica discussions but the General asks hard hitting questions to the Antifa leaning folks of the libertarian world. I help skewer the Appalachian-American conservative base. And yes; we end up laughing about veteran on veteran sex and why it would be […]

04 Jul 19
My Baby Loves Bacon

We’ve been blogging recaps of “Taste Of” events in the San Diego area for the past couple of years (see our “Taste Of” category page for previous posts!), and this weekend our favorite event, “Taste of Adams Avenue,” was once again a complete success! With a friend group of fourteen tasters, and 48 (!!) participating […]

04 Jul 19
Michigan Confidential

Quick update with the loss of Maui Wowie x Purple Haze Malawi Source

30 Jun 19
Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank

Sativa Sabotage: Cannabis Industry Industrial Espionage Someone (or some…thing wearing Fake Dreads on it’s uku = lice infested head) is spreading false rumors, posting fake reviews & slandering members of Pua Mana ‘Ohana all over the internet… Who could it be & why? These Canna-Coward Crooks hide behind anonymous Instagram profiles & fake forum avatars […]

20 Jun 19
Hawaii News Digest

Welcome to the “Hawaii State News” update from Hawaii News Digest. Views expressed in this Hawaii News summary are those of the reporters and correspondents. Content, including text, photos, images, and video, provided by EIN News/EIN Presswire. Accessed on 20 June 2019, 1425 UTC, Post 19069, Source: Please scroll down to read your selections. […]

19 Jun 19
The Santa Barbara Independent
Of all the new cannabis incarnations, the edibles market shows the most unbound growth potential. Though dosage is capped at 10mg a serving (plenty for most of us) and 100mg a pack (enough to knock down a horse), there’s no end to the new flavors and textural formats — from gummies and mints to chocolates and baked goods — that these THC-laden treats may embody.  Packaged as pieces of desiccated gel on rolls of wax paper, Fruit Slabs are a throwback to the fruit roll-ups of yesteryear. Each 10mg square is about the size of a silver dollar, a bit thinner than roll-ups, but about the same consistency. While you can chew them, that leads to gummed-up teeth, so they’re best left to melt in your mouth.  The selling point is that Fruit Slabs are organic and vegan and contain no added sugar, yet they boast pleasant flavors like Tropical Haze and OG Mango. “We were tired of eating desserts every time we wanted to enjoy cannabis through food,” explained Oakland-based cofounder Roxanne Dennant, so she crafted something that was all fruit-based.  Doobie Newbie’s cannabis infused fruit slabs Apparently, the fruit itself contains terpenes that activate the clear distillate oil in these treats. As the cannabis flower market has already shown, the next horizon for edibles is about which type of cannabis is involved: The OG Mango comes from an indica strain, providing more of a cerebral, plop-on-the-couch high (and a great night’s rest), while the Tropical Haze is based on sativa, which sets the mind afire for a while (but don’t take it right before bed!). Other flavors include Grape Ape (indica) and Mango Maui Wowie (sativa), and Fruit Slabs also released a Pride Passion Fruit flavor this month to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community during June’s Pride month.  They’re $20 per package. See
16 Jun 19
The M

Sometimes you meet a makeup artist that is so beautiful, skin so flawless, eyes so clear, that you’re fairly certain she’s landed on the wrong side of the camera. This is what happened when I was set to get glam for The Critics Association panel for Suits, and in walked Kayleen McAdams – celebrity makeup […]

10 Jun 19
Fiction Favorites

  Since today is the 53rd anniversary of Janis Joplin’s first live concert held in the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco, I thought it would be fun to go there. Of course, we need a list of things not to do to make sure we don’t make a mistake that could cause trouble later.  Time travel […]

26 May 19
Real. Functional.

Readers of this site are probably users, enjoyers, and supporters of cannabis, and also likely have had an experience that was less than pleasant. I personally smoked a blunt followed by a wax dab a few months ago and found myself riddled with anxiety. My mind started wandering to places where I was uncomfortable, questioning […]

25 May 19
Nia's Blog

Aight so BOOM I’m back from MAUIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!! Hawaii was life friends! I saw a lot, ate (and drank) a lot and enjoyed the sunshine and scenery! Our digs for the stay was provided by AirB&B. We had a cute lil condo in Kihei, which was about 30 minutes south of the Kahului Airport. Just to […]